Diamond Drilling Procedures are all about productivity & innovative construction results. Drillers and the constructors, they work for are all interested and choose the better way to improve productivity. Sometimes, the major issues they may experience are negative impacts on drilling productivity, & fixing it as soon as possible. Sometimes, productivity is considered as a improvement in tweaking a bunch of little things, & diamond drilling is one of the most preferable methods of drilling that can create a big difference in construction products and enhance productivity.

Here You can Learn How to Improve Your Diamond Drilling Productivity:

Improve ROP – Rate of Penetration

The rate of penetration is the major key benchmark in the diamond drilling process. If your ROP id is improved and enhanced, you can get effective and reliable sources of productivity for long term successful work. A good ROP helps you to ensure that your decision related to operation functions effectively. To improve your ROP, it is necessary to figure out the best drilling benchmarks and parameters for rock and slab conditions, combined with an efficient and best core bit and crown configuration for that type of ground.

Investment on High Quality Equipment

There is an old saying “you get what you will pay for” and this phrase is generally applied in diamond drilling. You can try to save money by buying cheap drill rods and core bits which may result in you having to change the core bit often and the drill rods breaking prematurely. So, it is necessary to invest in high quality equipment to enhance the performance, reduce maintenance cost, etc. that seriously impact productivity.

Required and extended Bit Life

As per above details, every driller wants to get as much life and effectiveness out of the bit as possible. It is necessary to make sure that bit is not damaged before it starts drilling and avoiding huge damage and loss in order to change the bit. So, You can choose the bit and extend the life of the core bit as per project’s requirements.

Utilize Higher Crowns

Many times it happens, you need to change a core bit as per project requirement, the more time you get to spend getting core. Use of effective core bits will help to reduce noise and the numbers or times to stop delays in operations. An effective crown configuration like Vulgan comes in 26mm, 20mm, 16mm, 11mm. These crown sizes are ideal for deep hole drilling.

Perform Perfect Regular Maintenance

Inspecting all the equipment and checking all the parts becomes necessary to make sure that they are working properly as they should be. To improve diamond drilling procedure, verifying should be there that bit is perfectly clean and lubricated or not.

Use Additives

The addiction of drilling fluid additives should be smooth and clear for your construction program which can reduce operational and maintenance costs and improve performance in multiple ways including improving stalled drilling operations. Additives help to lubricate your drilling equipment, increase its lifespan, reducing wear and tear and restrict rust on rods.

Be Organized

The time when you are not drilling, you are not collecting core. Being organized and prepared means you are ready to reduce wastage, enhance productive work experience and arrange things that you need to make your project and drilling process successful. It helps you to reduce spare and idle time and ensure that your drill bit gives the necessary viscosity to carry and flush rock cutting easily from the hole.


Performance, efficiency and productivity, all are linked to each other. Constructors and builders have goals to help and improve drilling performance, & make your projects’ easier and more effective. Still you are in need and still in doubt, consult with expert drillers and suppliers to make a big difference and reduce drilling challenges.


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