If you tend to associate the word ‘carnival’ with warm weather, palm trees, and Caribbean islands, it’s time to consider a few other options, especially if you happen to live in Europe. Every year, Basel welcomes over 100,000 tourists to Fasnacht in Basel Switzerland – Europe’s largest (historically) Protestant carnival. #TeamCoco’s travel and food writer, Eulanda Osagiede is sharing why Basel’s Fasnacht may be one of the few cold-weather carnivals to get you booking your ticket today.

Basel is located near the German border of Switzerland, hence their use of Swiss German as the national language. However, using English or French will serve visitors to the city sufficiently.

Fasnacht runs for three consecutive days the week after Ash Wednesday, commencing with the spectacular Morgensteich; where the lights of the city are replaced by the glow of beautifully designed lanterns. Thousands of masked performers carry these lanterns through the streets of Basel at the command of drum majors.

This year’s Fasnacht will be held the 3-5 March, so wrap up, put on your dancing shoes….better yet, your wellies since it’s likely to snow or rain.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most of Fasnacht:

1. Embrace the Confetti

Mounds of festive and colourful bits of paper are everywhere. In local tradition, the maskers that man the floats will shower onlookers with flowers, sweets, and plenty of confetti.

However, it’s not only thrown from floats, children and adults of all ages will surprise an unsuspecting onlooker with a generous handful on top of their head, or down the back of their jacket if they don’t move quickly enough.

It’s difficult to avoid, so don’t attempt to, because your efforts to do so will be laughable at most– trust me. When I returned home from three days of celebrations, my husband helped pick varying sizes of colourful bits from my hair for two days straight. I could have been a revamp of a life-sized 80’s doll. Push her button and confetti shoots from her head.

2. Learn to Dance in the Dark

If you’re attending Morgenstreich at 4 am on Monday (which I highly suggest you do), get ready to move your feet quickly as small processional groups (known as cliques) seemingly appear out of thin air throughout the alleys, passageways, and streets in the city.

It will be your job to move out of the way, so be ready with a few twirls here and there. You could be standing still in a passageway, mesmerised by one large group marching through the streets in their cliques, and the very next minute, you’re quickly moving out of the way for several small groups coming your way in varying directions. Brush off those moves, and get comfortable with dancing in the dark.

Make sure to have your cameras sans flash, as it distracts the masked performers.

3. Know Your Left from Your Right

One fascinating aspect of Fasnacht is the array of heavily satirised political messages displayed on floats, props, and lanterns.

Even if you’re not fluent in the Basel dialect that most Fasnacht signage is written in, it’s quite easy to ascertain the humour, irony, and sometimes parody behind the messages.

Left or right? It doesn’t matter, every side has a place in Fasnacht’s parodical spectrum. After seeing lanterns with caricaturistic representations of Brexit and the American presidential election, you wonder if your own home country should adopt the approach of some of the biting wit of Fasnacht.

4. Eat All the Food

Basel’s primary food culture is a distinct fusion of Swiss, German, and French influences. Traditional Fasnacht specialities include Basler flour soup, cheese & onion tarts, Basler Leckerli (gingerbread style biscuits), and the thumb-length, hazelnut-filled sweets known as Mässmogge.

Of course, I’d be remiss not to mention the abundance of raclette, fondue and rostis. However, if you prefer to start your Basel journey with a coffee, head to the Instagram-worthy Cafe Fruhling in Kleinbasel, after starting your day indulging in a lush breakfast spread at Swissôtel Le Plaza Basel.

5. Stay Outside of the City Centre

That is if you want to get some sleep. If you roll with the ‘no sleep’ crowd, you’ll be in perfect company. I stayed at Swissôtel Le Plaza Basel, which was a ten-minute tram ride away from the city centre.

Although the majority of footfall happens nearer to Marktplatz in the city centre, I often found myself woken up to piccolo and drum music throughout the early hours of the morning.

I couldn’t help but groggily laugh every time it happened, however, not everyone may find it so pleasant. The Fasnacht musicians practice year-round in preparation for the festivities, so it’s safe to say, don’t come to Fasnacht if you’re not ready to hear a vibrant mix of piccolo, drum, and occasional Gugge (brass band) music for a consecutive seventy-two hours.

Discover more about Switzerland’s allure in this captivating article on Switzerland’s divine beauty.

Three Best Days of the Year?

