When you think of an epic adventure, you may imagine traversing mountains and the view from the top. The Himalayan mountain range is possibly the most famous in the world, stretching from Pakistan to China and crossing India, Nepal and Bhutan along the way.

The Indian portion of the Himalayas is arguably one of the most breathtaking, so visiting should be an item on your bucket list. There are many different ways to see this part of the world, including going on a tour. Incorporating it as part of a tour of India gives you many unique experiences.

Hidden Himalayas

The Himalayas are flanked by tiny, traditional towns and bustling cities, both of which offer a different view of the Himalayas. Booking a tour of this region means you can discover little-known areas and see parts of the world that many will miss.

Shimla is a must-see stop on your tour. It was once known as the summer capital of the British Raj, so the mix of tradition and imported design is still a striking contrast. If you are travelling in the colder months, prepare for deluges of snow along the mountainsides.  

Connect with local communities

As this region is speckled with remote villages and towns, traditions that have lasted for centuries are very much practised. By immersing yourself in the ways of the locals, you will gain a new insight into how the world is viewed by some people.

This is also a great way to experience some traditional dishes which are not found in the Western world. Although momos originated in neighbouring Tibet and Nepal, India has adopted this dish and given it their own twist. Momos are steamed dumplings and can be filled with a number of different ingredients – lamb is a very popular filling in Himalayan India. These are then steamed over a stock and are then served with various sauces.

Momos are one of those dishes where every family has their own special recipe, so you can be forgiven for sampling it at every opportunity!

Spectacular scenery

As you explore the Himalayas you will be constantly in awe of the views. Every place you visit will give you a unique view of the mountain range and surrounding scenery.

Borong, for example, is a smaller town off the beaten track that gives stunning views of Mount Kanchenjunga all year round. This area is great for wildlife too, with large flocks of birds thronging through the emerald-green forests. One of the birds that is sure to catch your eye is the Dark-breasted Rosefinch whose red colouring stands out amongst the greenery.

Since the area of Ladakh opened to tourists in 1974, visitors have marvelled at the mountainous views which are the backdrop to ornate monasteries. As it is situated 3,500 above sea level, visitors should take it easy for a day or two after arriving as the altitude can take some getting used to.


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