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What You Should Know When Going on Holiday with Your Dog

What You Should Know When Going on Holiday with Your Dog

It is always advisable to make travel arrangements early when going on holiday.

March 27th, 2019

It is always advisable to make travel arrangements early when going on holiday. Not only can you get the best rates and be assured of the accommodations you prefer, but there are other, even more important, things to consider when travelling with your dog. This is especially true if you intend to travel outside the UK. Give yourself plenty of time to make the arrangements you need so that you and your furry BFF can have a wonderful holiday with few frustrations.

Always Make Sure Your Destination Is Dog Friendly

Before embarking on your journey, take ample time to ensure that your destination is dog friendly. Although the adverts may say “Dog Friendly Hotel,” you just may find that the size of dogs makes a difference! There are plenty of horror stories where holidaymakers got to their destination only to find that Fido was too big for the hotel policy, or of a wrong breed. Always do thorough research before booking any rooms.

Also, take the time to find out if there are safe dog parks nearby to walk your beloved fur baby and if, by chance, the hotel has dog sitting services. You will find that some of the finer hotels around the world may offer pet and babysitting services.

Choose Your Mode of Travel Carefully

Are you going to be travelling any great distance which usually requires an air flight? If so, you will want to take ample time to really see if this is something you want to subject your dog to. Many dogs become overly stressed when travelling in a cargo hold away from their human and it is not recommended that you tranquilise your pet. Can you find alternate travel arrangements?

Why not ferry across the Channel and then take a train the rest of the way to Germany, for example, if that’s your destination? You know your dog better than anyone and if you feel that your beloved fur baby won’t do well on a flight, you’ve two choices. Get a dog sitter at home or find alternate modes of travel.

Why You MUST Visit Your Vet

You are a wonderful dog owner and so you always visit your vet for well-dog checks at least once a year and you are sure your dog is up-to-date with all his shots. However, some countries require more than just the routine vaccines, and who better to ask than your vet? They may not know the specific requirements but they certainly can help you find the information you need by pointing you to the organisation that would know. Also, you will need to microchip your dog, so if you haven’t done so already, now is the time to do so.

The Benefits of Dog Insurance Cover

Have you considered what it would cost to pay for vet treatment abroad if your BFF falls ill on the trip? An inclusive insurance policy will provide reimbursement to you for up to 90 days abroad if your dog needs veterinary care abroad. Check out cover like that available on everypaw.com, as long as you follow all the Pet Travel Scheme rules, your dog will be covered throughout your holiday.

Packing for Your Dog

Do you realise just how important doing your homework is before travelling abroad with your beloved fur baby? What if you are going to a country where you don’t speak the language and have no clue what the ingredients are in their dog food? Yes, you have pet insurance to reimburse you for vet care if your dog gets ill from dog food abroad, but why put your BFF through that? You certainly wouldn’t like to contract dysentery in a developing nation. That’s akin to what your dog might experience if eating dog food not made up to the high quality you feed him at home!

You may also want to pack your buddy’s favourite toys and chewies for the trip because these can help ward off a panic attack. Chewing is normal behaviour for dogs suffering from anxiety and travelling by air or staying in a new location is sure to cause some amount of nervousness for your dog. Chewies are a must!

Your Key Takeaway from All This

When going on holiday with your dog, there is much to consider. However, it can be summed up nicely by saying that you should always allow extra time for making preparations if you intend to bring your fur baby along with you. There is much to consider from travel restrictions to dog-friendly accommodations and everything in between.

You will need at least one extra visit to the vet and you will want to start preparing your dog for the journey, especially when flying. Take the time to do it right and you will have the most enjoyable holiday ever. Why? That’s simple! It’s because you’ve finally found a way to share your holiday with your BFF. What could be better?

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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