The Euros are underway and social media sensations Woody & Kleiny have teamed up with The Hoosiers to deliver a holler-along song that is sure to get the party started!

Irwin Sparkes from The Hoosiers spoke to our Music Editor Emma Harrison about how the collaboration with social media sensations Woody & Kleiny came about, collaborating with Naughty Boy and how ‘Route 66’ is the song to celebrate all things English.

“It used to be a song called PC Wilson and we (The Hoosiers) were going through a bit of a Small Faces period. We parked the song for over twenty years and Al thought that there could be something in there for a football song, but that it wasn’t quite right for The Hoosiers. Al then met Woody from Woody & Kleiny at a New Year’s Eve party who was blasting his way through some karaoke numbers and thought (this is Al’s own words) There’s the front man I’ve been looking for. He has magnetism. I’ve seen him. It’s true. They are very charismatic as well.”

‘Route 66’ is the epitome of all things English and is a celebration of traditions such as a cup of tea, a Sunday roast. The song aims to be an anthem of the Euros and it flew into the top of the iTunes chart at number 1.

Irwin explains:

“We thought the best way was to make it inherently English and all the fun levels of bonhomie and that that involves. You can hear elements of the Small Faces, Chaz, and Dave – it’s literally a knees up!

I think if it came out sounding like something like Dark Side Of The Moon, it would have been a failure in terms of what it was trying to accomplish – which was to be a really upbeat positive song. It’s full of celebration and after the year we’ve had, I think the timing couldn’t be better. It had to be catchy, and simplistic that you can sing along with it before it’s even finished, after you’ve heard it for the first time.”

All proceeds of the single will go to charity, something that both The Hoosiers and Woody & Kleiny wanted to do.

“We don’t want to just do it for its own sake – it was something that was really important to Woody & Kleiny as well – to make the track about something bigger than ourselves, which is why we settled on aligning ourselves with the charity CALM which is stands for the Campaign Against Living Miserably. Proceeds from the single, especially the download will go to them – a cause which is close to our hearts”

CALM is leading a movement against suicide. Every day 125 people in the UK take their own lives and 75% of all UK suicides are male and CALM are looking to change this. They have a confidential helpline and webchat service that is available to anyone who needs help to talk about life’s problems.

The video for the track takes place on an old school red double decker bus and on the pitch at the London Stadium features the likes of Naughty Boy, The Wealdstone Raider and Two Weeks in Nashville who all make cameos.

Filming the video was a lot of fun but had to be completed in one day prior to The Hoosiers gig at the Clapham Grand where they were supported by Two Weeks in Nashville. It was directed by Henry Oliver who was instrumental in ensuring the video was completed in time.

Irwin explains:

“Honestly, it was a very intense day because we had to get it all done in one day. And if we’d have gone for either other day, would have been absolutely pissing it down with rain. And it would have changed things dramatically on an open top bus with a drum kit and a bond amp

The video included Naughty Boy who made his first ever cameo in a music video. Moving forwards, there may be a further collaboration with Naughty Boy.

Irwin teases:

“We may have some more involvement with Naughty Boy which we will be announcing very soon. He’s been really keen and very supportive of the project. He’s a lovely chap!”

There are two new Hoosiers album in the works, one of which is currently being mixed. The Hoosiers are in the process of moving to Patreon ‘because we want to give an awful lot of value back to everyone for supporting us’ which will allow Hoosiers fans to really connect with the band.

The band are excited for the forthcoming releases but are proud of ‘Route 66’ and the impact that it will have. Irwin says:

“It’s the only original football song that’s been released this year. I think it is a really successful song in terms of what it does”

Route 66 is out now and can be downloaded for just £0.99 with all proceeds going to CALM.


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