Waitrose Launches At Home Cocktail Boxes with The House of Suntory

Waitrose is introducing a new interactive service with its exclusive ‘Cocktails at Home’ Experience Boxes, in partnership with John Lewis.  The two limited edition boxes, which launch on the [...]

Waitrose is introducing a new interactive service with its exclusive ‘Cocktails at Home’ Experience Boxes, in partnership with John Lewis. 

The two limited edition boxes, which launch on the 21st October, include the key ingredients and kit to make either gin cocktails with a bottle of Roku gin, or whisky cocktails with Toki whisky, premium craft spirits from the House of Suntory.

The kit includes two John Lewis high ball glasses, cocktail spoon, jigger and a booklet containing two cocktail recipes and a range of garnishes. Inside each box is an invitation to an online masterclass with a Waitrose drinks specialist, where the recipient can find out more about their chosen spirit and learn to mix House of Suntory cocktails like a pro.

The ideal gift for a cocktail lover, the boxes are part of the extensive programme of virtual events hosted by John Lewis and Waitrose experts, including online wine tastings, cookery school classes, personal shopping and home styling. They have proved incredibly popular during lockdown; our experts have hosted over 583 virtual experiences and customers have bought over 23,000 tickets to online events.

Andrew Riding, Waitrose Drinks Experience Manager, says: ‘Gin and whisky are the two biggest spirit categories at Waitrose – gin is still our customers’ number one spirit and imported whisky is in strong growth, with sales up 50% year on year. We love sharing our knowledge and experience with customers, and cocktails are the perfect online masterclass as everyone can deepen their understanding of their favourite spirit from the comfort of their own home.’

Shelley Maddock, Brand Manager for The House of Suntory, says: ‘We’re thrilled to be bringing this unique at-home mixology experience to Waitrose customers with our range of premium Japanese craft spirits. Both Roku gin and Toki whisky have perfectly balanced and refined flavours which make them an ideal choice for enjoying in cocktails. We also look forward to seeing customers perfect their cocktail-making craft in the series of online masterclasses, and enjoying a taste of Japan in the process’.

The Experience Box: Gin Cocktails at Home (£69)

The Suntory  Roku gin is made with six Japanese botanicals, each one harvested at the peak of its season to capture the best flavour. The result is a gin with the essence of Japan: floral and sweet on the nose, smooth and silky to taste, with citrusy top notes and a spicy finish.

Ingredients included: Waitrose Cooks’ Ingredients Pink Peppercorns, Yuzu Juice and Dried Rose Petals, San Leo Prosecco, FeverTree Tonic Water, Boudoir Cherry Brandy and Bonne Maman Honey.

Cocktail recipes: Roku Spritz – an elegantly effervescent gin serve with a subtler and more floral bitterness than traditional spritzes

Roku 75 – a delightfully refreshing yet sweet serve, complete with a teaspoon of honey and a touch of cherry brandy, topped with Prosecco

The Experience Box: Whisky Cocktails at Home (£69)

Made by Japan’s renowned Suntory distillery, Toki whisky brings together old and new – traditionally crafted, but with grain whisky lifted from its usual supporting role to create perfect balance and harmony. The result is silky-smooth and exquisitely refined, with a subtle sweet and spicy finish. 

Cocktail recipes: 

Toki Highball – the most popular drink in Japan, outselling beer, this serve brings the bright orchard flavours of Toki to the forefront

Toki Old Fashioned – a classic whisky serve with the addition of yuzu juice and honey, finished off with a dark chocolate garnish for added indulgence

Ingredients included: Waitrose Cooks’ Ingredients Yuzu Juice and Dried Lime Leaves, Waitrose No1. Single Origin Spiced Orange Dark Chocolate, FeverTree Ginger Ale, Angostura Bitters, Bonne Maman Honey

Where to buy:

The boxes will be available exclusively at selected Waitrose and John Lewis shops (full branch list below), online at Waitrose.com, JohnLewis.com and WaitroseCellar.com from the 21st October. 

Available from: Waitrose Bloomsbury, Canary Wharf, Oxford Street Foodhall, Salisbury and Southend, plus John Lewis Peter Jones, Bluewater, Cribbs Causeway and Cheadle. 

Customers can secure their place on a course by visiting the John Lewis experiences website and selecting the event titled ‘Gin Cocktail Box At Home’ and ‘Whisky Cocktail Box at Home’. This experience will take place via Zoom.

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