Are you ready to indulge in the luxurious, the daring, and the exquisitely sensual? If you’re someone who believes that every getaway should be an adventure into the realms of pleasure, then buckle up because The Mandrake and House of Vixens have a tantalizing treat in store for you.

Luxury award winning hotel, The Mandrake and London’s most exclusive erotic events company, House of Vixens, partner to create a unique series of sexual educational events, for those on a quest to expand their erotic repertoire.

Those who have been lucky enough to visit The Mandrake, one of London’s most breathtaking 5 Star luxury boutique hotels in the heart of Fitzrovia, will be well aware that every aspect of the luxury lifestyle property has been thoughtfully curated and designed to offer guests a unique, immersive, and truly unforgettable experience.

But what exactly can you expect from Mandrake Salon? Imagine intimate gatherings where consent, communication, and respect are the cornerstones of every lesson. Picture yourself delving into the subtleties of power dynamics and discovering new ways to connect with your partner on a deeper level. And yes, there will be demonstrations – because what’s learning without a little hands-on experience?

Alongside its stella reputation for erotic storytelling events, London’s premiere company dedicated to an exploration into the world of the splendour of the erotic. House of Vixens is also the enterprise behind the hugely popular Strippers in the Attic podcast which has given close to 200,000 listeners an insight into what really goes on behind the scenes at a strip club.


In this exquisite pairing, The Mandrake and House of Vixens, present Mandrake Salon – a lavish series of classes run by Artistic Director of House of Vixens, Sophie Cohen, which will introduce couples and singles – (be they completely new to the world of erotic adventure, or experienced kinksters looking to enhance their skills and techniques) to new elements of erotic connection, all housed within the grandeur of The Mandrake.

Sophie cherishes her role as an educator who specialises in helping her clients embrace their kinks, interests, and sexualities, Using her unique knowledge in all things erotic/kink; as a Kink Concierge Sophie an exceptionally trustworthy instructor who works with individuals and couples to create erotic breakthroughs, breaking down taboo topics, banishing stigmas, and saying a firm sayonara to kink-shaming. Within the luxurious Mandrake Salon she will guide guests as they discover how to have better, more exciting, and far more satisfying kink experiences in their private lives.

Guests of Mandrake Salon will attend classes teaching consent, communication, and respect and the subtleties of power dynamics,all within the opulent setting of the sumptuousness of The Mandrake. Attendees will embark on a new phase of their sexual journey, to improve their relationships with partners and to allowed them to discover more about themselves and what they desire.

Whether you are keen on expanding your knowledge in the role of a sub, dom, or are just intrigued to know more about the world of kink, guests will leave the workshops with a profound new understanding that they can immediately put to very good use.

And of course, MandrakeSalon Is a safe space for all to explore, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion. Everyone is supremely welcome!


In the first of the season of events – Spanking and Beyond – which will take place on Weds 6th March, Sophie will introduce curious singles and couples to corporal punishment for sexual pleasure.

In this intimate setting, couples and singles will learn how – far from being entirely about pain or humiliation – spanking when done properly between two consenting partners can be intensely pleasurable, stimulating the nerve endings in the skin, releasing endorphins and adrenaline, and creating a sense of connection and trust with your partner. They will learn how pleasurable pain can enhance the arousal and excitement of sexual activities, as well as provide a sense of dominance and submission, which many people find erotic as part of their sexual adventures.

At the event a small group of guests of no more than 10 couples (singles are also welcome!) will be welcomed with a glass of bubbles.

This will be followed by a demo with a live model, as Sophie demonstrates how to warm someone up, use a hand to spank, use a flogger, paddle, riding crop and cane. Guests will then be invited to learn, and depending on their personal preference, couples can practice on each other and singles can try spanking on the model or experience being spanked by Sophie.

Time will be set aside for questions allowing people to leave the sessions, fully confident in their new-found skillset.


Northern girl Laura is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. Laura’s spirit for adventure and passion for people blaze through House of Coco. She founded House of Coco in 2014 and has grown it in to an internationally recognised brand whilst having a lot of fun along the way. Travel is in her DNA and she is a true visionary and a global citizen.

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