The US is home to some of the world’s top gaming destinations. Across the country, massive casinos regularly host tens of thousands of players. The best places in the US to Play Poker. The average casino offers multiple tables, including variations like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and three-card stud. For enthusiasts seeking the best places in the US to play poker, these casinos offer a vibrant and competitive atmosphere.

But given most people today play online, there’s not quite the same emphasis on in-person play. For example, a New Jersey player could head to a location like Atlantic City—or simply head online to play. Lists on where to play poker NJ review dozens of safe and popular virtual platforms.

But what about friends who are dreaming of playing live in a physical casino? Is there one ‘perfect’ poker destination out there or is a trip to Vegas the best choice? Let’s explore.

The Classic Choices: Atlantic City & Las Vegas

First, let’s explore what you can expect from a visit to Las Vegas and Atlantic City. AC, as New Jersey’s beachside hub is called, has a much longer history related to gaming and boxing. The Boardwalk also has dozens of quaint shops and experiences on offer. This makes it better suited for those who want a more homely experience than that offered by Vegas—while also keeping major establishments within arm’s reach.

Vegas, on the other hand, is better suited for groups that want a no-holds-barred entertainment experience. Along with poker rooms, you’ll be able to find big-name events and concerts, plenty of fine dining, and even natural excursions to the Grand Canyon.

The Sunshine Options: New Orleans & Miami

AC and Vegas are likely the first cities that pop into someone’s mind when they think about casino gaming. However, they’re far from the only options—especially where poker is concerned. Louisiana is home to well over ten poker rooms, spread out between New Orleans, Shreveport, and Baton Rouge.

If a spooky Cajun romp isn’t what you’re looking for, then head to southern Florida. On the road between Miami and West Palm Beach, there are nine poker rooms alone. In other parts of the city and throughout areas like Naples, there are even more. Best of all, Miami offers almost as much in terms of entertainment as Las Vegas. It’s especially geared toward sports fans.

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A SoCal Thing: San Diego & LA

Not many people would predict that southern California is also a hub for poker. Just like Miami and West Palm Beach, Los Angeles and San Diego are both home to a handful of poker rooms. However, it’s the stretch of highway that connects them where some of the US’s largest cardrooms can be found.

For example, the Bicycle includes 185 poker tables, while the Commerce offers a staggering 210 tables. Though these numbers aren’t on par with AC or Vegas, they certainly aren’t small. That means that if you’ve got a lean poker crew that wants to put in hours at the tables, then it might be a better idea to book a flight to San Diego instead of Vegas. Coupled with the weather and general ambience, it might be the US’s top poker destination.


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