Most people who have cut their own hair before ended up regretting that decision. Many people think that cutting their own hair is a great way to save some money, and it can be if you know what you are doing. Professionals, however, advise against doing this even in cases where you have the urge to do so. Here are some reasons to put down the scissors and visit a hairdresser.

The Wrong Tools Can Cause a Disaster

The logical thing to do if you would like to cut your hair is to get the scissors you already have or buy some new ones and get to work. These scissors are typically not as sharp as those used by professionals. Hairdressers are very picky about their scissors, down to the sharpness and angle of the edge.

Bristol hairdressers will only use their scissors to cut hair, and they take great care of them to ensure they produce the best results when they start working on your hair. These scissors make clean and precise cuts. The everyday scissors you use to cut anything else will not be this sharp and precise and will produce poor results.

It Takes More Than a Steady Hand

Another reason you might think you will be able to cut your own hair and see good results is that you have a steady hand. Although hairdressers do have steady hands, that is not all it takes to cut hair.

First, hairdressers in Bristol are trained on how hair should be cut the right way, so they do little damage to the hair cuticle and shaft. Second, hairdressers are trained in creating the perfect cut and style that compliments your appearance. The first thing a stylist will do when you walk into a hair salon in Bristol is to check the shape of your head and hair.

They will then talk to you about what would look best for you, taking your requirements in mind and advising you as appropriate. All of these are good reasons to ensure you only visit a Bristol salon with highly trained staff. A Bristol salon such as the BME Salon has trained staff who will create hairstyles that compliment your appearance so you get the best results possible.

Cutting Your Own Hair is Very Difficult

While you may have a style or look you would like to achieve once you are done cutting your hair, reality might not match up. The main reason is that a professional standing above and behind you can cut your hair at angles you will not be able to achieve.

The inability to cut hair at these angles is the reason you are likely to end up with uneven hair and ends or even gaps somewhere on your head.


Your best bet for a great haircut is to visit a professional hairdresser. Apart from cutting your hair, they will also advise you on how best to take care of your hair, and they likely have insight about this that you do not have.


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