Wearing frames is an absolute joy when you start experimenting with different styles. You might be wearing the same round spectacles and complaining about your looks. Well, the problem lies in how you perceive glasses. They are no longer just tools for vision correction, they are fashion accessories. Replacing your boring frame with a distinctive style can change your entire fashion game. Hexagonal glasses are one such style that is taking the eyewear industry by storm.

They have six sides and a larger lens, of course! This shape brings out the rebel in you, someone who ditches the conventional and tries quirky. The glasses help you make a bold statement for sure with their well-defined angles. You can try a myriad of colours, styles and patterns in this style for an eye-catching look.

Versatile to suit different face shapes & complexion

Hexagonal glasses have an angular shape that creates the perfect balance on your face. They provide an edge to the round and soft features. Also, you can put them on if your face shape is small on the smaller side and you want to make it look longer. The unique design creates a smart look on your face without being too flashy. The best part is that it also has little rounds that can soften the sharp features if you have a square face.

You can also go for a smaller or bigger size of these glasses depending on the shape of your face. The large shape doesn’t mean that it only suits men as it is unisex. You can go for vibrant colours if you have a warmer skin tone and neutral shades like grey, black and silver for a cooler skin tone.

A mix of retro and modern

Hexagonal glasses offer you the best combination of retro and modern. You can choose a black and gold metal frame with a thicker rim for a timeless retro look. Acetate and titanium frames in bold hues can provide a modern appearance. Pair them with different outfits and outshine the crowd. This combination makes hexagonal glasses a choice that represents fashion-centric and trendy.

Unique Style

The hexagonal frame was designed to provide freshness and break the boring of rounds and squares. Its geometry adds sharpness to your face and makes you appear confident. Many celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna have been spotted wearing the same glasses. This has made these glasses a rage among fans and fashion enthusiasts. Titanium glasses in hexagonal shape are also an appealing choice as they present luxury and adorn you like a piece of jewellery.

Add a Twist to Your Appearance with Hexagonal Glasses

Hexagonal frames with their geometric flair can create a look that is timeless and yet quirky. You can choose from a variety of frame materials like metal, acetate and titanium based on the fashion aesthetic you want. Tortoiseshell patterns, decorative accents and bold colours can make you stand out and create an eye-catching look. The shape of this eyewear can add a twist to your overall appearance and you can pair them with both casual and formal outfits.

You can find a gorgeous pair of these spectacles online at an affordable price. Do not forget to check the reviews of glasses once to make sure you are getting a reliable product. Add filters on the website to simplify your buying experience and go for a material that is durable according to your lifestyle needs. Go for titanium frames if you want to wear a material that is both lightweight and strong.


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