Whether they’re a budding artist or just full of energy, here are the best ways to hone your little one’s creative skills

Creativity is a vital part of any child’s development. Children are naturally creative beings, and this fevered imagination helps to support their intellectual, emotional and mental growth. It can help them become more confident, development social skills, and learn better.

So it’s important for parents to take the time to nourish this creative streak and really let it flourish. Your child doesn’t need to be the next Picasso to enjoy all things creative and artistic; there are plenty of things you can do to get them invested in creating. Here are some of our top tips.

Designate a space for creative activities

First of all, create a space in your home which is purely for creating. Carving out a space where your child can be creative is important, as it cements creativity as part of your routine and your homelife. However, this doesn’t mean that you need a fancy playroom. A tiny corner with some paints, a box of Lego and some dressing up clothes could be all it takes. Creativity can flourish even the smallest spaces. The secret is to let your child have power over the area.

Invest in custom diamond paintings

Painting is a fantastic way for your little one to practice self-expression and creativity, but from a parent’s perspective it can get messy. That’s why custom diamond paintings are such a popular option. These kits let your child enjoy creating their very own shimmering masterpieces, using easy guides and a wide range of templates, from wolves to landscapes to fairies to their favourite TV characters.

And at the end of it, they’ll have a piece they can be truly proud of. You could even display their works in their bedroom or creative space for everyone to admire.

Encourage play

As parents, we tend to believe that making the most of our child’s time involves lots of structure and planned activities, but playtime is just as important as learning time, and more often than not these two activities cross over.

It’s important let your child enjoy some unstructured time when they can really let their imagination run wild. This play time will force them to think for themselves and create their own fun.

Activate their senses

Creativity is a sensory experience, so expose your kids to the world so they can use all of their senses. From walks in the park to a trip to the local library, give your little ones a chance to drink in all the sensory information around them. Ask them to imagine faraway places, or engage in fun activities like baking which involves scents and tastes as well as sights.

Talk about creativity

You don’t need to keep the importance of creativity a secret from your child. In fact, discussing it will make it feel more concrete for your little one, and less abstract. Have conversations about creativity where you ask them when they have their most creative moments, and ask them to name their favourite creative activities.

Encourage collecting

Collecting is another way to harness creativity and encourage looking at the world a bit differently. Whether it’s rocks, stamps, coins or something else entirely, encourage your little ones to start their very own collection they can be passionate about.

Be creative yourself

It’s all well and good to tell your child how important it is to be creative, but if they don’t see you flexing your creative muscles from time to time, these lectures will come across a little disingenuous. Make time to be creative yourself, whether that’s through creative writing, sketching, cooking or gardening.


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