Fasnacht is a riot of colour, textures, sounds, and beaming spirits. Despite its marked difference from warm weather carnivals and festivals of a similar nature, Fasnacht has its unique place among the brood due to its creative mix of history, humour, and satirical connection to current global events.

No wonder Baslers hail Fasnacht as “die drei scheenste dääg” (the three best days of the year). Like all carnivals around the world, Fasnacht is a beautiful celebration of local culture and community– a festivity that we can all raise our glasses to.

Three-night stay in Swissôtel Le Plaza Basel begins at £350. For more information visit Before booking accommodation, ask your hotel if they are along the parade route if you’re concerned about undisturbed sleep.

Direct flights from London to Basel on Easyjet start at £42. For more information head to

The birthplace of alpine tourism, St. Moritz is a seriously swish Swiss ski destination that conjures up images of royals and rock-stars, snow polo, mountain boutiques and Moncler jackets. But this resort has serious ski credentials, having lured European high society since 1864, hosted the Winter Olympics twice, and offers visitors miles of manicured pistes. Today, the town is a dream winter destination – its frozen lake a playground for snow polo tournaments and horse racing as well as the more eclectic, like the famous Cresta toboggan run. Here are seven reasons to visit St. Moritz this winter ski season.

1. Stay at: The Kulm

Even among the opulence of St. Moritz, The Kulm hotel sets the standard for elegance. An alpine institution in itself, this five-star hotel boasts a members-club atmosphere befitting of its heritage as the oldest hotel in town. Overlooking Lake St. Moritz, this hotel is home to glitterati types, with an equally well-polished staff, an outdoor and indoor pool, five restaurants and luxe mountain interiors. A splurge-worthy stay at a real piece of Alpine history.

2. Drink at: Sunny Bar

The oldest sports bar in the Alps, this infamous St. Moritz hot spot is the place where these courageous Cresta Run competitors congregate to celebrate their wins. One of the most dangerous sports in the world – this ice chute winds down the mountainside with a vertical drop of 514 feet over just three-quarters of a mile. During the season, the bar hosts a Peruvian restaurant by Claudia Canessa in its historic halls, where you can feast on street food. Vintage photos of raucous parties hosted here and trophies line the walls with its old-boys club atmosphere. Altitude sports offers the best quality of ski and snowboard gears, find out more.

3. Party at: Dracula Club

Once the sun sets in St Moritz, the glitterati truly come out to play. Perhaps the most famous apres-ski bar in St. Moritz, the Roo Bar is the place to warm up with a Hauser mulled wine. By night, anyone who’s anyone can be found at the legendary Dracula Bar. Established by infamous playboy Gunter Sachs in the 1970s, the door to this day remains notoriously impenetrable. Thankfully, for those in the mood to stray a little off-piste – the Kulm Hotel also boasts close ties with the legendary members-only club. But there are plenty of other nightlife options, whether that’s the aptly named Devil’s Place – the world’s largest whisky bar or the Kulm Country Club.

4. Ski: Corviglia

Having played host to the Winter Olympics not once but twice, St. Moritz is a spot for any serious skier. The slopes of Corvatsch offers some vertigo-inducing blacks, but St. Moritz’s own Corviglia has expanses of easy-riding runs to make even an intermediate feel like an expert – with 218 miles of runs. For warming your bones, the mountains have a host of options, like traditional alpine chalet Alpinahütte – just the spot for a glühwein.

5. Watch: The Cresta Run

Home to the infamous Cresta Run toboggan course, first built by British upper-class gentlemen in 1884, this daredevil sport is in the bones of St Moritz. The 1,212-meter track, which is created from scratch every year, drops 157 meters reaching up to a death-defying 85mph. Riders lie head first, and foolhardy guests can apply for a slot with prices starting from $500. Having recently rescinded a ban on women competitors, the Cresta Run is open in the mornings from just before Christmas until the end of February/early March depending on weather conditions.

6. Watch: Snow Polo

Synonymous with the sport of Snow Polo, St. Moritz’s frozen lake plays host to the prestigious World Cup Snow Polo tournament every January – the first of its kind and the only high goal polo tournament to be played on snow. The lake also hosts the annual “White Turf” horse races in February, where more than 30,000 gather to watch a combination of horse and harness racing and skikjöring – the only race of its kind in the world where riders on skis are pulled along at speeds of up to 50km per hour.

7. Eat at:

As you might expect from a world-renowned alpine town, good food is not hard to come by in St Moritz. From simple local specialities like nut torte at historic Swiss pastry shop Hanselmann’s which has been open since 1894, to old-world chalet-style dining on the slopes like Trutz with cosy Engadine fare, to world-class fine dining at two Michelin-starred Ecco.

