Join us as Laura Bartlett recounts how Eurostar transformed a traditional escape into a seamless, memorable journey, uncovering the simplicity and charm of city-hopping and creating lasting family traditions in the heart of Europe...

Every year, my family and I embark on a festive getaway to London, a tradition born out of the need for healing after the loss of my late father. This year, however, I decided to add an unexpected twist to our annual pilgrimage. Instead of heading back to home Leeds on the familiar train, we embraced a surprise adventure with Eurostar, whisking us away to the enchanting city of Paris in just 2 hours and 16 minutes.

The Eurostar experience began at the iconic London St Pancras International, a historic 19th-century station nestled in the heart of the city. With its elegance and convenient connections, it set the stage for a journey that promised simplicity, intelligence, and speed.

What makes Eurostar stand out is its commitment to city centre-to-city centre travel. No airport transfers, no wasted time. The comfort of a high-speed train allowed us to make the most of our 24 hours in Paris, seamlessly hopping from one country to another.

Onboard, the Eurostar proved to be simple, affordable, and relaxing. The two bags and one piece of hand luggage per passenger came with no extra charge or weight limits. Seat selection was free, and there were no restrictions on liquids, allowing us to bring a bit of bubbly to toast to our adventure, albeit 0% fizz in ode to my sobriety.

Free onboard Wi-Fi and power sockets at our seats kept us connected throughout the journey. Eurostar Café offered a delightful array of hot and cold drinks and snacks. For those in Standard Premier or Business Premier, a three-course meal at your seat added a touch of luxury to the travel experience. Think fresh baked croissants, yogurt and proper coffee.

Arriving at Paris Gare du Nord, we found ourselves conveniently placed in the heart of the city, just a short stroll away from iconic attractions like Montmartre and the Sacré-Coeur. The neoclassical façade of Gare du Nord welcomed us to the charm of Paris with connections to the metro, RER trains, and local buses.

Eurostar, in comparison to flying, emerged as a superior choice for several reasons. No hidden costs – once you pick your tickets, there are no additional fees for seat selection, advanced booking, or luggage allowance. Unlike the restrictions on liquids and food imposed by airlines, Eurostar allows you to carry liquids without volume limits, and there are no restrictions on bringing your own food onboard.

To those wondering about additional fees, luggage restrictions, or the hassle of airport security, Eurostar proves to be the epitome of convenience and simplicity. With each journey, Eurostar not only connects cities but also creates lasting memories, making it the only way to travel from London to Paris for my family and me.

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