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  • #WomenWorldwide : Sarah Chahal Talks All Things Natural Beauty
#WomenWorldwide : Sarah Chahal Talks All Things Natural Beauty

#WomenWorldwide : Sarah Chahal Talks All Things Natural Beauty

ONaturel Oils is inspired by Sarah Chahals vision for a cleaner, more natural beauty line, that’s infused with traditional wisdom and created with 100% natural ingredients.

May 17th, 2019

ONaturel Oils is inspired by Sarah Chahals vision for a cleaner, more natural beauty line, that’s infused with traditional wisdom and created with 100% natural ingredients. As a clean Beauty Advocate, she wanted to create a line of natural products that utilises both ancient health + beauty wisdom for all gender, skin & hair types.

Coming from a family where healthy alternatives are favoured over any big corporate derma companies and seeing that her grandparents from both sides of her family were experts in the field she was lucky to put her hands on a 250 year old oil blend. Taking a personal interest in there matter and wanting to increase her knowledge within this ancient tradition, she started to read lots of books. Some of these books were meant for students in naturopathy and some of them were specialised in Arab medicine, which basically explains the benefits of plants and herbs for internal and external use.

And thus the Naturel seed was planted.

Her background is Lebanese, born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Her parents are very proud of theirs roots and shared with her everything related to their culture. Here, she tells us more about her journey in to launching her brand…

What’s your favourite oil ever?

Personally, I LOVE BLACK SEED OIL! Not a lot of people have heard of it. But I absolutely love it. For digestion use or even external use (skin/hair). The benefits are unbelievable!!! It fights bacterial infections, reduces scars, improves memory, reduces acne, great for hair growth ( I can go on)

And my best discovery yet, is Lettuce oil, yes lettuce oil. Which I use as a preservative. I did not want to add any stranger ingredient to my oil mix and decided to keep it as pure as possible. Lettuce oil did the job perfectly, it didn’t just preserve it, it made the blend homogeneous without affecting its texture or scent.

Do you feel that now we’re in an ‘Instagram society’ there is more pressure on women to have clear skin? Or do you feel we are becoming more educated on how to look after the health of our skin?

I have 2 opinion to this.

First, I think we really are pressured, I think that our society wants us to look ‘unhuman’ introducing, filters and idolizing ‘perfect woman figure’. Coming from a young woman I confirm that social media tends to pressure me to ‘fit in’ to be beautiful. And to be honest, it kind of sucks!

Second, I agree, we are more educated, the information is definitely easier to find informations and opinions concerning products or certain skin routine.

What’s your biggest Girl Boss moment?

Not only do I have 5 classes in university (full time), and Naturel oils is a one “woman” show. I still try to better myself every day. I really wanted to get out of my confort zone. I get intimidated by any oral presentation, standing in front of a crowd and talking. Because I wanted to challenge myself I register into the Student/entrepreneur GSEA competition. I immediately got a response, they were actually very happy to hear from me and even mentioned that ill be the only woman presenting. ( pressure much ?) Because of pure pressure, I forgot my text half way, and I was extremely prepared. I could’ve recited my text while sleeping. But stress effects are sometimes uncontrollable. But hey, I won 2nd price, 1 point difference between myself and the winner. I was proud ! I got invited this year and will do my best to finish first.

The hardest part of running my own e-commerce was my young age, my lack of confidence. Especially when I started planning ONaturel oils, I was 21 years old, wasn’t confortable with myself I just had a vision and wanted to put it I action. Thank God my parents and brothers were extremely encouraging and that gave me confidence.

Something else I had to learn to do? Say No and stand for my point of view. Lots of people think they know best about your business but really you do.

2019: Within the short term I would like to see an increase in my product line and introduce 2 sets of toners one based on rose water and the second orange blossom. Plus, after many requests, products specially made for men.

Keeping in mind these goals I mustn’t forget the community I’m serving. For me it’ all about creating a personal relationship with my clients.

Respecting the values of clean beauty with absolutely no chemical residues.

Always conscious & cruelty-free. We empower and embrace womans and mens natural beauty while treating it in a healthy way.

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Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

Northern girl Laura is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. Laura’s spirit for adventure and passion for people blaze through House of Coco. She founded House of Coco in 2014 and has grown it in to an internationally recognised brand whilst having a lot of fun along the way. Travel is in her DNA and she is a true visionary and a global citizen.