8 Reasons Why A Scarf Is A Must-Have Item When You’re Traveling

Scarfs are multi-purpose fabric pieces that can be worn around your neck for warmth, cleanliness, fashion, sun protection, or religious motivations. [...]

Scarfs are multi-purpose fabric pieces that can be worn around your neck for warmth, cleanliness, fashion, sun protection, or religious motivations. They are typically made in various types of material, i.e., linen, wool, or cotton. Scarves are a well-liked type of neckwear and commonly used across all cultures and gender. 

These useful garments have been around since ancient times. The emperor is wearing a shawl on the statue of Ashurnasirpal II from the ninth century BC. In ancient Rome, scarves were used to stay clean rather than keeping warm.  It was referred to as a focale or sudarium (Latin for sweat cloth) and was used for wiping sweat from the face and neck on hot days. Men first worn them around their necks or tied to their belts. Historians think that scarves that was made of cloth were used during the reign of Chinese Emperor Cheng to identify officers or rank of Chinese warriors. In later times soldiers of different ranks wore scarves in Croatia during the 17th century. 

Some Croatian soldiers served as mercenaries for the French forces, and their scarves were often referred to as cravats (meaning Croat) and were the forerunner of the necktie. Scarves became a real fashion accessory during the early 19th century for both sexes. By the mid-20th century it became one of the most vital and adaptable clothing accessories for both women and men.

8 Uses For Scarves While Traveling

1.    Fashion

Scarves are excellent fashion accessory particularly when you’re not close to an iron or washing machine when on the road.

2.    Sleeping Sheet

You can use your scarf to cover those dubious looking stains on guest house sheets.

3.    Modesty

Putting on a scarf immediately make your outfit more appropriate and are highly useful when you’re planning on using religious sites like Wat Pho in Bangkok. Check out this unique handmade scarf boutique to choose from a great selection of striking-looking scarves.

4.    Beach Towel Or Picnic Blanket

Unless you’re planning to stay in luxurious hotels or resorts in every country you’re visiting where they supply lounge chairs, you’ll be thankful for packing something that you can sit on. 

5.    Temperature Control

A scarf which is made from lightweight material like cotton or linen is an excellent tool for staying cool in hot climates. And you can also wear it to stay warm when the nights get chilly.

6.    Bag

If you happen to buy a little more than anticipated at the market and everything doesn’t fit in your backpack, you can place your items in the middle of the scarf and tie it at the corners to make your own makeshift bag.

7.    Camouflage

Even though you may end up feeling more like a tourist than a traveler, wearing a camera around your neck is easier and more convenient. Concealing your camera by wearing a scarf around your neck might make you feel more at ease.

8.    Breathing Better

You can tie a scarf around your nose and mouth to avoid inhaling vehicle fumes or dust when driving on bumpy dirt roads.

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