Redesigning your bedroom can help bring fresh energy into your sleep space. It’s an opportunity to declutter and simplify, update worn-out furniture and mismatched decor and give your room a deep clean. The result can be a welcoming space that is tailored for your comfort and enjoyment, offering you a great place for a more restful night’s sleep.

We’ve looked at the why, but how do we go about revamping the bedroom? If you’re balancing budget savvy with style and quality, it pays to know which products are worth the investment, and where you can get away with clever money-saving hacks. From upgrading your mattress to setting the mood with the right lighting, here’s our top tips for where to allocate your decorating funds.

Splurge: Mattress

If there’s one thing you don’t want to underestimate, it’s your mattress. A mattress to suit your sleep needs can help make all the difference between a night of blissful slumber and one of tossing and turning.

The best way to find the right mattress for you is to visit in-store where you can take the time to test out a range of different bed options. Make sure to test it out by lying down on it for 5-10 minutes, lying in your usual sleeping position. This will help you get a real feel for the mattress. If you sleep with a partner and find that you have different sleep preferences, consider a dual mattress that is tailored to each sleeper.

Save: Soft Furnishings

Decorative cushions, throw rugs and curtains are the sort of thing you can swap out easily when trends or seasons change without splashing a whole lot of money. Replacing the cushion cover, rather than the entire cushion is a budget-friendly way to restyle your room.

The trick with pillows and blankets is to mix and match: choose a palette of no more than three colours and choose fabrics with different textures within the palette. This can help add visual interest to the room, with little effort on your part! It’s a great way to add a pop of colour or some personality to your bed!

Splurge: Bedding

What makes hotel beds so luxurious? Part of it is the quality of the mattress, but the other key feature is the bedding used. Quality cotton and linen bedding are well-known for being soft, yet durable. Where comfort is concerned, it’s always worth spending a little extra and investing in quality bedding for a better night’s sleep.

Save: Lighting

Keep things simple when lighting up your space on a budget. For the bedroom, lamps will do the trick nicely, providing soft, diffused light. Even better, you can update them in a flash with new shades to complement other changes to your decor.

Aim to find a lamp that is narrower than the bedside table it’ll sit on. If you enjoy reading in bed, you’ll want it to be tall enough to shed light on your reading material, without shining directly into your eyes.

Splurge: Bed frame

As the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, the bed frame can help set the tone of the whole space. Investing in a quality bed frame that suits your style and budget can ensure you get to enjoy your new bedroom for many years to come.

When weighing up the options, there are a few things to consider. Upholstered frames can offer a classy look. Wooden frames, on the other hand, offer a wide variety of tones and painted options, and can bring warmth and character to your bedroom aesthetic.

Save: Decor

As with soft furnishings, decor is something that can be easily swapped out to shake up the look and feel of your bedroom. There are so many ways to beautifully style your bedroom!. From minimalism and natural materials to quirky pops of colour and visual interest, you can really let your personality shine through your choice of decor. You might choose to add a pop of colour with some bright artwork, or display some of your favourite photos in frames across the room. The options for your bedroom decor really are limitless depending on your style.

At the end of the day, you want a bedroom that works for you, your own little sanctuary to come home to at the end of a long day. Choose the items that speak to you and craft a space that’s all your own – you can’t go wrong!


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