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5 Tips to Be More Productive with Gadgets This Year

5 Tips to Be More Productive with Gadgets This Year

With science and technology rising, it is becoming much easier for people to motivate themselves by using everyday gadgets that help them be more productive.


With science and technology rising, it is becoming much easier for people to motivate themselves by using everyday gadgets that help them be more productive. To give you a better understanding here are 5 tips for improving productivity with your gadgets throughout the day.
Learn to Have Digital Limits
Don’t feed your mind meaningless endless eye-candy that just won’t do anything for you at the end of the day. Limit yourself and your phone or computer for the time your mind’s energy needs to just sit and meditate. I know this is probably not what most people want to hear. But, in order for you to be more productive. Try not to spend too much of your time going through endless and meaningless videos, games, pictures, or news posts. Less is sometimes more and make sure you look at what really counts to help yourself grow.
There are many different gadgets that you have already on your phone that you could be using to change your productivity level. For example, if you like to watch videos on one of the biggest video providers today. You would help yourself be more productive if the video you were watching was also giving you the knowledge to learn a new skill or do something you didn’t know how to do before but can use it in your life.
Optimize Your Time
There are many software suites out there today that will monitor your time on certain sites and show you how productive you were through interactive graphs and charts. You can use these to slowly optimize your time spent on social media and tasks you deem to be time wasters and set goals for productivity throughout the year. Some of the more popular ones include rescue time and time doctor. Research by the staff of GadgetsSpy has shown staff are also much more productive when rewarded for time spent on tasks rather than now.
Other techniques for optimizing your time includes getting a pomodoro timer and setting up time intervals a Pomodoro is a set of time for 25 minutes then a five-minute rest done five times followed by a 25-minute rest. Resting like this allows you to be extremely productive as you time small rests and make sure what you work for is really a priority.
Set Your Alarm for Success
Waking up early is on the top of the list for most successful people. They know that in the early morning the brain’s chemical balance is more perceptive to a positive mind change and reinforcement for the rest of the day. It is good to set your alarm between the hours of 4 am and 5 am in the morning because that is the time that your brain is most receptive to positive meditations.
Science shows that brain activity is most active during this early morning hour then returns to regular to low activity during the day. Just remember to always give yourself at least one hour before scrolling through your phone. Never wake up and glue yourself to your phone. Instead, give yourself half an hour to meditate on how you want the rest of your day to go.
Be in the moment and just be in a state of awareness. For the last 30 minutes, get your brain energy flowing with a 10-minute brisk shower. Then shower normally at your preferred temperature. This practice will change the energy in your brain allowing more positive returns throughout the day.
Keep Your Body Healthy
 There are so many apps now that can help you stay healthy. You can find the gadgets that make it fun to keep your body on task. You could use a step counter like the Fitbit to see how many steps you have taken throughout the day or a given period of time. Have fun giving yourself a daily goal and try to stay consistent.
Not only are you helping your body to stay a little healthier. But you are also giving yourself the motivation and the satisfaction of knowing you accomplished your goal at the end of the day. As little as it seems, the achievement pleases your subconscious mind.
Have A Clean Work Area
Ever wonder why your teacher would always tell you to keep your desk area clean? Keeping a workspace or desk clean for you to feel and be more productive is a key ingredient to success. One of the best gadgets to help you with this would be the smart desk.
 Now you can have a desk that will help you keep things put away and organized for your next project. You send positive feedback to your subconscious mind when the place you have to concentrate on is clean.
Keep Your Brain Stimulated
 Keeping the energy flowing in your brain is important when trying to be more productive during the day.
 There are ways to help make it easier with great gadgets like a brain stimulator headset. This headset stimulates the brain during any situation that calls for some brainstorming. Works great in the office, at home or even at school. You virtually have a real-life thinking cap on that will help your brainstorming be more productive from the start. Using the latest neurostimulation technology, these headsets come with multiple settings so you can get the best out of your brain’s activity.

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