For more information on Switzerland visit

Swiss International Air Lines – one way fares start from £67, visit

The Swiss Travel System provides a dedicated range of travel passes and tickets offering unlimited travel on consecutive days, for more information visit

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Team Coco checks out Alpes London, the Raclette Brother’s new semi-permanent opening in Pop Brixton; bringing all the wonderfully cheesy flavours of the Alpes right into the heart of South London. So if you’re a raclette lover looking for an unpretentious après-ski (in London), then Alpes London will definitely be your new favourite pop-up.

We make our way to Pop Brixton on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The place is buzzing despite the usual lazy vibe signalling the dreaded end of the weekend. For those who haven’t had the chance to visit the South London location, Pop Brixton is a melting pot of different restaurants and bars, all built conveniently into container vans. Alpes London is located in prime real estate right above the entrance, where guests can view all the happenings down below. With options for both indoor and outdoor dining, Alpes offers is a casual alternative to Street-food dining, without all the faff of being in a fancy restaurant – i.e. no sitting on steps or leaning on tiny cocktail tables.

We are greeted right away by the extremely charming Jaime, 1/2 of the Raclette brothers, and front-of-house for Alpes London. As we start off the evening with a bottle of their delicious “Space Cat” wine while Steve, the other half of the Raclette Brother’s, whips up some truly delectable dishes from their Swiss inspired menu. Alpes London champions using only the best producers in Europe; after all the brother’s do come from a long line of producers as well. We start off with some deep fried olives stuffed with goat’s cheese, followed by their vegan offering, the wild garlic asparagus drizzled with hazelnut pesto, and then the melt-in-your-mouth beef cheek pancetta. The piece de resistance however, is definitely the Raclette Jurasienne. A giant wheel of Raclette cheese, melted to perfection and then scraped directly onto a plate of roast Queen Anne potatoes, pickles, and crispy pancetta. Absolutely mouth-watering.

All this and more puts Alpes London on top of London’s culinary pops ups, proving that Raclette is just as good in the summer as it is in the winter slopes. If not for anything else, do pop in and have a chat with the Raclette brothers themselves. Beyond proving their literal hands-on approach to food, with Jaime working front-of-house, and Steve in the kitchen — the brothers are always up for a good laugh over some beers and some truly delicious raclette.

Alpes London is in Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Road, and open from Wednesday-Sundays until 11pm

When it comes to the French Alps, #TeamCoco are familiar with those white winter wonderlands, those hair-raising red runs and, of course, gorging on cheese fondue in a whirling snowstorm. But what on earth happens when the snow melts away? We sent Rachael Lindsay out to the brand new Annapurna in Les Gets, in the midst of summer, to find out.

I have to admit that I expected Les Gets to be a ghost town in summer. Perhaps a few closed ski shops and half-empty tartiflette restaurants. So imagine my surprise when I arrive from Geneva airport on a Sunday morning to find tens of thousands of visitors sitting on the grassy banks of the Alps cheering on some of the best mountain bikers in the world.

I have inadvertently arrived for the final competition at Crankworx Festival, one of the most famous mountain biking tournaments around. In true #TeamCoco style, I join the crowds and my heart is in my mouth while stunt bikers soar through the air from temporary wooden slopes, loop-the-loop against the backdrop of the lush green Alps and bounce back to earth with complete control.

The bars and restaurants are buzzing with bikers, families and locals, all discussing the competition, the shockingly good weather and the latest World Cup win. I quickly realise that the summer season here is every bit as lively as the ski season. And, with mountain biking and other adventurous pursuits on the agenda, I am in for an interesting few days.

But before I hit the summer slopes myself, it is time for some pampering. I check in to the brand new Annapurna residence, perfectly located in the centre of Les Gets, just behind the high street. It comprises a series of apartments with luxurious shared facilities such as a swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room and a gourmet restaurant and wine bar on the ground floor.

My apartment is excessively spacious, with three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a large kitchen cum living room, ideal for groups of friends looking for a luxurious base after a day outdoors. The design is alpine chic with chocolate-brown fur throws, pale wooden beams and exposed brick feature walls. I spend the first evening taking it all in, lounging with a glass of champers in front of the huge widescreen TV.

