In the last few years, the emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly transportation has increased to fight environmental pollution and climate change. People are now shifting towards sustainable modes of transportation instead of traditional fuel-operated vehicles. Addmotor’s Grandtan II 2024adult 3-wheel electric bikeis one of the most popular alternatives to embracing green transportation.

This powerful adult 3 wheel electric bike is specially designed to reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy unmatched comfortable rides as a daily commuter. In the article below, we will explore the amazing features of this innovative Grandtan II 2024 e-trike and learn how it can help you go green and stylish.

Let’s start the feature’s exploration of the Grandtan adult 3-wheel electric bike without any further delay.

How You Can Go Green With an E-Bike:

Reduced Carbon Emissions:

Ane-bike drastically reduces carbon emissions and environmental pollution with its electric-powered operation. These bikes and trikes use electricity as the main source of power instead of liquid fuel and gases result in low production of carbon and smoke.

Cost Effective:

Adult 3-wheel electric bikesare the most cost-saving mode of transportation for those with low budgets. As electric-operated vehicles, these need minimum maintenance and help you save extra money on maintenance and fuel expenses.

Noise Reduction:

Noise pollution is a major problem in big cities and is caused by the large number of vehicles and traffic. You can reduce the noise by using an e-trike instead of an engine-operated car or motorbike. The electric-powered motor operates silently without any noise and helps you reduce disturbance in your surroundings.


Addmotor Grandtan II E-Trike:

Grandtan II e-trike is a revolutionary invention of Addmotors to redefine your biking and daily commuting. The trike offers unparalleled comfort, efficiency, and eco-friendly transportation with its cutting-edge technology and sleek design.

Whether you are an urban commuter or adventure rider, you can enjoy effortless rides with this powerful tricycle on all types of terrains. This e-trike is the perfect blend of power, performance, and convenience to elevate your riding comfort to new heights.

Features of Addmotor Grandtan Adult 3-Wheel Electric Bike:

Powerful Motor:

The Grandtan II is armed with a powerful electric motor of 48V X 750W. This motor can generate a maximum torque of 90 NM to power your ride on all hard and easy terrains. The motor is fitted at the rear hub to offer a push-driving experience to the rider. It is equipped with 7 PAS levels, so the rider can personalize the electric assistance according to their choice.

Throttle & Controller:

This powerful adult 3-wheel electric bike is outfitted with a 25 A controller and half-right twist throttle. You can instantly accelerate your e-trike with the half twist on the right grip whenever immediate thrust is required.

Long Lasting Battery:

The main power supply source of this trike is its powerful UL-certified 20Ah X 48V battery. This battery offers incredible power for more than 85 miles per charge on PAS1. You can experience the joy of an effortless ride up to this range in each full charge.


The e-trike supports a standard US 5-pin DC charger with automatic magnetic suction. This standard charger takes between 8 and 10 hours for full charging. No other chargers are recommended as they can damage and reduce the performance of the battery.

Frame and Design:

The e-trike is designed with a 6061 aluminum alloy frame that is 77 inches long and 33.5 inches wide. It is a step-over frame to ensure easy mounting and dismounting without any trouble. This frame is strong enough to carry a total weight of up to 450 lbs, including carrying buckets of 100 lbs. The frame is upgraded with a robust rear trailer tube at the rear for trailer attachment and dragging.


The Grandtan IIadult 3-wheel electric bike is customized with front oil spring suspension systems. This front fork system is useful in reducing the effects of jumps and bumps on the road and ensures maximum comfort during rides. 


The braking system of this trike consists of triple mechanical disk brakes, 1 at the front tire and two at the rear tires. This brake system is connected to a motor cut-off sensor that cuts down the motor supply during braking. This brake system is highly efficient and reliable for ensuring a safe and secure riding experience.


The Grandtan 2024 adult 3-wheel electric bike is fitted with 20 x 4 inches fat tires to ensure a firm grip on all types of terrains. These tires enhance the convenience of tricycles over slippery roads, sandy areas, snowy trails, and rocks. You can confidently ride your trike over all types of terrains with these puncture-resistant tires.


The sitting arrangement matters a lot in bicycles and tricycles. Addmotor has equipped this e-trikewith an exclusive well-padded saddle and backrest to ensure comfortable sitting. This seat reduces fatigue during long rides and relieves stress by supporting your back with the backrest.

Torque Sensor:

The Grandtan II features the latest technology torque sensor to customize the power supply of the motor with rider manual pedaling force. This sensor plays an important role in the justified use of battery power and elevates the overall performance of the e-trike by 30%. 

Digital Display:

Now, tracking the trike’s performance is not a problem with Addmotor’s EB 2.5 digital display. This adult 3-wheel electric bike is installed with a 5-inch LCD that presents motor output, speed, remaining battery, PAS level, lights, and error codes during the ride.

Parking Brake:

Another amazing update in this 2024 Grandtan II trike is the newest parking brake system. Once applied, it firmly locks the trike with the ground and prevents accidental movement. This ensures the safe parking of your trike and relieves you from worrying about rollover or movement.

Speed Differential:

Addmotor has installed a speed differential in this trike to allow both rear wheels for free movement during sharp turns and edges. This speed differential offers enhanced safety in turning and prevents your e-trike from rolling over and skidding.

5 in 1 Taillight:

The trike is installed with a dedicated lighting system consisting of a powerful headlight and a 5in1 tail light. The tail light includes emergency lights, brake light, riding light, and 2 turning indicators. This lighting system enhances the visibility on the road for the rider and other commuters to ensure the safety of all.

Carrying Basket:

To increase the carrying capacity of the trike it comes with an adjustable carrying bucket of 100 lbs. You can attach this bucket to the front or rear to carry groceries and extra luggage. If not required, you can remove it and keep it in a safe place. 


The Addmotor’s Grandtan II 2024 e-trike is the latest innovation in the world of green and stylish commuting. It is the best alternative to traditional fuel-operated vehicles and motorcycles for reducing carbon footprints and keeping the environment green. Also, you can save a handsome amount from maintenance and fuel expenses.

The Grandtan adult 3-wheel electric bike is your best companion for city commuting and adventure rides with its amazing power features and abilities. The powerful motor and long-lasting battery ensure an effortless riding experience of up to 85+ miles per charge. Overall, this is the best option for you to go green and stylish riding.


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