There is no doubt that pearls remain the most popular gemstones among jewelry lovers. Many style icons and celebrities displayed them in amazing ways and people around the world turned to these stunning jewels as their go-to accessory when they want to spice up their looks.

Generally speaking, pearls are the only gemstone to come from a living creature. However, naturally occurring pearls are rare, so a famous Japanese pearl farmer decided to change the jewelry industry by marking the beginning of a new trend. Today almost all pearls on the market are cultured with the Akoya pearls being the most popular ones.

In reality, this pearl type is the one being used in the making of traditional pearl necklace strands and bracelets. However, the Akoya pearls are far more special than what people may think.

So, as a true pearl lover, here are five reasons why these stunning gems should be part of your jewelry box.

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Extremely lustrous and reflective

When you are purchasing pearls, one of the most important aspects you should look for is their luster. This is usually defined by the oyster’s nacre which affects the reflection of a pearl’s shine. Although the Akoya pearls are cultured, they are the most lustrous pearl type that, in fact, contributes to its growing popularity.

One of the reasons why these pearls have so much luster is because they are raised in the cool waters in Vietnam, Japan and China. More specifically, the cooler temperatures here are responsible for the excellent refractive and reflective qualities of the Akoya pearls. As a result, the truth is the more lustrous the pearl is the more value it has.

So, when you are shopping for Akoya pearls, make sure you consider this feature because their beautiful glow will certainly reflect that shine onto your skin and bring radiance to your face.

Come in many colors and overtones

In general, Akoya pearls have neutral colors and overtones, unless they are color-treated. The traditional color of these pearls ranges from many shades of white to grey with pink, green or silver overtones.

The most popular Akoyas are those with rose overtones. This is because such pinkish-white hues are very flattering and offer a more feminine appearance that looks great against any skin tone. Or, if you are lucky enough, you may even come across natural blue Akoya pearls which are very rare and quite expensive. Such pearls may be silvery-blue in color and you may find them with sparkling shades of gold and yellow.

One thing that must be noted in terms of the color of the Akoya pearls is that Akoya oysters cannot create dark pearls. So, if you come across Black Akoya pearls, remember that they have been dyed and aren’t considered as natural like the rest of this pearl type.

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Available in unique shapes and sizes

Akoya pearls are usually cultured with a beaded nucleus which means they have a round or a near-round shape. In fact, this is one of the reasons why these pearls are most often used to design necklace strands and bracelets. This additionally contributes to the value of this pearl type.

However, Akoya pearls can also be found in irregular baroque and drop shapes. Truthfully, as the jewelry trends are evolving, there has been an increased interest in gemstones available in different shapes and sizes. For many fashion and jewelry lovers, irregular Akoya pearls seem to be the perfect choice when they are looking for both unique and classic designs.

In terms of size, Akoya pearls come from relatively small oysters affecting the pearl’s overall dimensions. The average cultured pearl is about seven millimeters, although they can range between two and ten millimeters when they are harvested.

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The most valuable pearl type

Another major reason why the Akoya pearls are the most popular is because they are the first pearls to ever be cultivated. They are manmade following the natural process of pearl formation in the nucleus of an oyster.

In general, this process is very important as it defines the overall value of the pearls. When compared side-by-side with other pearl types, the Akoyas will certainly stand out due to their luster, smooth complexion surface, round shape and beautiful white and rose overtones. As a result of these qualities, the Akoya pearls serve as the perfect gift for those who want to bring more elegance and style into their looks.

In terms of price, these pearls are considered more expensive than freshwater pearls but cheaper than Tahitian and South Sea pearls. However, the price can also vary when the different aspects of the Akoya pearls are taken into consideration.

Easy to style

Even though pearls are considered a classic jewelry piece, they are actually very versatile and can complete every look flawlessly. Whether you opt for an Akoya pearl bracelet, a necklace or a pair of earrings, pearl jewelry looks stunning no matter what your overall style is.

The most popular way to wear Akoya pearls is with formal clothing such as cocktail dresses or even at the office. For example, if your work outfits usually consist of pantsuits, slim-fit blazers and buttoned-up shirts, then a single strand of white Akoya pearl necklace is the ideal option for you. This way you will be able to give your office look a gentle touch making you even more elegant.

In addition to this, the beauty of these pearls is that they can also be worn with casual outfits. For example, you can mix and match an Akoya pearl bracelet with other strands to create an effortlessly chic look.

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Final thoughts

If you are looking for a classic set of pearls to match your every outfit, then you should definitely opt for Akoya pearls. They are the most popular type of saltwater gemstones available in perfectly round shapes with beautiful overtones. Their remarkable qualities are what make them the best option when you want to add more sophistication and elegance to your looks.

So, if you want to enrich your jewelry box with some beautiful pearls, use this guide as a reminder to choose the best Akoya pearls to spice up your outfit and make you look both flawless and refined.


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