A relaxing evening was certainly necessary before my first morning of mountain biking down the terrifyingly steep slopes of the Alps. I have never tried mountain biking before and I think it is fair to say that it does not come naturally! You take a chair lift to the top of the mountain and, just like skiing, there are ‘green’, ‘red’ and ‘black’ runs for mountain bikers to take back down to the village, so these are verging-on-vertical drops. For all of the #TeamCoco adrenaline junkies out there, this is for you. It certainly gave me new-found respect for the Crankworx professional bikers, as we tried a few ‘bumps’ ourselves. I get through it with my nerves just about in tact.

The afternoon is more my style as we explore a newly-opened cheese farm and a local brewery. At the farm, the friendly French lady and her five daughters know every Alpine goat by name and sell their goats’ cheese at the local market. And the views from the farmhouse are stunning, with lush green meadows and wildflowers everywhere. The brewery, on the other hand, is located in the Irish Pub, and I am at first dubious as to what we are doing there. But after sampling some of the best craft beer I have ever tasted, I understand why this is the bar that everyone flocks to, to enjoy the evening sun after a day jam-packed with adventure.

As well as cheese and beer, I have to mention the fantastic food options at the Annapurna restaurant, Vina Annapurna, as well as the Wild Beets Kitchen and La R’Mize. I expected the food to be heavy on the cheese and meat, the usual apres-ski fare. And although you can enjoy those classic snow-weather meals if you so wish, I enjoy mountain-vegetable risottos, red fruit sorbets and enormous buddha bowls. I finish almost every meal with a local génépi or citrus cointreau.

Day Two and I brace myself for another adrenaline-fuelled start with a mountain climbing excursion, led by a man who was the youngest qualified mountain guide in France, and who is now in his 60s and can clamber up the side of a mountain in a matter of minutes. Thankfully I feel more at home inching my way up a rocky cliff-face than bumping down a slope on a bike, and it is exhilarating to abseil down while appreciating the breathtaking views. It makes me realise that this is what a summer Alps trip is all about – getting out of your comfort zone, trying all sorts of new things and discovering what you enjoy.

Another highlight of my stay is a yoga walk led by a local instructor. The walk leads past fields of grazing sheep and through the dappled light of forests. We pause every few hundred metres to practice tree pose and mountain pose facing the imposing snow-peaked Mont Blanc. It is a delightful way to stretch out after a morning of scrambling over rocks, with the sound of cowbells in the distance and the fresh Alpine breeze on my face.

From watching mountain bikers soar through the air to witnessing the production of home-made goats’ cheese, from sipping on Kir on the mountainside to relaxing in the Annapurna jacuzzi, this trip to Les Gets in summer truly defies every expectation I had. And I wish I can stay a few more days to try the seemingly endless list of outdoor activities here, from rafting and trail running to hiking and swimming in the lake.

And the glory of it all is that you can have a completely different adventure each morning and evening, and head to your luxurious apartment to recuperate every night. If, like us here at #TeamCoco, you are always up for trying something new, be one of the first to stay at the luxurious Annapurna and get out of your comfort zone in the Alpine Resort of Les Gets.

From: 2 bedroom apartment with further cabin, sleeps 6 people, from €215 per night on a self-catering basis including access to the spa and swimming pool.

To: 5 bedroom penthouse apartment, sleeps 12 people, from €430 per night on a self-catering basis including access to the spa and swimming pool.

Zurich probably wouldn’t be the first place you’d think of jetting off to for long weekend. Conjuring up ideas of grey skies, middle aged businessmen talking finance and impossibly expensive everything, it’s somewhere that most us try not to think of at all!

Here at House of Coco, we like to break barriers down so, when the opportunity came up to add on a quick dash around Zurich to an adventure to Gstaad (more on that later!) this writer couldn’t resist. I hastily searched Zurich on insta and armed with screenshots, I was determined to take the city on and find its hidden secrets.

One of the great perks of the city being a business hub is that the airport is so crazily efficient. Seriously, I think I landed, got through security, straight onto a train to the Zürich Hauptbahnhof train station and left the stunner of a station with 45 minutes of landing. It often takes me longer than that to buy a coffee when I land!

Through the power of comfy trainers and the Uber app I took on the challenge of exploring the city in 24 hours, first dropping my case at the super central and beautiful Hotel Continental Zurich MGallery by Sofitel (Stampfenbachstrasse 60). The hotel is a great contrast of modern (with its colourful cow statue) and traditional with multiple types of bircher muesli at the breakfast buffet in its cosy swiss style restaurant.

