4 Natural Remedies To Consider For Acne Treatment

Individuals have a wide selection of natural home remedies they can choose from for treating their acne, but not all resources will have the same effect on every case. It may take a few try-outs and experiments to find a remedy that will work best for you. The FDA does not monitor herbal products and essential oils and most treatments are not scientifically proven to be successful, but many people find them useful. It is imperative to speak to your physician before using any natural remedies on deep, painful, chronic or severe acne lesions. It’s also necessary to seek medical assistance if your minor acne lesions are not responding well to basic care and it keeps getting worse.

4 Natural Remedies To Consider For Treating Acne

1.    Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which makes it efficient for reducing the appearance of acne as well as prevention of acne breakouts. It contains loads of water and is an exceptional moisturizer for the skin making it a brilliant choice for people who suffer from dry skin when using anti-acne products. A 2014 study revealed that people who used Aloe Vera in conjunction with tretinoin gel had experienced a substantial improvement in non-inflammatory and inflammatory acne as opposed to people who only used the tretinoin gel.

2.    Honey

Honey has been applied for treating skin conditions such as acne for many years due to its antioxidant content that helps to clear debris and waste from clogged pores. When you’re considering home remedies for hormonal acne natural treatment, honey can be used to see if it works for you. Doctors have also used honey in wound dressings for healing wounds due to the antibacterial properties. It can also be added to body or face masks or applied to pimples with a cotton pad.

3.    Jojoba Oil

Jojoba is extracted from the Jojoba shrub’s seeds. This natural waxy substance in Jojoba oil is effective for repairing damaged skin which means it can be applied for healing acne lesions and wounds. Some components found in jojoba essential oil can assist with reducing skin inflammation, and it may lessen swelling and redness around whiteheads, pimples and inflamed lesions on the skin. Jojoba oil can be mixed with cream, gel or clay face masks and applied to the acne-prone areas. Or a few drops can be added on a cotton pad and gently wiped over the affected areas.

4.    Coconut oil

Coconut oil has many health benefits including antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds which is an excellent natural remedy. These helpful properties may help eliminate acne-causing bacteria and reduce swelling and redness on the skin where pimples appear as well as provide quicker healing results for open acne sores. Virgin coconut oil can be applied directly to the acne-affected area.

When Is It Necessary To Consult With A Doctor?

Speak to your doctor whenever your acne lesions are:

•    Extremely painful

•    Are often infected

•    Deep underneath the skin

•    Not responding to any home remedies

•    Covering a large area on the skin

•    Are the cause of emotional stress

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