Picture this: you and your family, friends, or spouse sipping on chilled cocktails aboard a luxury boat, a chef sending out tantalizing treats, and a personal DJ blasting your favorite tunes. This can be something other than a daydream as you can turn it into reality by booking a party barge for your next celebration.

From birthday parties to intimate get-togethers, a party barge is always a great idea. Here are nine amazing perks of booking a party barge.

There’s Enough Room For Everyone

A party barge is big enough to house everyone. Depending on the size of your event, you can book a boat with room for fourteen, twenty-five, or fifty people and comfortably accommodate your family and friends.

A Party Barge Has a Captain to Show You Around

When you book a party barge in Austin like Premier Party Cruises, you get a fun and experienced captain who will show you around the lake in style. Additionally, the captain will ensure the boat’s safe operations and manage the safety of all passengers.

An Arched Canopy Keeps You Comfortable

An arched canopy provides the perfect blend of sun and shade. If the weather is hot, you can raise the canopy and prevent harmful UV rays from hitting passengers. When the sun begins to set, you can lower the canopy and enjoy the warm rays.

Offers Great Amenities

Booking a party barge gives you access to awesome amenities such as life jackets, a clean washroom, a large cooler, a Bluetooth speaker system, and wrap-around bench seating. You can also access add-on options like DJs and lily pads.

The Scenery Changes When Cruising on a Party Barge

Booking a party barge in Austin allows you to work with locals who can suggest fun activities around the city. On a party barge, the fun is not limited to onboard activities. Most of the fun is enjoying the ever-changing scenery, exploring new places, and leaving the boat for a few minutes to chat with locals or try local cuisines.

A Professional Plans Everything For You

Booking a party barge gives you access to full-service event planning to create an unforgettable party experience. Working with a planner further works to your advantage because planners are detail-oriented and ensure that all details of your event are covered.

A Party Barge in Austin is Close to the Marina

When you book a party barge in Austin, you can access the boat from the closest marina, which is twenty-five minutes from downtown Austin. You also get free parking; awesome, right?

Access to Premier Customer Service

Booking a party barge allows you to consistently access great customer service with quick response time and friendly help from beginning to end.

Years of Experience

Booking a party barge means working with professionals with years of experience under their belt and the best reviews on the lake.

Choose a Party Barge for Your Next Celebration

A party barge is a perfect event for your next celebration. Instead of hosting everyone in a high school gymnasium or a cramped ballroom, you will be out on beautiful Lake Travis, soaking up the sun and sipping on chilled cocktails.


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