I started out exploring the Aldstadt (Old Town), ambling past the quirky and historic Caberte Voltaire (Spiegelgasse 1), dodging raindrops down cobbled streets and emerged to the beautiful view of the city across the river Limmat. On every corner was a cute coffee shop but I had no time to stop as I had a date with the fascinating homegrown recycled fashion and accessory brand FREITAG’s F-actory 3 miles out of the city centre in the Oerlikon which is a gritty, interesting area and as FREITAG themselves say, is “pre-hip”. The company is a fascinating example of eco fashion and planning for the future of our planet with their durable and ecofriendly productions. For more on their work, see this article.

Even if you don’t make it out to the F-actory, I’d heard that the FREITAG Tower (Geroldstrasse 17), the company’s flagship shop was worth a visit. Expecting some shiny floored, tv screen filled boutique, the store in in Zurich-West constructed from 17 shipping containers blew my mind. I even climbed to the top of the containers (with white knuckles!) to take in the view of the industrial part of the city, Zurich-West.

The FREITAG Tower is right next to two of Zurich’s most instagrammable spots. On one side, the glorious beer garden Frau Gerolds (Geroldstrasse 23/23a) which hosts independent boutiques, art and a programme of events. On the other, the colourful umbrella canopy of Gerolds Chuchi restaurant (Geroldstrasse 5) .

From here I wandered the length of Viadukt (Markthalle im Viadukt, 8005) , Zurich’s self-proclaimed most exciting shopping street. Housed in, yep – you guessed it, a viaduct I cooed over resturants, bars and independent fashion brands in a unique, industrial setting. I would have moved in but had to hot foot it back to the train to continue the Swiss adventure…

The challenge of uncovering gems in a seemingly boring city gave me such a buzz that I’ll be taking this on everytime I travel. Stopovers where you stay in the hotel are for losers! Who’s with me?

As a cosy base for my exploring of Zurich I stayed with Hotel Continental Zurich MGallery by Sofitel. It’s super central and a welcome rest for aching feet from pounding the pavements and cobbled streets! For more information and to book your stay go to

With a facade straight out of a Wes Anderson flick, The Grand Hotel Kronenhof is one of the finest five-star hotels in Switzerland. An alpine institution in its own right, this ‘Grande Dame’ of Swiss hospitality is the antithesis of mass-market hotel homogeneity – it’s beyond boutique, with a unique history that dates back to 1848. But has the fin de siècle grandeur of this historic hotel endured through the ages? We sent our girl Beth to check it out.

Pulling up through wrought iron gates into a snow-covered courtyard, I quickly see why this hotel has earned the nickname ‘Grande Dame’. Even in the pretty swiss town of Pontresina, her enduring neo-baroque beauty stands out – an elegant exterior topped with an emerald, crown-topped dome, the gold-gilded letters ‘Kronenhof’ proudly emblazoned below the Swiss flag.

High in the Alps at 1,800m, deep in the stunning surrounds of the Engadin Valley – the scenery here is still blanketed with snow, despite it being late in the season. A stark contrast to the often lengthy bus journeys endured schlepping up to this kind of altitude – the journey to Pontresina is half the fun. While many of the hotel’s discerning guests opt for the nearby private airport, we take the pretty red mountain train from Zurich. It may take around 3 hours and 45 minutes to reach Pontresina, but the UNESCO listed Bernina Express is an experience in itself, winding its way past moody mountain lakes, meandering up into snow-covered scenery, over arched bridges and past mountain peaks. Think Hogwarts Express, Alpine Edition.

The resemblance to the Grand Budapest Hotel doesn’t end when you enter the hotel. Swept through a grand entrance, you’ll find the picture of old-world elegance – a grand lobby with hand-painted ceilings, ornate fireplaces, velvet curtains and antique chandeliers, all overlooking a postcard-worthy picture window out over the pine-carpeted mountains and Roseg glaciers, the alps of St Moritz in the distance.

The hotel may have seen nearly two centuries of guests pass through its doors, but even today it recalls an age of bygone glamour. From the palatial dining room, where formal dress is required and course after course arrive with the theatrical lifting of cloches by a team of impeccably smart and ever-smiling waiters.

Even breakfast is a grand affair, served in the dining room with tables overflowing with cheese cold cuts and any pastry imaginable, as well as the free-pouring champagne, which the guests are far too posh to take any advantage of. Within the hotel’s walls, you’ll also find the award-willing Kronenstübli with its cosy wood-panelled walls and exceptional dishes from Duck a la Presse to crepe Suzette.

