CBD or cannabidiol is everywhere. It is so hyped up that these days it has become a part of every short talk and casual conversation. Remember how yoga blew up a whole back and almost everyone around you started doing yoga and posting about it? Well CBD could probably replace yoga in today’s date in terms of being trendy. Or even a more relevant example would be that of crypto. If you don’t know about cryptocurrencies then you will probably be judged and the same is the case with CBD.

But what is all this hype all about? What is so special about CBD that has got people talking about it all the time? Let’s find out.

In sync with the ‘green revolution’

With all the talk about global warming and saving the earth, the green revolution was sure to be a part of the modern lifestyle. People have started being aware of the carbon footprint of most products and are turning towards more eco-friendly options. Because CBD is extracted from Marijuana it is simply seen as a green and organic product. It was introduced in the market at the right time – when the world was constantly talking about shifting to organic products. New and interesting CBD products were then sure to hit fame and popularity.

An alternative for non-stoners

Non-stoners are the people who do not want to indulge in smoking marijuana for getting ‘high’. These people wanted to have the benefits offered by marijuana without consuming the psychoactive agents in it. For such people, CBD was the perfect answer. Since CBD is extracted from marijuana minus the THC (which contains almost all the psychoactive compounds) it offers the medical benefits of marijuana without making the consumer ‘high’.

Marketing backed by huge profits

The weed industry pulled in a lot of money once it was legalized in many states of the USA. The sale of weed products went through proper government channels and guidelines, as you can see if you click here https://www.purplepenthouse.com/dispensaries-in-washington-dc/, which made people develop trust in them. Since not all states had legalized weed and its products, people in the business quickly saw the CBD as a product that had a strong relation to marijuana but its sale could be easily made legal. This made people pump money into marketing and advertising it which automatically made it popular among the public.

A simple example of a trend

A trend usually has no explanation as to ‘why it got famous’. If something is attractive enough and a lot of people start doing it and showing it on social media, then it becomes a trend. CBD is something that got a lot of highlights on social media because of the aforementioned points and a lot of people started using it as an alternative to smoking marijuana.

Marijuana is something that has always been a topic of discussion amongst youngsters. Since not all places in the USA got weed legalized, there were some products that were legal. CBD is one of the products that got the right amount of fame at the right time due to various reasons.


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