The two brothers, Jamie and Shelby Friesen, led the development of a 160-acre off-grid space. The rising housing costs, mental health issues, and a lack of community feeling contributed to the creation of Azhen Sanctuary. They wanted to create a better way of living for people who feel the same.

The Friesen brothers are teaching people how to create a self-reliant off-grid lifestyle. Everything is possible, from building recreation centres, homesteads, and regenerative farms to communities. The off-grid sanctuary provides educational courses and workshops for better insights into the subject.

Everything is being covered by the off-grid teachers, from food philosophy to cryptocurrency. Keep reading to learn more about the sanctuary and what it has to offer.

What Does the Off-Grid Sanctuary Offer?

The sanctuary teaches people about preservation and how to live a conscious life. If you intend to own acreage, the below information can help.

Online Courses

The sanctuary offers online courses to help you learn the step-by-step process. The course will enable you to turn your vision into reality in the fastest possible time frame. Here are a few topics covered in the course:

  • Creating a plan and finding funding
  • Clarifying vision and discovering new possibilities
  • Finding and buying land
  • Planning your cash flow and passive income
  • Budgeting and land design
  • Growing food and raising animals

You will learn everything from the machinery and equipment to the resources required during the process.

Retreats and Workshops

The workshops and retreats include sweat lodge-making and drum retreats. The permaculture workshop enables you to gather information on bed making, contour planting, wildfire defence, animal management, creating gardens, etc. You can also join the log-building classes to build a pit house or meditation studio.

You can also be a part of the hydrotherapy spa every morning and relax. From sessions for business masterminds to training on self-defence, Azhen Sanctuary has much to offer.

Food Philosophy

You can expect wholesome and organic food to be served at the retreats and workshops. Partnerships are made with farmers and conscious caterers for it. However, Azhen’s efforts will likely allow people to eat directly from the land. The communal kitchen area will ensure that all food fantasies come true. You can enjoy the curated local meals while enjoying the sunset and mountains.

Tech Connection

The off-grid sanctuary aims to combine age-old wisdom with the latest technology. The idea is to use the trial-and-error method for experimentation and learning. The sanctuary establishes a system to allow payment via crypto. It allows clients to purchase things via crypto while enjoying their stay. Azhen is also creating an NFT collection to establish a connection with indigenous culture.

The Friesen brothers have created a sacred space. The off-grid sanctuary is welcoming if you want to stay, organise an event or even go for a tour. The system is upgrading and evolving. Therefore, it is best to connect with the officials for the latest updates.

Bottom Line

Jamie Friesen and Shelby Friesen are busy creating an off-grid space for people to organise retreats, permaculture farms, and enjoy life. If you wish to do the same, join the community for more information. They are helping people learn the off-grid lifestyle and live self-sufficient lives.

They have helped hundreds of clients to adopt a sustainable life. If things like growing your food, river floats, and watching the sunsets appeal to you, go for it. Several families have left their homes and accepted the off-grid style of living.

The Friesen brothers have made the process easy by providing significant opportunities and resources. So, contact the online community and grab more information to get started.


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