The hotel’s old-world alpine pedigree speaks for itself, but if we’re measuring by modern-day standards, it has nearly 1000 five star ratings on TripAdvisor. The people-watching is a definite highlight, with a discreet, well-dressed clientele reminiscent of eclectic European high society. While St Moritz is all about the glitz, pretty Pontresina offers access to the same level of service, but a respite from the hedonistic atmosphere.

A large percentage of these guests are returning visitors, some even fourth generation. Old skis of guests presumably left here for future use decades ago still line the walls, marked carefully with the name of the owner on a luggage ticket – many of whom left to fight in the Second World War but never returned. Having survived both World Wars (thanks in part to selling wine from their cellars) you can feel the nostalgia in the Kronenhof’s creaking walls. The wooden bowling alley is one of the oldest in Switzerland, and the walls of the hotel founders original home were recently found hidden away – dating back to the early 1800s.

With 112 rooms, the Kronenhof feels grand yet intimate. Some bedrooms echo the old-world feel, with expansive drawing rooms and views out onto the Roseg glacier beyond, while others are more to modern taste and having been recently renovated by chic French designer Pierre-Yves Rochon.

But despite its history, the hotel has kept up to date with the modern – particularly with the addition of its enormous and elaborate glass-walled spa with a huge indoor pool which, in a fusion of old meets new, sits attached to the hotel. Cocooned within its glass walls, looking out over the snow-covered scenery, it is simply bliss. The massages pair you with an element – mine is a deep wood and citrus oil for fire – and incidentally, one of the best I’ve ever had. There’s a dedicated sauna for women only, as well as an all-gender Finnish sauna. Once a month, a night spa program sees the spa open till midnight with a bar. Outside, there’s a fabulous chalet-style bar where you can lunch overlooking the skaters on the ice rink, draped in a fur and quaffing Swiss wine in the sun.

Just a few miles down the road from St Moritz, the hotel will happily arrange the quick 10-minute transfer for you to enjoy the world-famous slopes, before scooping you up at the end of the day, or depositing you in their comfy surrounds of the raucous Sunny Bar at its co-owned hotel the Kulm. Handily, there is also has a boot room directly opposite, where I’m fitted with a pair of brand new, self-heating fur-lined beauties instead of your usual beaten up rentals – no lugging your skis around here.

Pontresina itself is a haven from the prying eyes of see-and-be-seen St Moritz, with its chocolate-box chalets, pastel-painted walls and traditional alpine atmosphere. While you have access to the slopes, the village itself boasts a multitude of activities outside of the hotel, like cross country skiing at nearby school Schweizer Langlauf- und Bikezentrum Pontresina.

An old-world beauty that both manages to recall a vaguely remembered idea of luxury from a bygone age, and provide all the facilities you would expect of a five-star hotel – the Kronenhof has four generations to attest to its charms. All, like me – lucky enough to be guests of this enduringly glamorous Grande Dame and the little moments of history that unfold within her walls.

Winter room rates at Grand Hotel Kronenhof start from CHF565 for two people sharing on a half-board basis; book online at

For more information on Switzerland visit

Swiss International Air Lines – one way fares start from £67, visit

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Top 10 Dream Universities to Visit

Planning to get a good job and want to enjoy the luxuries of life? Well, for most of them, it all starts with getting a college education. There are numerous advantages of seeking admission in reputed universities as they have the best faculty, excellent campus life, wonderful placement support, and lots more. So, if you are looking forward to achieving a university degree, then you may want to set your eyes on the top universities that could provide you with the top quality of education. Guys from ProHighGrades collected the best ones in this article.

What are the top universities in the world?

Harvard University, the US

Located at Cambridge, Massachusetts, it is one of the premium and oldest Ivy League universities. The history, academic reputation, variety of programs, etc. has made it one of the most prestigious universities around the globe.

It is famous for providing major programs which include Law, Social Science, Public Health, Political Science and Government, Statistics, and lots more. The who’s who like John Adams, Al Gore, and Theodore Roosevelt are an alma-mater of this well-known and prestigious unit.

Stanford University, the US

Founded in 1891, this one is of the most reputed research and teaching institutes in the whole world. Dedicated to preparing students for every walk of life, the university is well-known for offering various programs in the stream of Engineering, Medicine, Law, Humanities & Social Sciences, Earth Science and lots more. Almost all the writers from EditProofRead are from Stanford University.

