While you may have seen this epic location in the James Bond remake, Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig, Nassau, Bahamas, is known for a lot more. It’s a fascinating and unique junkanoo culture, breathtaking beaches, and remarkable resorts are the highlights of the location.

Perhaps the most prominent tourist attraction in Nassau is its relaxing beaches. Furthermore, Nassau is a very budget-friendly destination as well, of course, if you don’t stay at a resort. The beaches are free for everyone to enjoy.

Therefore, here are the six amazing free and public beaches in Nassau that you can’t afford to miss. If you are in the Bahamas, you must take some time to enjoy these excellent spots. So, could you keep reading to check them out?

Cabbage Beach:

The almost two miles of white sand coastline of the beautiful Cabbage beach is quite impressive; however, this beach is notorious for being severely overcrowded, mainly because there are several nearby resorts and hotels. Yet, if you go there by taxi, the driver will know where to drop you for the public access entry.

There is a lot to do on this beach, you can meet different people from all over the world, or you can also rent some amazing water sports gear like jet-skis, and paddling boats to have a fun time with your friends.

Cabbage beach is also a good spot for surfing, or just tanning in the sun, with your partner. If you aren’t bothered by a bit of a crowd or enjoy meeting new people, visit Cabbage beach while you are in Nassau.

Cable Beach:

If you thought the last beach was crowded, this one has five resorts surrounding it; however, I don’t see it as negative. If you want an intimate and secluded spot, this beach might not be for you, but if you like to party and have an excellent time, cable beach has a lot to offer.

You can pay a small fee to use the pools and other amenities of the resorts, or you can also stick to the ocean if you don’t want to spend some extra cash. Another advantage of having these resorts near the beach is that you can always find some delicious food. You can get anything you want from the resort restaurants, or you can even enjoy some authentic local cuisine from the various street vendors on the beach. When it comes to dining, you will have a lot of options on Cable beach.

There is also a wide array of watersports and beach activities you can participate in, or you could find a nice spot to relax, enjoy the ocean, and get a nice tan.

If you want a less crowded and more personal space, where you don’t have to worry about loads of strangers, you can look into getting private islands in the Bahamas.

Junkanoo Beach:

Located close to downtown Nassau, Junkanoo Beach is one of the most accessible beaches in the area. Unlike the last two spots, Junkanoo Beach is significantly smaller and a lot less crowded, unless you are visiting during spring break, when this beach is as popular as any other.

Another factor that sets this beach apart from the others is the existence of proper public bathrooms and a changing area, which is quite rare in most of the Bahamas Beaches.

So, if you want a less crowded place, check out Junkanoo Beach; however, it will not have all the resorts and activities that other beaches have.

Love Beach:

As the name suggests, this beach is the perfect spot for a romantic date with your partner. Keep in mind that this is a locals-only beach, but since it is mostly empty, no one will stop you from visiting it, make sure that you are respectful of the locals when you visit the beach.

This means that you probably shouldn’t take your Bluetooth Speakers with you to play some loud music and have a party.

The beach is located on the northern shore of Nassau, past a village called Gambier. You will need to do a considerable hike, about nine miles to be accurate to get to this beach, but trust me, it is one of the most romantic and amazing spots. And you can also have a sensational snorkeling experience on this beach.

Western Esplanade:

This is another small beach located close to Cable Beach; it is the perfect destination for you if you want to relax and enjoy the amazing local foods. This is also a very common spot for fundraising cookouts, and you are always welcome to take part in the effort.

This is an excellent beach for people who don’t like heavy clouds but still want to have all the foods available at Cable beach; however, keep in mind that since this is a small beach, there aren’t any public facilities like restrooms and changing areas.

Saunders Beach:

Saunders Beach is also located close to Cable beach, but it is designed specifically for families. You won’t find any raging spring break parties over here; instead, there are several safe swim areas and swings for kids to enjoy.

The beach has a nice parking area so there will be no problem with parking your transport, and it is properly lit. Restrooms, showers, and changing areas are also accessible on this excellent and small family beach. Therefore, if you are traveling with your family and want to have a great time with the kids, Saunders beach is the spot for you.

Final thoughts:

Nassau is one of the best destinations in the Bahamas, especially when talking about amazing beaches. This small location has several beaches for every type of person. Whether you want to enjoy a fantastic spring break party, have a romantic evening with your partner, have fun with your kids or go there by yourself to have some me time, the Beaches of Nassau will not disappoint. Therefore, don’t miss out on the spots mentioned in this post.


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