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Why Singapore Is A Top Travel Destination For Luxury & Food

Featured in the movie Crazy Rich Asians, Singapore is one of the smallest but most expensive and also luxurious countries to live in the world.

Featured in the movie Crazy Rich Asians, Singapore is one of the smallest but most expensive and also luxurious countries to live in the world. Used to be a small fishing island, Singapore has quickly developed into one of the most luxurious cities in the world visited by millions of visitors every single year. Both business visitors as well as leisurely family visitors arrive onto the shores of Singapore to mostly buy luxury goods, services and food. Here are some of the main reasons why Singapore is a top travel destination if you love luxury and great food.

First of all, there are few cities in the world which sells both top Michelin and world-famous food in posh restaurant settings as well as cheap hawker food. You get the best of both worlds – depending on what your personal tastes and preferences are. Additionally, because cafes and restaurants tend to open till late at night in Singapore, you will have lots of options still available to you even if you get off your business meeting or visiting later. Also, there are lots of 24-hour food places littered all across the country too. While Singapore may not have any real display of nature for tourists to enjoy, it most certainly has one of the world’s best options for food.

Second of all, Singapore is well known as a business and financial hub – therefore attracting lots of top wealthy business people and investors around the world. Many wealthy people like visiting, working, meeting in as well as living in Singapore. While a less commonly talked about form of luxury services due to many pre-conceived notions, local escorts in Singapore are actually a very popular form of luxury services booked by tourists. In a status driven country such as Singapore, some men do not just see social escort services as a form of companionship, but also to show off their status. As escorts in Singapore are well known to be expensive, only the wealthiest men could afford to hire and date them. For many English speaking foreign expatriates and business tourists to Singapore alike, these Singaporean escort girls hold a big appeal to them because nearly all Singaporean escorts are able to converse fluently in English and are also often highly educated, making it very easy to connect with for these businessmen. It also will not be embarrassing for these business executives to even bring their escort girls to meet some business acquaintances, because these ladies are eloquent and able to hold business conversations as many of them also have Bachelor’s degrees in Singapore. Additionally, when it comes to top tier escorts, they often look just like very high-class models and behave like a real girlfriend would. That is why many men treat going out with these escorts as status symbols.

Third of all, because Singapore attracts mainly a wealthier demographic base for both its visitors as well as residents, lots of luxury companies and retail stores have opened flagship stores in the country. This ranges from world famous brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Prada and more. If you are looking to splurge on luxury goods, you have almost every single brand available to purchase in Singapore. Most of these stores are situated either along the Orchard Road shopping district or the Marina Bay Sands resort area. The best part? These locations are all within a few minutes cab ride of each other, making it super convenient for you to do your shopping if needed.