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12 of the best drinks to bring to the garden party

12 of the best drinks to bring to the garden party

The 'rule of six' is back and so is outdoor socialising in small groups: get your hands on the 12 best drinks to bring to the garden party

March 31st, 2021

We’ve got you covered on the 12 best drinks to bring to the garden party, now we’re allowed to socialise in small groups outdoors again. Okay, so it’s more like garden gathering, than party. The ‘rule of six’ is back, folks, and if that doesn’t deserve a ‘cheers’, we don’t know what does.

According to research conducted by Caourunn Gin and Atomik, 72 per cent of Brits enjoy a drink on a weekday, with Gin & Tonics, Wine, Cider and Lager coming out on top as the nation’s top drinks of summer. We’re no stranger to enjoying the best drinks in the comfort of our own home but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared now garden parties are allowed to go ahead.

Whether you’re a beer aficianado or a summery cider is your tipple of choice, the list below has something for everyone. From hard seltzers to summer wines, we’ve got you covered on the best drinks to add to your shopping list and bring to the garden party .

Boxtails Pre-Mixed Cocktails

Reviving the classics, enjoy 12 pre-mixed cocktails from Boxtails in the garden this year. Each one contains 100% natural flavours and are even vegan friendly. Shake up your socially distanced garden party drinks with these pocket-sized pouches. From passion fruit martinis to a cheeky Cosmopolitan, Boxtails has a classic cocktail everyone will enjoy as lockdown eases.

Six pack – £28.99

Long Shot Hard Seltzers

Hard seltzers are fast becoming the ‘It’ drink about town. Long Shot is a British take on this alcoholic sparkling water trend and uses all-natural fruit juices, as well as a natural grain spirit. With 4 per cent ABV, this is the perfect new ‘tinnie’ to take to your garden party. Each can is low sugar and under 70 calories, offering a lighter way to enjoy your drink. Using all-natural fruit juices and a neutral grain spirit, choose from three flavours: grapefruit; raspberry and blackberry and strawberry and rhubarb.

Mix 12-pack – £28.50

Brothers Cider

Bring in the summer weather with these fresh flavours from Brothers Cider. No garden party would be complete without this premium British cider brand. In addition to last year’s festival favourite – Cloudy Lemon – you can now try the Pink Grapefruit and Honeycomb. If you remember being obsessed with the Toffee Apple Brothers Cider, you’ll be gunning for the latter flavour. We’re not sure what actual festivals will be going ahead so it might be a makeshift game in the garden this year. Oh well, at least we’ll have the drinks sorted…

A case of 12 bottles – £23

World of Zing Cocktail Pouches

What better beverage to crack open at a garden party than a cocktail pouch? World of Zing is always on the ball with innovative cocktail vessels (Christmas baubles, anyone?) and this year is no different. The pouches are available in seven exotic flavours, ranging from Passion Fruit Margaritas to Salted Caramel Espresso Martinis. Just the tipple for an al fresco gathering.

250ml pouch – from £10

People’s Captain Craft Beer

Who hasn’t gotten into craft beer? Well, the good news is that the guys at People’s Captain know our true love on a summer’s day and are changing the game when it comes to craft beer. Founded by professional rugby player Greg Bateman, after he addressed his own mental health issues, it’s a brand founded on a brilliant story. There are five full-flavoured beers to enjoy in the garden now we can socialise outdoors but our personal favourite had to be the Islande. The Short and Stout was a nice surprise too, pairing perfectly with a cheeky little chocolate dessert at the end of the day.

Six-pack – starting from £14.29

Cocktail Porter

If this drink doesn’t transport you to Spain or Italy, then we don’t know what will. Cocktail Porter offers a range of your favourite drinks kits, ranging from the classic cocktails to twists on traditional ones. We opted for the Seville Orange Negroni because we’re seriously overdue being in Spain or Italy right now. The kit makes 20 cocktails so if you fancy yourself as a bit of a bartender, you could make negronis for the entire garden party to enjoy.

Full-sized kit – £79

Jim Beam Peach

This new flavour from Jim Beam just screams drinks in the garden, doesn’t it? Bringing a touch of much-needed southern Kentucky sunshine to the UK, the latest edition is a blend of the sweet flavour of peach and woody bourbon undertones. The peach liqueur mixed with bourbon whisky is the ultimate summer drink. This smooth bourbon is best served with a dash of soda water or lemonade as part of a simple yet delicious highball. Alternatively, why not give the classic pornstar martini a twist and enjoy drinks in the garden all night long. Just peachy.

Available for three months at Asda – £18

Little Mercies

Little Mercies offers a broad selection of twists on classic cocktails in its pre-batched gift boxes that would be a great addition to any garden party. Available in a variety of sizes, the number of bottles depends on how thirsty your party of six may be. Enjoy a smooth and silky White Chocolate Old Fashioned; a juicy and tart Rhubarb Negroni and a Pink Lotus Martini – to name a few. In addition to these cocktails, you can choose from a range of unique beers and wines.

Gift box of two bottles – £59

Aldi Summer Wines

We’ve previously discussed how Aldi is quite the drinks conoisseur and the bargain supermarket appears to have done it again. This time, enabling you to travel through your glass, the new wine range includes some interesting varieties – including an Uruguayan Tannat and Canadian Riesling – which will have you take a (mental) trip to places all over the world. The spring/summer range includes sumptuous quality reds; sweet, zesty rosés and elegantly fruity white wines – so wine not?

Bottles start from £4.29

White Claw Hard Seltzers

We told you hard seltzers were all the rage now; these sparkling drinks make perfect garden party companions. White Claw Mango is made from sparkling water with triple-distilled alcohol and a hint of mango. An absolutely refreshing treat for the warm weather of which we’ll hopefully be having more. Best served cold, straight from the can, this drink is low in calories and has no artificial sweeteners. The new ‘slim G&T’, it’s the go-to choice for a feeling of sunshine and summer in the garden this year.

330ml can – £2.50

Two Drifters Rum (and Cokes)

Mix yourself a rum and coke and you’ll be feeling carnival vibes in the convenience of your own garden. Two Drifters is a British rum that is made and bottled in Devon. All rums are produced with a carbon negative footprint, ensuring the brand is paving the way in the sustainable spirit sector. The range covers classic rum, spiced rum, white and gold – which would all be great in your garden party drinks. The firm favourite on our end had to be the Ovenproof Spiced Pineapple Rum: using Two Drifters’ award-winning Spiced Rum recipe and then adding pineapple and salted caramel.

A bottle – £34.90

Famous Lions Whisky

Now we might not be the hugest of sports fans but we are more than happy to eat and drink with whatever’s associated with the game. The Famous Grouse has unveiled the launch of a new limited-edition bottle: The Famous Lions. The bottle has been released to celebrate the brand’s role as the official sponsor and whisky of The British and Irish Lions. Now whoever wants to enjoy the rugby can do so – and whoever else can join us in pouring a whisky sour.

Available exclusively at Tesco – £17

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