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Why You should choose Hamburg, Germany, as Your Next Destination

Why You should choose Hamburg, Germany, as Your Next Destination

Why You should choose Hamburg, Germany, as Your Next Destination

February 20th, 2023

Berlin gets all the glory, but there are so many other German cities that are worth visiting. If you have to choose one, to add to your destinations of 2023, make it Hamburg. It is the second largest city after the capital, but it possesses the maritime charm that Berlin does not offer at the same level. Here are other reasons why you will love Hamburg and may never want to leave.

Hamburg is Beautiful

Beauty should never be underrated. Anyone that has visited cities like Prague or Budapest already knows why. Whenever you visit a town where beauty resides, it haunts you forever with a wonderful feeling of having seen something exquisite. Images stay with you forever, which is what will happen with many different locations that you will visit in Hamburg, as well. Located by the river Elbe and the Aster Lake, Hamburg is bathed by the softness that water brings to a city. In fact, even though it is Germany's second largest city, it is much less hectic than the other ones that are close in terms of the size of population. Don't be fooled by the fact that it is a northern city, as you will still feel the warmth of the people who are in love with their own town. If you would happen to fall for Hamburg too, and decide to try living there, here is a list of removals to Hamburg.

​Discover a UNESCO WORLD Heritage Site

Walking with nowhere to go, is one of the tourists favorite activities in big cities. That will also be true in Hamburg, as they can stroll through the city center for a long walk. It would be a pity to miss visiting the five main churches that were built there. They are all Lutheran, and worth seeing. But the one landmark that attracts the most people has to be the Speicherstadt. It is an old warehouse district that has been placed under protection as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is separated by water, but you can reach both sides by using one of the many bridges available. In fact, it is while you will be crossing over one of them that you will be able to take the best pictures of the red brick walls on both sides. Once you go back home, you can turn the best photo you will have taken into a frame on the wall.

Take a Boat Trip on Hamburg's Waterways

Like so many big cities around the world, water is a crucial element to the city of Hamburg. Most people know that the city possesses the second biggest commercial port in Europe and third in terms of containers stopping by, each year. But what you really want, is to take a short cruise on Hamburg's waterways, to discover the personality of the city, by looking at it from the water. The view of the Alster Lake is another beautiful memory that you will keep inside you, when you leave.

Hopefully, you will take the time to visit this great German city, in 2023. While you are there, you can also decide to visit small towns nearby, such as Lübeck, Bremen or Sylt.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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