To begin with, it is vital to provide the definition of a verse in poetry. It can be a single line in a poem, as well as the stanza. There are different kinds of verse: metered verse, free verse and blank verse. What is particularly interesting about the blank verse is that there is no rhyme scheme. However, strict iambic pentameter is used to create a blank verse. That is the reason why reading a poem that is written in blank verse is so difficult to understand.

Are you a student at college or university at the moment? Have decided to major in literature? There is no doubt you have either studied or are only going to study the topic of verse in poetry in detail. Acquiring this knowledge will help you analyze poems better. What is more, learning more about different types of verse helps you comprehend the hidden message of a poem in question. The thing is that literary devices are often used in a poem to compensate for the lack of rhyme. Speaking about the history and development of the blank verse in poetry, almost every country has a poet who has used this type of verse to write poems. Yet, the English blank verse is the most popular as a lot of poets made use of this writing approach.

One of the most prominent examples of using blank verse is Jon Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’. That is perhaps one of the main reasons why this work of literature is so difficult to comprehend. What should be highlighted in regards to ‘Paradise Lost’ is that it is a great example of how flexible blank verse can be. What is more, using blank verse helps to better demonstrate syntactic complexity.

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Another interesting fact to mention in regards to the history of the blank verse is that Shakespeare was the one who used it as well. Thus, he helped to develop this type of verse while his successors transformed the blank verse and made it more and more popular. Among other poets who often used blank verse were: William Wordsworth, James Thomson, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and John Dryden. Speaking about the significance of verse in literature, it is the most obvious element of a poem that helps to define what a poem generally is. In other words, it is a vital segment that is aimed at helping a reader understand where one part of poem ends and another one begins. What is more, the theme of the poem as well as the influence of a particular verse on the whole understanding of the poem are analyzed when one is required to describe what a certain poem is about. In terms of the blank verse, the absence of rhyme has a lot to do with the intentions of a poet. However, it also makes this type of a poem much more difficult to analyze which is the reason why there aren’t many fans of blank verse poetry among readers. It is a kind of art not everyone is good at decoding. Yet, learning how to comprehend poems written in blank verse is possible. The best way to achieve this goal is simply to read more. At first, you will have to spend a lot of time rereading the same line over and over again. The good news is that you will also learn how to analyze poems written in blank verse faster than you can imagine.


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