Behind the Bar: Festive advent fun at Mr Fogg’s

We joined Hendricks gin and Mr Fogg’s for an immersive advent calendar adventure this festive season.

If you’ve yet to feel the Christmas spirit, we urge you to visit Mr Fogg’s residence for your next cocktail evening. The much-loved Mr Fogg’s crew have truly turned up the festive vibes this season. Alongside Hendricks gin, they have crafted an immersive advent experience whereby an advent box containing gin-tastic treasures can be discovered in one of their six sensational sites around London.

We couldn’t wait to take part in the experience to see what our prize would be so we headed to Mr Fogg’s residence to find out. It is the ultimate venue for a festive drinks night, decorated head to toe in twinkling lights with a heavily adorned tree at the entrance and Christmas classics playing in the background. Once seated in the cosy outside area we were treated to a spread of cheeses, hams and bread before our immersive experience began.

The advent quest commences

The Mr Fogg’s and Hendrick’s curious calendar treasure hunt started with a question which had a numerical answer. Once we had cracked this code, we were escorted by the brilliant ‘Earl of Cucumbria’ to the special Christmas advent box and punched in the numbers to open it. Inside, there was a kaleidoscope of colours which unveiled a secret message for us which we conveyed to our table host in order to gain our prize. We were so pleased to open our envelope and discover complimentary cocktails, but other gifts to be won also include bottles of Hendrick’s Gin and a range of Mr Fogg’s experiences.

Festive thirst-quenchers

Their Christmas cocktail menu is a gorgeous Hendricks shakable snowglobe which lists all of their specials for the season. We couldn’t resist the warm inviting smell of spiced mulled wine* served in dainty china mugs, but would also highly recommend tipples such as the fruity Passepartout’s uncle* and the sweet treat Mayfair Mistletoe,* how can you resist a cocktail that comes with a miniature cake and lashings of cinnamon goodness?


After a fun and rewarding experience, we sat under our toasty heaters, sipping happily in beverage bliss and enjoying the infectious festive ambience that Mr Foggs does so well. Always re-inventing the wheel and jazzing up cocktail hour, Mr Fogg’s isn’t one to miss this December time if you’re looking for some extra magic from your evening out.


To partake in the Mr Foggs and Hendricks Christmas countdown, keep an eye on Mr Fogg’s instagram to discover which of the venues the advent box will be taken to next:


Twitter & Instagram: @mrfoggsgb

*Runs until 24th December.

Did you miss it? That’s okay, keep your eyes peeled for more of their experiences in the New Year!



*The Household’s Marvellous Mulled Wine: Monkey Shoulder scotch whiskey, Drambuie and Phileas’s mulled wine.

*Passepartout’s Uncle: Hendricks gin, cucumber, raspberry syrup, lime juice, red wine and egg white.

*Mayfair Mistletoe: Hendricks gin, Roots Rakolemo liqueur, apple strudel and grapefruit.



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