So you want to take your bedroom to the next level? We’ve got you covered. There are some great ways to up your interior design game, especially when it comes to your bedroom. A lick of paint here, a picture frame there – simple changes can be key to making a big difference if you know what you’re doing. We’re going to reveal some hacks to help you get your dream bedroom on any budget.


Something as simple as a headboard can help you achieve an amazing look in your bedroom. Whether it is against a statement wall (more on that later) or you want your headboard to be the statement, this one is easy to achieve. Some of the headboards you can choose from are:

  • Metal: Most commonly iron, the metal headboard can add a vintage, antique feel to a room
  • Wood: This is one of the most versatile headboards, thanks to you being able to paint or stain it
  • Upholstered: This one adds an elegant vibe to a room. The fabric also brings new textures to a space
  • Leather: If you opt for a full-grain leather headboard, it’s the highest quality and is very durable.


Hanging pictures and quotes around your room can help bring character and life to a space Pictures are a great cost-effective way to add some flair to your room, and it’s also easy to mix it up when you want a change. Use neutral frames which will go with many colours, then all you will need to do is replace the pictures inside any time you want to mix it up.

Statement wall

A statement wall is designed to be striking and pop as soon as you enter the room. It will be the first thing people notice when they walk in. Ideally, it should be where the bed sits as that’s usually the main part of any bedroom. You can paint the wall a striking colour, add some bold wallpaper or even hang a tapestry against it. Whatever you decide, you should also choose the right bed and whether or not you want a headboard featured.


Storage is just as essential as your bed. There are so many options when it comes to deciding what storage to have in your bedroom, built-in wardrobes, shelves, the possibilities are endless.

Smaller rooms: Built-in furniture is always a great option for small rooms as it can make full use of the space from the floor to the ceiling – nothing gets wasted. You can also look at practical storage in the form of your bed. Divan Beds Centre demonstrates up how divans are a great storage solution, with the choice of traditional drawers to sliding storage if you don’t have enough room for drawers to open fully. Get rid of the clutter and your room will instantly be better.

Larger rooms: You can still use built-in storage, as they’re great at utilising the space. But you can also add floating shelves or bookcases to use up those wide open walls. Bedside tables with drawers or shelves are also great for adding little touches such as lamps and flowers – creating surfaces that can offer you the space you need for these stylish little touches.

There are some easy and affordable ways to elevate your bedroom’s interior! Experiment and have fun.


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