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Why Women Love To Choose Hurela U Part Wig

Why Women Love To Choose Hurela U Part Wig

The beauty industry has its perks, especially in 2023.

March 3rd, 2023

The beauty industry has its perks, especially in 2023. U-part wigs, while not new to the scene, have been a highly sought-after product because of what they can achieve.

Let's take a closer look at what exactly this type of product is and some of the features it possesses to make it highly desirable.

What is a U Part Wig?

U part wig is a hair type that omits the front part of the wig. This allows you to show off your natural hair where the part is and have a natural looking part. Hurela U part wig comes in a variety of design, shapes and sizes.

If you are interested in the style of a particular piece, it is important to be aware before purchasing. Center, middle, and side parts are all widely available but you're usually stuck with whichever style you decide to buy.

Finding the right fitting unit is extremely important when working with U-part wigs. If you don't have the right fitting unit, the whole look doesn't look and feel right.

Features of U Part Wig

  1. Price

The biggest draw of the U-Part wig is the price tag that comes with it. You can easily buy u part wigs for under $150 to $100. If you prefer a long wig, then you will have to pay more.

Despite the price increase, the average price of longer units will drop into the low hundred dollar range.

This cheap price makes sense if you don't own a complete unit. Apart from the length, many customizations are not available. That being said, prices are generally stable and you shouldn't pay more than the base price.


U-part wigs come in a variety of textures that are ideal to match your natural hair. Finding a texture similar to your own hair will result in not only easier styling but an overall natural look.

Another advantage of a U-part wig is that you can easily remove the wig after it is installed to give your hair a break.

While density isn't always a custom option, some companies offer it. This allows you to customize the unit into something that more closely resembles the overall look you're going for.


Over the years, the U-part wig has greatly improved its quality and has become a great staple piece. While there isn't much room for customization, you can get a quality basic unit at an affordable price.

Human hair is the standard for most of these units and they produce excellent quality right off the bat. The hairline of these types of wigs is usually of good quality and also needs to be laid flat to blend with your hair.

U-part wigs usually come with a securing method such as a comb or clips. They are usually located around this part so you can secure the unit without lifting it. If your wig doesn't come with them, you can easily install them yourself.

How do you use U Part Wig?

Installing the U-Part wig is quite easy. Installation is the same as any other type of wig, the main difference being that you have to leave the top of your hair. You'll likely have to do some extra styling with a U-part wig because some of your natural hair will constantly fall out.

How long does a U part wig last?

The biggest difference between other hair units and U-part wigs is the leave-out that is present. A U-part wig can last as long as it can get out. A wig will only last so long if your scalp tends to dry out quickly and requires frequent washing. Since your leave-in completes the look, you want to make sure the hair is in its best shape.

Can you sleep in a u part wig?

Yes, you can sleep in a U-Part wig. As with any other hair unit, if you decide to sleep in it, you want to make sure the hair underneath is properly cared for to prevent damage. Securing the hair underneath will ensure no snagging. You can also wear a bonnet and other protective gear to avoid getting sick.

The Bottom Line

U part wigs are natural-looking & Cheap human hair wigs. They are an affordable option that is extremely versatile and usually of very high quality.

U-shaped wigs are very similar to other hair covers, so can be treated similarly. While it is possible to sleep with these types of wigs on for long periods of time, it is not always the best idea to do so.

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