There are many benefits and features associated with garage door openers when you have considered all the critical characteristics before making your final choice.

1. Power Requirement

There are typically three sizes of garage openers that you can select from one-third, three-quarter, and one-half horsepower. Choosing one will be determined by the construction material, size, and the number of doors you are operating. You’ll be requiring at least half horsepower for lifting double doors. And for single doors, you may be able to get away with one-third horsepower for the garage door opener. For heavy and oversized doors, you are going to require more horsepower.

2. Speed Requirement

Your ordinary garage door opener opens a door at a rate of seven inches per second, but you can purchase one that can open your door at twice the speed. If speed is not a pre-requisite, then you can opt for slower options. Speed is not a factor when it comes to the quality of the opener.

3. Power Options

You can purchase openers that operate from either AC or DC power. Both types are plugged into your regular power outlet. A DC power opener converts to AC power, and our DC types are quieter, smaller and have laxer starts and stops. Some DC models have battery backups, which is convenient when you have a power outage.

4. Drive System

When you’re deciding on a drive system, there are three types that you can compare and select which one will work the best for you. Discount Garage Door | Garage Door Openers is a great place to start when you’re unsure about what you should be getting. You have a choice between screw, chain or belt drives of which the chain and screw openers are less expensive, but they are noisier options.

5. Choosing Your Features

Before you make our final purchase, it is essential to decide which features you want to be included to ensure you’re buying a garage door opener that will accommodate your needs the best. Some features are standard on most models.

Most garage door openers can be purchased separately from your garage door, but you need to check if the opener you’re thinking of buying has appropriate power for your existing door or the one you’re going to install. Other quintessential features that clients need to think about are elements such as keypads/remotes and lightning. Many garage door openers are equipped with wall mounts, remotes, and keypads that can accommodate your garage door system. A manual release is a common feature on all garage doors which are used during power outages. Security lights are usually also included.Most garage doors are covered with a three to five years warranty, and when you’re lucky enough to buy one with a ten-year or lifetime warranty on the motor, that is a prodigious sign that you’ve found a manufacturer that has confidence in their products and a warranty to back it up.


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