In older times, winter ushered in heat from fireplaces, and doors were kept tightly shut to keep the cold out and warm air inside. Because of this, dirt and muck accumulate inside homes, turning it into a paradise for germs, pests, and even parasites to grow. These days, it’s less likely that a home could become uninhabitable due to the dirt accumulated during winter, but spring cleaning is still a necessity for any home to prosper with freshness and cleanliness.

In this article, we’ll be presenting some essential tips for prepping your home for spring.

Declutter your space

The very first step to making a spring-ready living space includes clearing out the clutter to clear out space for refreshing spring decorations. Choose only the items that you find necessary to hold space for the items that have more significance in your life.

Take some flowers into your living space

The vibrant hues of tulips or daisies can infuse your interior space with color and freshness. Combine these with an aesthetic vase or pot that matches your aesthetic. If flowers aren’t your preference or allergies are a concern, opting for other natural elements like verdant branches, potted plants, or high-quality faux florals is not a bad idea.

Another option to consider is adorning your space with lush greenery in a vase or opting for botanical prints in your decor. With these elements, you can imbue your home with the spirit of spring while still keeping up with your own aesthetics.

Update your bedding and towels

The simple act of updating your bedding and towels can completely revitalize your bedroom, bringing both style and comfort to your space. Opt for bedding that compliments your space’s ambiance with its colors and patterns. Adding extra pillows can give an extra cozy feel to this too.

Investing in new bedding and towels will give your bedroom and bathroom a rejuvenating makeover, ensuring year-round enjoyment. Take note to also take this chance to clean out your rugs by hiring the best rug cleaners near you.

Rearrange the furniture around your house

Reviewing your furniture arrangement and experimenting with different placements is a great practice to add a springtime glow to your space.

Regardless of the look you choose, it’s important to ensure that your design allows for ample space and easy movement.

Replace old filters with new ones

People don’t usually pay much attention to filters, but these home elements require regular replacement. Typically, it’s recommended to replace them twice a year, though the frequency may vary depending on the filter type.

Remember to inspect these and swap out the refrigerator water filter, range hood filter, and charcoal filter found beneath the microwave.

Repair windows and other fixtures

Harsh winter conditions that bring about stormy winds and heavy snowfall are the root cause of wear and tear on fixtures throughout your home, particularly on the frames and locks of windows and doors. As spring arrives alongside subsequent warmer seasons, there’s an increase in the usage of doors and windows, primarily for ventilation reasons.- mentioned by Jasen Edwards, chair of the Agent Editor Board at Agent Advice.

Therefore, ensuring these fixtures are in optimal condition becomes one of the essential steps in preparing your home for the spring season.

Wash off the furniture outside

As spring ushers in warmer temperatures, it invites people to spend more time outdoors. Prepare for comfortable and clean outdoor relaxation by bringing out your outdoor furniture and giving it a quick wash.

Use lighter fabrics

Replacing the fabrics in the house is a way to revitalize the space and give it a breath of fresh air. Opt for exchanging heavy curtains with sheer ones to invite the brightness and warmth of spring into the house.

For pillows, experiment with various colors and textures, combining soft cotton or linen covers with delicate pastel tones to give them a spring charm. Though only simple adjustments, these can instantly uplift the atmosphere and make the home feel lighter and more radiant than before.

A splash of new paint

Adding a fresh layer of paint is a swift method to inject a burst of color into your interior spaces and give them a more modern look. Whether it’s painting an entire room or just a wall, the outcome will always be a transformative one, so choose a hue that harmonizes with your existing decor and reflects your individual style.

Use a soft, neutral shade for a serene ambiance or a daring, vivid color to make a bold statement. Painting not only enhances the aesthetic but also shields your walls from everyday tear and wear while enhancing your home’s walls in a way that your home’s ambiance is lifted with a brightness similar to spring’s.

Get Your Home Spring-Ready

Spring symbolizes a fresh start and is the perfect time to clean the house for a more organized look. With these nine tips, you can transform your home into something warmer and inviting.


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