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Why Villa Week Needs To Be On Your Bucket List

Why Villa Week Needs To Be On Your Bucket List

In July 2017 the first ever The Villa Week was organised for former guests and friends of their brand VillaGG.com.

October 2nd, 2019

In July 2017 the first ever The Villa Week was organised for former guests and friends of their brand VillaGG.com. It got booked right away and everyone loved the idea of an all-inclusive organised holiday.

From then on, they continued to expand the initial idea, integrating new exceptional events and ultimately reaching the goal of the > all-in-one > all-inclusive > luxury holiday > experience. Everything that we love here at House of Coco magazine. With travel being what we live for, we went along to meet The Villa Week to find out more about the brand that needs to be on your bucket list…

Who is the perfect The Villa Week customer?
Someone very familiar, namely a person with a fairly sized bucket list of experiences he never had the time to do cross off and is getting seriously freaked out that life will pass by without getting close to tick off those checkboxes. Does that ring a bell? Oh wait, yes, that’s you!

You as our perfect traveler settles for nothing less than full comfort and flexibility while he’s hungry to experience action-packed adventures with plenty of ‘do it for the ‘gram’ dose of dressed-up luxury opportunities.

Namely, in today’s tourism world, adventures are often reliant on niches – bikers should take cycling trips, yoga lovers should attend yoga retreats, and comfort should only be reserved for hotels and cruises that are full of retirees and families after ease. Unfortunately, this leaves out an enthusiastic group of open-minded people who want to have it all across one week, and that is why we created the week of everything.

What sets you apart from other travel brands?
Maybe one comment on our YouTube video summed it up pretty nicely “this looks like a James Bond lifestyle holiday – just without the stress.”

Basically, it’s a 7-day experience packed with almost 40 different activities including diverse adventures, educational outing, local food, culture all organized around your stay in outstanding luxurious accommodation. However, what REALLY sets us apart from anything on the market is best explained in our hashtag #LeaveYoyrWalletAtHome

Yes, you got that right. If you don’t like hidden fees that always lurk aside until the start of your regular holiday or if you simply don’t want to carry your wallet around looking for exchange offices, price lists and TripAdvisor reviews. We now offer you something completely new. From the moment you land until your flight back, every detail is included from the helicopter ride to the wine tasting bringing a whole new dimension to the word ALL-INCLUSIVE.

It should be noted that even drinks in clubs are included so you can turn your brain off and enjoy the ride as your hosts take care of all the details, itinerary, food, even packing tips. We like to run it down to the smallest details so we took years of planning and experience in order to bring the concept of a group driven, like – minded individuals and taking them to places that are stunning and mind blowing, but also creating feelings and friendships that far outlast the trip itself.

Your concept is really fun and unique, what can guests expect by getting involved with Villa Week

Imagine a magical world of freedom with the option to choose what odyssey fits into your plans for the day. A fine-tuned and delicately detailed week away where you don’t have to move a limb if you don’t want to while staying at all inclusive villas.

Expect the holiday not having to think from the moment you step off the airplane to the cheeks you kiss to say goodbye. The flawless dinner without frantically collecting money to pay the bill at the end. Imagine getting to keep your wallet locked away at home for an entire week.

Or better yet, visualize having your hangover wishes granted as a masseuse joins you poolside to rub away the pain – and when the headache subsides? A private driver brings you back to the fun via speed boat or luxury transfer, of if you don’t feel like it, the private chef in the villa cooks a meal just for you as you float around the villa pool.

What can people expect to see from you in 2020

They can expect the James Bond lifestyle holiday getting even more 007 with new additional experiences reaching now almost 40 different experiences in one single week creating the ultimate feeling after you have been through it all. New additions are SKYDIVING that was already introduced this year to PAINTBALL target shooting, SALSA LESSONS, LUXURY CAR drive, SCUBA DIVING and finally WINE TASTING to complement the already famous gin tasting party!
As we recall in one of the reviews, you will have a hard time remembering all that you did in those 7 days but the feeling inside reminds you constantly that you did something extraordinary.

Since you launched three years ago, what has been the highlight?

The best thing is no matter how hard we push the villa week forward working hard on meeting the expectations of our customers and doing an inch more, so we blow they mind every year with new experiences. Interestingly customers always highlight different things and we just love that diversity. Some top the helicopter ride others the ATV adventure and again someone else the mega catamaran day at sea, however from 2019 skydiving definitely the lead, at least for those who dared to try.

However, the most outstanding highlight may not even be the week itself, but the positive memories, motivation, and inspiration that no one ever expects but will feed into your mental bank for a lifetime. The Villa Week is an exclusive and unrivaled experience you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the world and it will keep your cup of creativity full of beauty, bravery, and bliss. The adventure will power the machine that drives your revitalized spirit; an adrenaline rush no drug can buy so brace yourselves, The Villa Week rests beneath your fingertips, ready to whisk you away to a promised land of wanderlust. And if you’re still not convinced, you can take a peek at our program here.

The Villa Week is an approach to what a ‘holiday’ was envisioned as at its discovery. And now, you have the chance to unearth the best bits of Croatia and uncover the best parts of you in the process.

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Laura Bartlett

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