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Why celebrities are a good idea when it comes to organising an event

Celebrities are becoming increasingly popular additions to a number of events and are something that event organisers are considering more and more.  It’s not uncommon to see celebrities hosting

Celebrities are becoming increasingly popular additions to a number of events and are something that event organisers are considering more and more.

It’s not uncommon to see celebrities hosting work parties, making guest appearances at entertainment venues and doing live demonstrations and performances. Here are five reasons why celebrity hire is a great idea for your next event.

  1. They can increase interest (and revenue!) for your event
    If your event is ticketed or being held in a venue that can make more money when more people attend, such as a bar or club that sells food and drink, a celebrity can bring in extra footfall through their fans and followers. You do, of course, have to weigh up the cost to hire a celebrity but as long as they are current and people want to see them, it’s very common to ticket and charge at these types of events.
  2. They are great for PR
    If you are looking for coverage in local or national news, depending on which celebrity you decide to book, you can draw in lots of media attention online and offline. This is great for new venues and recurring events as it creates lots of buzz and conversation and will ensure that people remember your brand, venue or event.
  3. They give you credibility
    A celebrity appearance adds an element of trust to your event. Guests will recognise a name and feel more comfortable about paying for a ticket or attending because it suggests that the event has been properly organised and invested in. Depending on terms that you agree with the celebrity, they could also comment or review you via their influencer channels to build this even further.
  4. They help team building
    If you hire a celebrity for a work-based event, they create talking points between colleagues long after the event which helps to bring employees together and team build. By having a celebrity speaker for part of the event, it also actively helps fill the time where quite often, people tend to spend a lot of the time at the bar consuming alcohol because there is no form of entertainment.
  5. They can serve more than one purpose
    While having a celebrity appear at your event is a great thing in itself, if you choose to hire a celebrity that is famous for a certain skill then you can also use them for certain services too. Many celebrities are great for giving speeches and hosting but there are so many options available you could look at hiring a celebrity chef to create a live dining experience or a singer to perform a set or a children’s TV personality to entertain younger guests.

    There are many benefits and options available when you consider booking a celebrity guest for your event and are guaranteed to add the wow-factor and create unforgettable memories for your guests.