The notable alumni of this reputed university include Tiger Woods, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Reese Witherspoon, Sundar Pichai, Mukesh Ambani, and other well-known faces.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the US

MIT is one of the most beautiful universities as the urban and chic campus runs alongside the mesmerizing Charles River for more than a mile.

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this reputed institute is a space-grant, land-grant, and sea-grant University which is very well known for scientific researches and teachings. It boasts of the number of engineers and science scholars they have produced, such as Salman Khan, Ricardo Rosselló, Dolph Lundgren, Kofi Annan, and others.

University of Cambridge, the UK

One of the oldest educational establishment in the world, this university was founded in 1209 and is considered as a symbol of excellence in academics. It is famous for its historic architecture, libraries, and a plethora of museums.

Located in the United Kingdom, this university is the fourth oldest enduring university in the world, and in 1231, King Henry III granted it a royal charter. The University of Cambridge has been famous for public research since its inception.

Oxford University, the UK

This collegiate is the second oldest university on the globe and the oldest one in the English-speaking world. Located in Oxford, England, it offers more than three-fifty graduate degree courses, and the new ones appear each year.

McGill University, Canada

One of the most reputable and oldest universities in Canada, Mc Gill University is known for its medical excellence. It offers an array of medical science courses like human genetics, occupational health, biochemistry, emergency medicine, cell biology, and diagnostic radiology. The institute excels in biomedical ethics, bone and periodontal research and genomics policy.

ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Switzerland

One of the most beautiful places in the world, Zurich has earned the reputation of being an education center in continental Europe. It has given the world more than 20 Nobel laureates like Felix Bloch, Richard Ernst, and others. A beautiful alliance of science and technology, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, located in Zurich, Switzerland, is known for its programs like science, engineering, mathematics, and technology.

Columbia University, the US

Since its inception, this old and colonial university has become one of the most sought-after schools in North America. It is the fifth oldest school in the US which has a rich historical background and offers an array of courses to students.

The most famous programs offered by this university include American Studies, Ancient Studies, Astronomy, Archaeology, Anthropology, Architecture, and lots more. Recognized internationally, Columbia University has accomplished 8.2 billion endowments from the state. One of the best parts of this university is the library as it has around 13 million books. It also has one of the best collections of rare and best books.

The University of Chicago, the US

Since its inception in 1890, the University of Chicago ranks eight in the USA. It offers an array of courses and students all over the globe. The University of Chicago is one of the youngest universities in the US and it has 89 Nobel laureate winners. This prestigious university has carved a niche for itself in the field of education with seven billion endowments.

Princeton University, the US

Ranking fifth in the US, Princeton University is known for its rich history, academic courses, and talented professors. This is an Ivy League Institution and getting admission here is a dream come true for students.

It was founded three centuries back, it has a very rich history and it has produced some of the most accomplished scholars, politicians, businessmen in the world: Woodrow Wilson, James Madison, Jeff Bezos, Michelle Obama, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Alan Turing, and many more. This university is often compared to Yale, Harvard, and Stanford.

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If Ischgl is the wild child of Austrian ski resorts, Fiss is the sensible older sibling – sedate, scenic and full of traditional Tyrolean charm. While this lesser-known corner of the Alps may not be the place to go if you’re looking for a week of off-your-face après, here are five reasons Fiss makes for an irresistibly low-key alpine escape.

1. Après-Ski

While it may be quieter than other Austrian ski resorts, retaining more of a traditional vibe, Fiss has plenty of al fresco mountain bars to keep you occupied if, like us, you aren’t ready to give up on the Jägerbombs just yet. Hexenalm scoops up the post-ski crowd with its Euro-pop and cheap steins at the bottom of the lifts while by night, you’ll find night skiing on the floodlit Möseralmabfahrt every Tuesday, and Wednesday’s see ski displays accompanied by Tirol’s largest laser show.

2. Pristine Piste

While Fiss’ après-ski scene is more substantial than you’d expect from a small and very local village, so is the skiing. The 200 million euros invested in the region over the last decade is clear to see – with an expansive network of lifts and cable cars as well as huge self-drying ski lockers in which to stash your stuff – a blissful alternative to having to cart your skis and boots back and forth every day. More importantly, you can change out of your boots beforehitting the bars, which, as anyone who has ever tried to stumble across one in their ski boots will know is a godsend.

