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10 Ways to Display Your Travel Photos

10 Ways to Display Your Travel Photos

You may have thousands of pictures on your smartphone or camera after traveling.

June 3rd, 2021

You may have thousands of pictures on your smartphone or camera after traveling. While you can upload some images on your social media, the rest may end up forgotten. This is why we’re sharing the best ways to display your travel photos to your family and friends.

The great thing about travel photos is that there are several ways for you to display them. It could be anything like simple prints, photo books, creative home ornaments, and wall art. Now, it’s time to unleash your craftsy side and immortalize your travel photos.

Transform Photos into Canvas Prints

Turn your most loved travel pictures into stunning wall art for your home. With the Collage.com canvas print, you can pick the right size and type of frame to go along with your current home displays.

Create a Clothespin Display

Do you have stacks of variable-sized prints? Bring out a jute string, loop it around old frames, and use colored pins to hang photos. The fun thing about this style is that you can constantly redesign it, and this can even become one of your new hobbies this 2021.

Make Moments Come to Life Using a Photo Book

Using photo books is another great way to display photos because you can flip through pages and recall moments. You can dedicate a whole photo book just for a single trip or collage all of your travel pictures from a year of traveling. You can even add texts or graphics.

Create a Pentapych Gallery Wall

If you prefer something asymmetrical, why not try using pentapych wall decors? This allows you to use individual frames that split an image to make them appear larger. Dividing your travel photos into segments adds movement and interest to your displays.

Design a Travel-the-World Wall Art

Perhaps you’re a jet setter, and you miss hopping from one country to another. You can reminisce those moments by having a wall map! Hang your travel photos using strings linked to the closest part of the world where you took the images.

Tile the Walls

About 60% of people share photos on social media while traveling. So instead of keeping your pictures in square-sized photo uploads, you can literally print them in square tiles. Wall prints are beautiful yet inexpensive, and you get to highlight your eye-catching shots.

Put a Quirky Cork Board

Now, if you’re feeling extra sentimental, you can collage your photo prints on a massive corkboard. You can also use colorful tapes or push pins to add plane boarding passes, museum tickets, theme park brochures, or any souvenir you got from your trips.

Stick Photos to Surfaces

There’s something sentimental about peeling stickers and sticking them to random things. The good thing about stickers is that they usually come in small sizes and thinner materials. This is the perfect way to scatter little reminders of your trip, whether it’s on a window, mirror, car dashboard, or journal.

Upload a Digital Screensaver

Displaying your photos doesn’t mean you always have to print them. You can still choose to go digital by uploading travel pictures on smart TVs and use them as a screensaver.

Collect Home Ornaments

Instead of using massively produced designs for your home decors, you can also turn your travel photos into personalized home decors. Sprinkle bits of memories across your home by printing pictures onto calendars, pillows, coasters, mugs, and even puzzles for the little ones.


You can spend time with your family or friends in creating displays or hire an artist to edit your images. You can even learn how to remove flyaway hair from picture by yourself! Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a week-long family vacation, displaying your travel photos gives you a tangible and easily accessible way of looking back into those moments.



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