Many people don’t realize that they can create a lot of free space in their home. This guide shows 9 storage tips every homeowner needs to know.

Are you looking to tidy up your home?

Over the years, it’s easy to build up a collection of stuff without realizing it. Until one day, you’re struggling to find anywhere to put your latest addition. But, you might not know, it’s actually easy to find extra storage if you know how.

Read on for these nine storage tips to find you the extra space in your home you need.

1. Declutter Key Areas

In spaces like the kitchen, make more space by adding a shelf over your sink. You can use this to store your drying rack when not in use, or items like the sponges and washing up liquid.

It’ll keep your unit and sink clear and tidy. You can also use a small CD rack for storing container lids, keeping them secure, organized, and easy to grab.

Shelving is also great in bathrooms, freeing up vital floor, and counter space. Especially if the room is on the smaller side. Another storage tip for the bedroom is to use extenders. These hand from the rod, but you can double your wardrobe capacity.

2. Make Use of Multi-Purpose Furniture

Consider a storage bench for your entryway where you hang your coats. It’ll give you a place to sit down to tie up your shoes. And a place to store those shoes and other outdoor items, keeping them out of the way.

In the living room, consider a storage chest coffee table, or a sofa with storage built-in. You can keep the kids’ toys, spare blankets, games consoles, and more in there, safe and secure.

On a similar note, consider an ottoman bed, or a bed with drawers under it. It’s an instant way to almost double your storage options in the bedroom. It’s a great option for small rooms as you get more storage, without having to add more furniture.

If you have a larger room you want to divide up, use a shelving unit. You can then decorate the shelf with items like trinkets or plants, as well as books, to make it a feature. You can get multi-purpose furniture that looks stylish but also has a storage function to fit any style.

3. Under-the-Stairs Storage

One of the most underappreciated spaces in our homes is the space under our stairs. Don’t overlook it though, it’s a versatile little space. You can make a cosy, reading nook with book storage. Or a little den/play area for your pets.

Or, it can be another storage area that’s neat and tucked away. Use wooden crates/boxes, or create a custom build in storage unit how you want it. Whether you want little boxed shelves, or longer, open ones.

You can paint it to match the woodwork of the stairs. And you can even add doors to close it up so your stored items aren’t on display all the time. Inside, you can keep it neutral, or paint the areas to make it a fun game for the kids when tidying up.

4. Use the Attic

Remember, when using your attic store your items to prevent aging or potential damage. Cardboard boxes are usually the go-to option but they’re not a great choice for attics.

If damp or wet, they can fall apart, or not keep their structure. Not only that, they’re an attractive nest for pests like mice and bugs.

A better option would be to use plastic containers with lids. The clear ones are the best as you can see what is actually in them straight away. You don’t need to rifle through or pull anything out.

They’re waterproof and will survive a pest infestation much better if the worst comes. For any fragile, or material items though, you might want to use extra wrapping.

5. Use Shelving Around Your Bedroom Walls

This is a great tip for any room, but especially those on the small side. The least used patch of space is the 12 inches of wall space beneath the ceiling.

Create perimeter shelving to make use of that space. Either box it in or use open/floating shelves. You can store containers, folded bedding, and towels, shoe boxes, anything you like.

Add a few decorative items if you’re not hiding it away to make an attractive feature. Or add doors, like with the stair unit, to keep it tidy and hidden away from view.

6. TV Cabinet Wall Unit

Tired of wires hanging down or your wall-mounted TV sticking out. Conceal it in a wall-mounted TV unit. You can hide the TV away behind doors (opening out, sliding, or folding).

It’ll keep those wires hidden and tidy. Plus, depending on your needs, extra compartments had hold extra items like:

  • Games & DVDs
  • Games consoles
  • Controllers
  • Misc electronics

It’s a great way to add a stylish focal point to your room that’s functional as much as it is nice to look at.

7. Bathroom Storage

Usually, we’re not tripping over space in our bathrooms. So, the more storage, the better, without making the room look smaller. Add a shelf over your toilet bowl to hold a few spare toilet rolls and other items.

You can also install a shower shelf to keep all your shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners tidy. If you have the room, an over the sink mirrored cabinet is great.

You get a mirror still, but all your medicines and toiletries can stay safe and away from little hands. Also, install or make use of any storage space under the sink with a shelved cabinet. You can keep the bin in there, or cleaning products/spare toiletries.

8. Garden Tools Shed

It’s not all about the inside of your home either, don’t forget about outside storage needs. All the rust protective coatings in the world aren’t going to keep your tools safe from the weather.

Get yourself an outdoor container or shed to keep your shovels, tools, and lawnmower safe and dry. You could opt for a wooden lean-to that joins onto your home or patio to tie it in. Or a more sturdy option would be to pick from a range of stylish quality metal sheds.

9. Trash Can Shed

Another way to tidy up the outside and increase your space is to get yourself a trash can shed. This will keep your trash cans and recycling out of the way, and stop it from overflowing and looking a mess.

You can build them or get ones that will swing open so you can wheel your cans out for trash collection. But, you can keep them tucked away and use them via liftable-lids.

With so many options, you can get wood and siding to match any home. A quick lick of paint will have it looking an attractive feature in no time.

Storage Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

So, there you have it! Now you know these nine storage tips, you’ll be well on your way to a more organized home.

Be creative. Even in a small space look at what you have available and use it. Your thinking needs to be outside the box so your stuff doesn’t have to be. Whether that’s multi-function furniture or making use of bare wall space.

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