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What are Cannabis Terpenes?

What are Cannabis Terpenes?

What are Cannabis Terpenes?

January 31st, 2023

Cannabis terpenes are the aromatic and flavorful chemical compounds found within a plant, often the oil and resin glands found in buds and leaves. While they play a significant role in defining the scent and flavor of a cannabis strain, most people are unaware of just how important terpenes are to the overall experience and smell of the plant.

Minor cannabinoids, including CBD and THC, are actually just two of the many different types of chemical compounds found in cannabis. The CBD and THC in cannabis are believed to be responsible for the majority of the plant's therapeutic and psychoactive effects, but research suggests that Cannabis terpenes also play a prominent role in shaping these properties as well.

In fact, some experts believe that there is an "entourage effect" that occurs when all of these different compounds work together to create a more powerful and beneficial experience.

Cannabis terpenes are thought to act on the body's endocannabinoid system in various ways, helping to regulate mood, mind state, appetite, stress levels, and pain sensation. Cannabis has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for many different ailments, and it is believed that cannabis terpenes may play a key role in the plant's powerful healing properties. Hemp plants have a lot of these glands, which is why they are used to make CBD oil. The terpenes are extracted from the hemp plant by using a solvent like ethanol or butane.

Each type of terpene is thought to have its own unique effects on the body, which can range from relaxing and stress-relieving to uplifting and energizing. Some terpenes can even have a positive impact on pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, and more.

Cannabis terpenes themselves are not always the important ones. A lot of terpenes also come from other plants or from a mixture of different plants.

For example, it is entirely possible to get apricot flavorings for your cannabis or enjoy the taste of champagne instead. If these are made from natural sources, they can be a great addition to your night. Alternatively, they might be added to edibles or other cannabis-based products to achieve a specific taste that the user likes.

Overall, cannabis terpenes are a key component of the sensory experience. It is no surprise that cannabis growers are starting to really get into the business of terpene extraction and testing. Because terpenes play such an important role in defining a strain’s character, many businesses have been set up to sell them.

What Do Cannabis Terpenes Add?

In simple terms, terpenes add flavor as well as a unique aroma. Combining multiple terpenes together is absolutely possible, as is creating your own unique flavors by mixing them to reach your preferred taste. Many of them are even sold with the intention of letting you mix them as you desire.

When using cannabis products, the terpenes are going to have a direct impact on the flavor and smell of whatever you use. This could be cannabis itself or an edible, with many edibles using specific terpenes alongside regular food flavoring options to create something entirely unique.

The best and easiest way to enjoy cannabis is to use it in a form that you like, and terpenes make it easy to alter the sensory experience you get. If you intend to get high, then a change of taste and smell can be a significant factor, especially for people who already have strong taste buds and noses.

Buying Cannabis Terpenes

Purchasing cannabis terpenes is similar to buying any other product; you want to do your research and make an informed decision based on what you are looking for. The important part is experimenting to find the kind of taste that you want, something that can be hard for brand-new cannabis users.

Even without taking flavors into account, it can be important to look at whether or not you are buying natural terpenes. This is because a lot of commercial products tend to rely on synthetics, which are not as natural and can smell more like chemical aftershaves and deodorants than fresh flowers – especially if they are low quality.

Finding good terpenes for sale usually means looking into natural options. Remember, terpenes can come from many sources, and it is easy to enjoy a flavor like bubblegum or grape without putting a lot of synthetic chemicals in your body. The problem with synthetic terpenes is that their chemical composition can be hard to predict, and many people find that they could be better for taste or smell.

If you are looking for a specific kind of flavor or smell as part of your cannabis experience, you should be aware of the terpenes that can help to achieve this. Whether you want something fruity like grape, or a more earthy tone like aniseed or clove,

there are many options to explore. Cannabis terpenes are a fun, natural way to play with the overall flavor and aroma that you get from your cannabis products, so why not try them out today?​

Cannabis terpenes are a key component of the sensory experience when it comes to using cannabis products. They can add a range of different flavors and aromas to your experience, depending on the specific terpenes that you use. Whether you are looking for something fruity like grape or more earthy like clove, there are many options to explore.

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