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Why You Should Sell Your House and Travel the World

Being a homeowner comes with its set of pressures, from land rates and taxes to mortgage payments and insurance.

Being a homeowner comes with its set of pressures, from land rates and taxes to mortgage payments and insurance. Selling your house and travelling around the world alleviates these pressures and allows you to explore the world as you restructure your finances. However, this is not a decision for the faint-hearted, though; by the end of the article, you may realize, anyone can do it as the gains are immense.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

You may be deceived by the concept of ‘stability’ when you own your first home and get that sense of achievement. Still, you’d be surprised that travelling the world could be more cost-effective than servicing a mortgage. In Thailand, for example, you can get a decent meal for $1-3, and that’s eating out! That’s about a tenth of the meal-cost in major cities like Seattle. Also, depending on what you do for work, there are careers that you can do on-the-go. Getting out of your comfort zone opens up new horizons.

Opening Your Mind

The exposure you get when travelling boosts your creativity. You begin to see things you once thought were unreal or impossible. Exposure to new cultures opens your mind, leaving you more fulfilled. Learning new cultures, new languages, and sampling new cuisines opens up perspectives, realizing how much we miss out when confined to one place.

Travel Builds Character

Travelling to new places challenges you in that you have to figure out where to sleep and eat and what sites to see and places to visit. This exposure will increase your organizational skills, and you’ll find new ways to handle challenges. You’ll also be more open-minded to opportunities, and you’ll soon realize you can handle anything. Travel can also teach you to be content in frugality instead of the extravagance you may be used to back home.

Self-Investment over Material Investment

More often than not, we all get caught up in the 9-5 rat race with minimal fulfilment. We work so hard to stuff our houses with the latest technological gadgets and furniture designs.

However, the joy derived from this accumulation of material assets is incomparable to the magical joy you’ll experience when you tour Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China, which has one of the most extraordinary landscapes globally. Or when you bask in the magical aquamarine castle on a cliff at Lake Bled in Slovenia. Self-investment is way more fulfilling than material-investments, but you can only know this by experiencing it.

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Develop a New Perspective on Life

Visiting new places and expanding your knowledge gives you new ideas and a different perspective on life. You will begin to question your preconceived ideas and appreciate life anew as you reboot your mind, body, and soul.

Break the Rules

The norm is to go to work, take a mortgage, and raise your family, right? Well, according to society, it is. But what if you want to enjoy your independence and freedom powerfully? Gain access to the whole world by breaking the rules, selling everything, and travelling the world. Okay, so you may be hesitant and fearful. Why not give it a 3-month trial? Sell a few things and take a trip and see how rejuvenating it is. You may then want to travel long-term.

Gain New Experiences, Unfettered

When you fail to travel, you limit your thinking. If all you’ve been exposed to is fake friendships and failed romances, you begin to think that there’s nothing beautiful about life. Yet, perhaps, across the borders, lies the beginning of the rest of your wonderful life! And with selling all your material possessions, your mind is free to explore, unfettered. There are numerous magnificently scenic places around the world that would make your heart stop.

In Summary

Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show, a perfect slogan that sums it all up.