Founded by sisters Monika and Emilija Peciulyte, FG atelier was created to make life easier for professional, modern women who want to look sharp and feminine at work with minimal time and effort. From innovative ‘wash and wear’ collections to simple tailoring, the Peciulyte sisters are revolutionising female tailoring around the globe. Our writer Jenna caught up with Emilija to discuss sister dynamics, taking influence from Valentino and how building a successful business is a marathon and not a sprint…

JC: So firstly, what’s it like working with your sister Monika? I have a sister, and we don’t always see eye-to-eye, so it’s interesting to know about the dynamic!

EE: Monika is the creative director of the company, and she handles all aspects of design. She works closely with our manufacturing team, managing all sourcing of materials for collections. I handle the business side of the company from marketing, sales, and growth of our business. There is an unspoken connection between us, and we create the synergy that allows us to constructively connect different points of views and build our brand. One of the biggest strength of our partnership is that we have, had, and will always have very different skill sets. That allows us to combine different expertise and achieve the best results.

JC: As #TeamCoco are always traveling, we love your ‘wash and wear’ concept as there’s no need to iron it can be slipped on straight from your suitcase! What was the main inspiration behind this collection?

EE: From day one we have been working very closely with business ladies, and we spent a lot of time and attention just listening and hearing their pains and stories from their daily life which often is extremely busy. Working women have a lot of on their plate, and we wanted to find a way to make it less complicated and stressful. After all, our mission statement is “making your mornings easier”. That’s why the concept of machine washable, iron-free dresses came very naturally for us – we just wanted to help our clients and create dresses that not only look beautiful but also have utility aspect.

JC: Can you tell us more about your history before founding FG atelier?

EE: My sister Monika was always into art, design, and aesthetics. Even when she was just a little kid, she created designs and sew her clothes. And she was extremely proud of wearing clothes made by her! I, on the other hand, was drawn by science and literature. Many years later, when I was studying Marketing and Communication in France, Monika was more and more involved in working with private clients who wanted to upgrade their business outfits. At that time I thought what to do with my life – should I stay in France or should I start my own business? And I remember very distinctly that eureka moment when I realized that we could do something together. Of course, everything was uncertain at that time, but we knew that with our knowledge, skills, and passion we could create something meaningful. That is how FG atelier was born.

JC: Alongside Monika’s designs, what other designers inspire you?

EE: Givenchy and Valentino. We love their modern elegance and timeless designs.

JC: Who would be your dream influencer/celebrity to work with?

EE: There are many inspiring women with whom we would love work! I think our best relationships were established with those women who appreciate our clothes because they feel empowered and strong to tackle their biggest and most difficult tasks in their everyday life.

JC: Do you feel it can be harder for women to look smart and professional at work than men who can throw on a suit?

EE: Absolutely! Men have very clearly defined rules on how to look professional. Women have so many options, and the rules are so blurred that sometimes getting dressed in the morning becomes quite a daunting task.

JC: Can you tell us about a recent ‘Girl Boss’ moment?

EE: I think being intentional and taking my time seriously was my biggest girl boss moment. I set well-defined goals, and they are like a north start guiding me in my daily life. When you have goals it so much easier to say no to mindless scrolling through social media or stop procrastinating.

JC: What has been the hardest part of running your own fashion business?

EE: I think the hardest thing was not to be too harsh on yourself when things do not go so smooth or so quickly as you would like. Building a business is a marathon, not a sprint and you must have stamina and perseverance to achieve your goals. Looking for quick solutions or immediate results does not help as everything in life that is meaningful takes time. That’s the fact!

JC: What’s in the pipeline for 2019?

EE:We are working a lot on customer experience, and that involves everything from customer journey on our website to how a woman feels wearing our jacket or dress.That is crucial for us because our business was founded on the idea that we have to serve our clients and provide as much value to them as we can.


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