You have probably heard of aged coffee, perhaps even tasted it before, and are wondering about how it is made. You may have a question or two on the difference between aged coffee and stale coffee. Well, here is an article that will answer all of those questions. You could save these tips on Good Fika and brew your aged coffee from the comfort of your home.

What You Should Know About Aged Coffee

Before you consider brewing homemade coffee by yourself, there are plenty of essential things you should know about it. For instance, what kind of coffee beans are used to brew aged coffee, distinguish stale and aged coffee, and where to buy stale coffee when you need it.

The Aging Process

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Not all types of coffee age to be delicious. Others may go stale as soon as you initiate the aging process. Whatever the coffee type, you need to ensure proper aging conditions. In most instances, coffee is aged at its origin to maintain its appropriate flavors. It is done in places of high altitudes.

Aging coffee also has to be rotated from time to time to distribute the conditions within the coffee evenly. The rotation will go a long way in keeping out the rot and mold from the aging coffee.

Poorly aged coffee will lose the oils that bring about both flavor and aroma. As a result, your coffee will go stale.

After aging it for the desired time and preferred taste, the coffee is then roasted. Many roasters prefer a dark roast since it brings out a more evened-out flavor. Light roasts are not very uncommon as well.

How It Tastes

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Many first-timers in aged coffee cannot tell the difference between aged coffee and stale coffee. If you are wondering how to tell the difference, it is pretty simple! Watch out for its taste. It should not be bland. Instead, it should have a richness in taste. It could be oaky or mellow or even winey, depending on the barrel in which it was stored. Aged coffee will take the flavor and smell of the barrel in which the aging took place.

You should know that aged coffee might come with a sort of funky taste depending on its type. This is attributed to the storage.

Also, note that aging is not a guarantee of improved quality of taste. As your coffee ages, it loses its flavor and smell. So you may prefer slightly aged coffee to coffee that has aged nine years. Ideally, coffee is aged for a period of six to three years.

Where To Get It

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So you want to try aged coffee and wonder where is the best place to get yourself some. Plenty of coffee companies today offer aged coffee around the country. You can distinguish this coffee from the label on it. To find out their best brews, you may want to seek recommendations from the attendants at the coffee shop.

Here are some of the places that offer refreshing aged coffee;

  • Cooper’s Coffee Company; If you are exclusively looking for barrel-aged coffee, then be sure to stop by this company. Here, you will find various flavors and types of aged coffee, ranging from those aged in rum barrels to whiskey or even wine!
  • Bones Coffee Company; this company offers the best Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee you can find. Be sure to drop by for the ultimate coffee experience.
  • Pete’s Coffee; Here is your go-to place if you want a taste of aged Sumatra coffee. This coffee will leave you yearning for so much more.
  • Starbucks Coffee; You may be pleased to find out that Starbucks ages its coffee. You can then drink it in their unique form in signature coffee that they offer at their Starbucks all over the country.

Barrel-Aged Coffee

This type of aged coffee is prepared by storing it in retired whiskey barrels. Coffee can also be aged in rum and bourbon barrels. To age coffee, green coffee beans are inserted into the barrels. There, it is allowed to soak in the aromas within their respective barrels before they are roasted. Barrel-aged coffee often smells and tastes like the previous contents of the barrel. For instance, a Bourbon barrel will leave a bourbon taste and smell on your coffee.

Why You Should Consider Aged Coffee

If you are a coffee lover and are unsure whether you will love aged coffee, you should know that there is no harm in trying it out. Remember, you can’t be a coffee lover until you have a taste of all the coffees there are!


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