If you don’t believe in yourself and chase your dreams how can you ever know the outcome? That’s the mindset that Deb, founder of Gracein, lives by and it’s the reason why she is living out her dream as an artist. Here, we spent some time with her to find to more…

Can you tell us about the journey that led you to launch Gracein?

I could share the long version or the short one, but for your sake, I’ll keep it short and sweet. After attending art school, I found my passion in advertising, which I absolutely love. I think of print campaigns in my sleep, and creating and daydreaming is what it’s all about for me. I’ve met some brilliant creative minds who inspire me, even if they aren’t fine artists. I love learning, trying something new, and being an artist again. When people know me, talk to me, or experience my art, I hope they feel something – any emotion is acceptable. Emotions are necessary, and I think channeling them into art is one of the most humanly healthy ways to cope with the hard stuff.

Your motto is ‘let’s canvas the world in love.’ What does that look like to you?

It’s simple – heaven. I envision all the artists I’ve loved or been inspired by walking among the stars of the art world. Today, I’d love to chat with my mother for just a second and whisper, “thank you for believing in me always.” My parents are a huge inspiration for much of my work, and not a day goes by that I don’t feel inspired by them.

What has been your favorite moment since launching the brand?

Three big moments come to mind. Firstly, painting again for the first time in around 20 years and loving it. I’ve always been a designer and loved doing marker comps old-school style, but now I find it fun to paint what I feel, not what I see. Secondly, learning that art is not something you market like you do a product. There is a lot of rejection and failure with being an artist, especially an abstract artist. Not everyone gets it or appreciates it, and that’s more than okay. You have to move past the noise and just create for yourself. Lastly, my favorite moment is now – when the world was ready for my art. It’s like everything started to click.

How do you want people to feel when they see your artwork?

I want people to explore whatever feeling they have. Some of my artwork touches on hard subject matter, and I know it’s difficult. It was hard for me to paint. But when I finished, I wanted just one person to see it and know that tomorrow is a new day, they matter, and someone is waiting to meet them or thinking about them. Believe this because it is real and true. Don’t give up on yourself or others. You’ve got this, and you can do it. Face whatever it is with courage, love it (and love yourself) gently. Love truly and historically heals everything.

Who is your dream customer?

I would say all children, big and small, especially the ‘child inside’ who wants to play. I often talk about the sandbox and ask others if they can recall playing in one. Or a time when pure play happened for them. A time when all people were welcome. I tell them to go there, remember that moment and recall it often. I played with both dolls and random tools my father had, and I loved it. Ask yourself, what was your childhood sandbox like? Who was in it with you, and what were you all make-believing about?

Who is involved in the business, and what are their roles?

To be honest, it’s been mostly me, myself, and I in my career, with my husband alongside me as my biggest fan. However, I’m grateful for my lovely career and the experiences I’ve had. I also have a supportive circle of friends who feel like family, a close-knit family who are also my best friends, a board of advisors, and my sweet husband who encourages me to dream bigger and brighter. We both love daydreaming about things like Christmas decorations and family artifacts. It’s important to surround yourself with positive voices rather than those who bring you down by telling you that you’re not good at x, y, or z.

How do you balance your role as an artist and running a business?

It’s a delicate balance for sure. But, it’s one that I truly enjoy. I have a great love for both the creative process and the business side of things. It’s challenging to switch between the two mindsets, but I find that each informs the other in a really positive way.

As an artist, I’m constantly experimenting and trying new things. I’m always exploring new techniques and materials, and that curiosity and willingness to take risks is something that I bring to my business as well. On the business side, I’m always looking for new ways to grow and expand the brand, and that entrepreneurial spirit feeds back into my art.

Ultimately, I think that balance comes down to staying focused on what’s most important – creating art that I’m passionate about and building a brand that reflects that passion and connects with others. When I keep that at the forefront of everything I do, it helps to keep me grounded and centered, no matter what challenges come my way.

What can we expect from Gracein in the future?

I’m always working on new projects and exploring new creative avenues. In the future, I hope to continue to grow the brand and expand into new markets and collaborations. I’m also excited to continue to explore new materials and techniques in my art, and to continue to push myself creatively.

Ultimately, I want to continue to use my art to inspire and uplift others, and to create a community around creativity and self-expression. Whether that’s through new products, collaborations, or events, I’m excited to see where the journey takes me and to share that journey with others.

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