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10 New Sustainable Skincare Products Perfect For Travel

10 New Sustainable Skincare Products Perfect For Travel

Who doesn’t love to hear about new sustainable beauty products being launched, we do at #TeamCoco, especially when they're products that will be a great fit in our suitcases. There’s

February 4th, 2020

Who doesn’t love to hear about new sustainable beauty products being launched, we do at #TeamCoco, especially when they’re products that will be a great fit in our suitcases.

There’s an A-Z of words describing how to help our planet to stay naturally balanced. Singularly, we can make a difference and beauty retailers are aiding this. Certain stores have made huge steps to help our nature-inspired minds, their websites brimming with palm oil and plastics free products.

Cruelty to nature is out and recyclable, reusable ingredients are in – products which can feel calmer and healthier on the skin, and inside our bodies too. Travel is a huge business but now, with more movement towards sustainability, we can tuck into our travel bags, knowing that we are being more eco-balanced.

Guest bathrooms are beginning to opt for larger, refillable soaps, and their miniature products are starting to disappear. More now favour recyclable or combustible packaging and natural ingredients with those eco symbols we can trust. Cleverly complementing what your holiday lodgings offer could reduce your case bulk and carbon footprint too. Let’s mooch a few ideas for the anti-bacterial, beautiful and natural you!

Colgate Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush Soft

With a charcoal-infused easy grip handle and soft bristles made from natural beeswax, Colgate’s Bamboo Toothbrush is a nifty little product. It’s 100% biodegradable, compostable (in natural compost facilities) and free from plastic packaging. Something to smile about!

Priced at £3.99. Available from superdrug.com.

The Life Brush

Put a beam on your face with x4 handmade bamboo The Life Brush travel toothbrushes and case. Plastic-free packaging, eco-friendly, biodegradable and naturally antibacterial, Moso bamboo is not eaten by pandas, ensuring their food source is unaffected. Approved by dentists and with medium bristles, these organic, vegan and BPA-free cleaners pack a great price.

Priced at £12.95. Available from amazon.co.uk.

100% Bamboo Face Cloth

For a steamy spa feel, this soft cloth, made with bamboo, absorbs liquid faster than cotton, leaving no skin irritation, yet gently lifts oils from pores. Can cleverly be washed and used again. No plastic packaging, environment friendly and anti-bacterial, it’s easy to pack, ticking many sustainable boxes.

Priced at £3.95. Available from soapynut.com.

Fennel & Propolis Toothpaste

As one of greenpeople’s flavoured toothpastes, the Fennel and Propolis toothpaste is championed for its naturally antibacterial nature. This toothpaste is fluoride/SLS/cruelty free and vegetarian society approved. Contains aloe vera, fennel, clove/myrrh essential oils, and the glycerine contained is from the Karanja tree nut, indigenous to India.

Priced at £4.50 (50ml). Available from greenpeople.co.uk.

Rosemary Avocado Shampoo Bar

Not just a sweet-smelling bar, the Rosemary Avocado Shampoo Bar packaging is recyclable/compostable, with no plastic, palm oil or SLS. It lathers up to act as both a soap and shampoo and is great for all hair types.

Priced at £10. Available from meowmeowtweet.com.

Toothpaste Tablets

Tiny to pack and great for outdoor holidays, the simple recyclable pack of toothpaste tablets holds 60 white, minty toothpaste tablets. Contains fluoride, but no preservatives, aluminium, nanoparticles or SLS. Pop one in your mouth, chew to a paste and brush. No need for water and enough for a month if brushing twice daily.

Priced at £3.00. Available from plentifulshop.co.uk

The BodyShop Shea Butter 100% Natural

Vegan, with 100% recyclable outer packaging and produced using 192 shea nuts, The Body Shop’s Shea Butter is a neat little product for use on face, lips, hair and body. Kind to sensitive, dry and itchy skin, this is a compact all-round butter to pop in your toiletry bag.

Priced at £15. Available from thebodyshop.com

100% Compostable Vegan Dental Floss

These 2 x 50m bobbins of vegan dental floss are made from corn from a pre-wasted food industry by-product. They are vegan friendly, have no GMOs/palm oil, are cruelty free and use 80 per cent fewer greenhouse gasses. Packaging is plant-based.

Priced at £6.90. Available from ecovibe.co.uk

Eco Vibe Makeup Remover Pads – Set of 16

Once again, bamboo trends here with 12 velvet makeup remover pads, 4 soft scrub terry pads and 1 cotton recyclable mesh bag. Vegan, 100% biodegradable/antibacterial, the pads are reusable, so no temptations for flushing away. Once used, pop pads into the mesh bag and wash at 40-degrees with a gentle detergent and use again!

Priced at £14.99. Available from ecovibe.co.uk.

FranChouliPom Organic Body Oil

Finish off your sustainable products bathroom pamper session with this delicious body oil – 99% organic, certified by Soil Association. 100% natural and vegan, the blend of organic oils entices with Frankincense and patchouli essentials and organic argan oil. Revitalising all skin types, you’re now all eco-tastic go for that well-deserved holiday.

Priced at £19.50 (30/100ml). Available from friendlyturtle.com

Remember to take with you LastSwab’s reusable Q-tip. It’s 100% eco-friendly and you can use it over 1000 times after washing it with soap and water.



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