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4 Meaningful Easter Traditions for Families

4 Meaningful Easter Traditions for Families

Easter is a time to remember Jesus and create happy memories and shared experiences for you and your loved ones.

March 29th, 2022

Easter is a time to remember Jesus and create happy memories and shared experiences for you and your loved ones. Here are four meaningful traditions that families often embrace at this time of the year. As a Christian parents, it’s good christian parenting tip to help our little children understand the truths of Good Friday and Easter in developmentally appropriate ways.

Easter Meal

Many families celebrate this time of year by getting together and having an Easter meal. As Easter is held over such a long weekend it is easier for families to get together even if they live at opposite ends of the country. The celebration may start at the local church for an Easter service and then it is back to the host’s house for dinner. Traditional Easter food includes hot cross buns, roast lamb, and simnel cake. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to prepare a big meal or your family is too large to make sitting at a dining table together a little impractical. An Easter buffet brings everyone together and it means that people get more choice over the food they eat too. This is great if you have fussy relatives.

Easter Egg Hunt

This one is traditionally for the kids, but grown-ups can enjoy it too. If you have decided to host your own event, then get lots of brightly coloured eggs and place them around your garden. Everyone will have fun trying to find them and if you have a big family, you could even split into teams and compete to see who can find the most. Many communities organise larger events and have hundreds of people in attendance. This can be a lot of fun as you help the kids find as many eggs as possible and they may even get a reward such as a medal or a certificate once they have finished.

Easter Bonnet Parade

These are usually organised events within communities, and it is usually only the children who participate. However, the whole family can enjoy them together by watching the parade and admiring all the hats. Schools and church groups will quite often hold their own and they can be great fun. If you have children or know some who want to participate, then this could be your opportunity to get creative and design a brilliant Easter bonnet. If you aren’t so creative or your time is limited, then you can buy hats and Easter-related things to stick on them such as eggs and chicks quite easily online.

Easter Cards

Even if you can’t be with your family at Easter, sending cards is a great way of letting them know that you are thinking about them. Religious easter cards are very popular as the festival is held to commemorate Jesus. However, other Easter themes such as spring chicks, Easter eggs, and Lambs are also sent by many people.

These four Easter traditions are very meaningful, especially for the participants who can use the festival to create lasting family memories. Many families have also created their own Easter traditions to make the festival more personal to them. Easter is a good time to bring extended family members together for a lovely celebration.



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