Bad-to-the-bones Brides with Couture by Tess Bridal

We recently caught up with Tess, founder of Couture by Tess Bridal to get some insight into how brides can escape the confines of the wedding industry and express themselves on their big day. With many weddings postponed from 2020 to 2021, now is a great time to plan and make sure that your event is one to remember.

All images are from a delectable styled shoot – see the end of this article for all credits and to find your dream wedding supplier….

Styled Shoot – All Credits at end of article. Image by Carley Marmen

Initial thoughts on bridal wear may conjure up images of the traditional debutante archetype, head-to-toe lustre and perfectly coiffed hair.  For many modern brides, this representation of formality does not appeal to their senses or who they truly see themselves as.  Why should brides feel pressure to look a certain way for their special day when they do not feel it expresses who they are?

Couture by Tess Bridal are here to give all you bad-to-the-bone brides out there who kick ass in their daily life a way to illuminate your persona even on your wedding day.

Choosing Your Gown

Styled Shoot – All Credits at end of article. Image by Carley Marmen

Most brides have envisioned the way they would look on their wedding day since they were a little girl.  Even if you don’t have a clear vision in mind, there are a few key factors to note.  The right fit always trumps what you may have previously envisioned looking amazing on you.  Everyone’s body type is unique and a trained, well-informed bridal consultant will have the ability to look at you and find the gown that will flatter you best.  A traditional gown can still be used to create an alternative bridal look, so walk in with an open mind at your bridal gown appointment and be ready to accept advice.


Styled Shoot – All Credits at end of article. Image by Carley Marmen

Creating the perfect rock-n-roll bride look is all about the accessories.  Whether you are choosing a funky hat, veil, headpiece or non-traditional jewelry, these adornments are the pieces that will shine who you are on the inside outwardly.  Pair a leather jacket with a groovy pair of socks and some Converse shoes and be ready to rock it with confidence.

Messy Hair Don’t Care

Find a stylist who understands your vision and can perfect that messy bun or wild hair look you crave.  Up-dos can be fun and stylish without being overly pretentious.  Up or down, do what looks best to frame your face and do a trial run before your wedding to experiment different styles. Test any new color well in advance, so that the pink streak you thought would be perfect is exactly what you envisioned…in case it is not you have time to change plans.

Makeup Your Mind

Styled Shoot – All Credits at end of article. Image by Carley Marmen

A perfect smoky eye, heavy eyeliner or a mod, unexpected lip colour can really pull off an unconventional appearance.  Steer away from glitter or anything too shimmery as the silicate mineral contained in these products play tricks on the camera, especially if the photographer is using flash.  As with your hair trial, schedule your makeup artist trial run at the same time, so you can see the look all put together before making any final decisions.

Styled Shoot – All Credits at end of article. Image by Carley Marmen

Shoot Credits:

Photography: Carley Marmen

Gowns: Couture by Tess Bridal

Venue: The Farm at East Port Marina

Florist: Petal and Stem

Hair and Makeup: Roots Salon

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