Did you know that close to 100 million Americans will be going on family vacations in the year 2019? Like the Newsroom at AAA also reports, 53% plan on going on road trips with their kids and pets in tow. Driving to your holiday destination has a whole bunch of advantages. Not only is it more economical, but you also won’t have to deal with check-ins, bored kids on flights, pet restrictions, and the possibility of lost baggage. When organizing the safety of your home while you’re away, you’ll also want to plan for car theft protection to make sure the vehicle remains safe. Even if you’re planning to go on a road trip in the family car, work out its security when you’re parked in a motel or hotel.

Here are some of the smartest car theft protection ideas you can adopt.

Install an Electronic Tracking System

Should you scout around the market, you’ll come across different digital tracking systems, each with its own set of features. Most such devices are compact and can be discreetly installed where thieves are unlikely to spot them. Like the experts at GoFind Inc. recommend, you could look for a tracker that integrates with a mobile app which you can download from the internet. Once you switch on the gadget, it sends a wireless signal to your phone so you can track the car’s location. Since the device has coverage across North America, you can travel to any destination without worrying about losing the car. The best positive is that the device works even without an internet connection. That’s because the tracker operates on the cellular system similar to the one provided by your cellphone service carrier.

In addition, you can rely on various features that work perfectly for car theft protection. For instance:

  • You can program a GeoFence or a specific perimeter around the location where you will be staying. If the car leaves this safe zone, you’ll get an instant alert.
  • In case a thief tries to break in by shattering a window, the tracker lets you know.
  • If anyone tries to bump the car from the sides, front, or back, the device sends you a notification.
  • Some trackers can be programmed to send a signal to law enforcement if the car moves. This feature can be especially useful when you’re going out on vacation and leaving the car parked on the street outside your home. Considering that every 44 seconds, a motor vehicle is stolen in the U.S. and only around 53% are ever recovered, you can’t be too careful. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also warns that 75.4% of vehicles stolen in the year 2017 were cars with the losses from vehicle theft going up drastically each year.
  • If you’re taking a road trip, you can set up the tracker at any location where you’re parked. Set it up to send out an alert if the car starts to move and you’re not in it.
  • In case the car is stolen, finding it will be easier when you can pinpoint its location.
  • Certain devices allow you to jam the ignition remotely, so it slows down safely and comes to a stop.
  • You’ll receive an alert even if someone tries to power off or disconnect the tracker.

Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Car Theft Protection Systems

Simply installing the tracking device is not enough. You can use certain tips and tricks to make the most of the security system. Here are a few strategies that can prove to be very helpful:

  • While installing the tracker is a smart move, how about deterring thieves from stealing the car in the first place. Plant a decoy in the car where it is easily visible. Spotting the flashing red light tells car jackers that they can be tracked. Set up the real digital locater where it cannot be seen.
  • Since electronic trackers need to be charged to work, plug them into a charging port preferably when you’re driving. When you’re ready to park and leave the car, unplug the device and conceal it without the cable showing. This strategy has two advantages. You won’t risk the car battery going dead. Further, a gadget connected to a cable is one of the warning signs that thieves look for when trying to make off with your car. And, it’s the first thing they’ll remove.
  • Install the tracker before you pull into the hotel parking lot. Anyone looking for a car to steal could be keeping watch on your movements.
  • Install a transponder key from Action Lock Doc as additional security and features to your car. With this, you can unlock and start your vehicle’s engine remotely to save time from the warm-up. You can also quickly turn the engine off and lock the door away from your car if you suspect someone is trying to enter your vehicle.
  • Park the car on your own instead of handing the keys over to the attendant. You could be issuing an open invitation to a possible car jacker to look around the vehicle for things of value.
  • Adding extra measures for safety makes it more difficult to steal your car. For instance, like this article on Geico tells you, get systems that kill the ignition and won’t let the thief start up the car. Or, install a steering wheel lock. If you’re leaving the car parked at home, considering attaching a wheel clamp.

Using All Possible Precautions When Parking the Car Also Helps

Choose the safest possible locations to park the car at home or when on vacation like the folks at SmarterTravel advise. Look for a well-lighted spot in the street near your home or the hotel where there are no trees, bushes, or signboards that can obstruct it from view. Even if you’re leaving the car in the hotel’s designated parking area, find a spot close to surveillance cameras. Parking as near as possible to the building entrance or the booth manned by attendants is also a good move for car theft protection. Not only can you keep the car safe, but you’ll also invest in added personal security. The last thing that thieves want is to get filmed while trying to break into your car.

Taking the necessary steps to secure your car when on vacation may take a few extra moments of your time. But the investment in car theft protection is well worth the effort considering you’ll have a stress-free road trip vacation without having to worry about the safety of your car.


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