3. Value for money

Fiss’ facilities might measure up to uber-luxe alternatives like Lech and Zürs but its lesser-known nature means you’re able to enjoy more for your money – breaking away from hotel chains at an upmarket yet utterly authentic hotel like the historic Hotel Tirol – just 400m from the piste. Part of the Niche Destinations portfolio and managed by the second generation of the Pregenzer family, huge, pine-scented suites boast balcony views out over the valley, while the luxurious Gipfel Spa and rooftop infinity pool are the perfect place for blissful post ski steam and soak.

4. Snow-Sure Season

Surrounded by the soaring Samnaun Alps, two-thirds of the 200km of well-groomed piste sit above 2,000m, so even on a sunny Saturday in Spring, you’re still able to enjoy the slopes. Perched on a sunny plateau high above the valley, few ski resorts can boast such snow-surety late in the season, alongside 2,000 hours of sunshine a year – ideal Aperol Spritz weather.

5. Traditional Tyrolean Fare

While Fiss may be quieter than other more well-known resorts, the traditional timbered town boasts a host of dining options, ranging from traditional Tyrolean fare on the mountainside to more high-end dining experiences. On the mountain, groups can hire out the Crystal Cube – a mirrored glass box perched at 2600m, offering breakfast and private lunches with panoramic views. While in town, The Hotel Tirol showcases a local cuisine that fuses both Austrian and Italian influences – like the glorious shoulder of Fassona beef, carved at the table. Private dining in their skylounge is ideal for groups of friends, and the host’s motto “life is too short to drink bad wine” will become ever more apparent as the evening wears on.

Hotel Tirol in Fiss ( offers double rooms based on 2 sharing on a ½-board basis and a 7-night ½-board package including a 6-day lift pass from €839 per person. Hotel Tirol is included in the prestigious Niche Destinations portfolio (

Jennifer Berger has always been a big dreamer, and all her big dreams are embodied in her own bag brand, Mädi. Inspired by the traditional art of paper cutting, Mädi is an accessory brand that plays on Swiss culture and modernity, and is instantly our favourite new arm candy this spring.

In this latest instalment of our #WomenWorldwide Series, We chat with Swiss Girl Boss Jennifer Berger, about her inspirations, overcoming challenges — and all the beautiful lessons she’s learned in between.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What inspired you to start Mädi?

I’m a big dreamer; I’ve always been.Probably because I lived in a small town with not much to distract me from developing my imagination and ambition. Frustration and boredom are a big part of what motivates me. Once in a while, I need to get bored. This boredom generates space in my head, which allows my imagination to develop new ideas. Then comes the urge to turn those ideas into a reality.

My work as a designer for other brands played a role in the creation of Mädi. It can be frustrating in situations where decisions are made that don’t align with my values, nor with my perception of things. It made me want to be in a position where I could make my own decisions. I like to have an overview of a project, and understand all the different aspects and challenges involved in it.

Deep down, the will to create something of my own was born a long time ago. I didn’t know what or how I was going to do that, until I took a break from my job as a jewellery and watch designer in 2013 and began my Jewellery and Accessory Design degree at HEAD in Geneva. I used this time to develop my creative universe and bring to life the first Mädi bags, during my graduation collection in 2015.

We love Mädi’s dynamic shapes and bold colours. Where do you usually get the inspiration for your designs?

I like bold designs, authenticity, and shapes that you can read easily. Mechanical systems, harmony, and beauty, are things that bring joy and talk to the heart. My inspiration can come from fashion, product design, art, illustration or nature. The natural environment in Switzerland has had a big influence on me. Everyday, the landscapes shaped by mountains and lakes never cease to amaze me. When I look at this, it grounds me in front of the power and beauty of nature.

How does your Swiss heritage influence your aesthetic?

My Swiss heritage influences me through three major aspects — first of all, through imagery. Swiss popular art like native paintings and paper cut pictures decorated the walls of my childhood house. Some of them came from artists in my family or family friends. So from an image perspective, this has really influenced me a lot, as I have an emotional connection to it.

Second is through shape: The shape of my bags are inspired by vintage swiss military leather bags. You can find them in second hand shops now. They are functional, simple and robust.

Lastly, Swiss heritage also influences my construction process. I imagined a product thatcould efficiently be built through an industrial process. I needed to understand how something is built, and knowing that I could build it on my own. This is why my bags are made by folding pieces of leather and holding them together with studs. With the studs becoming a kind of decoration as well. However, nothing is there just for decoration. Everything has a function, nothing is hidden, and you get what you see. I guess it is a Swiss approach to efficiency and functionality.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced as an entrepreneur so far?

Before starting this adventure, I thought that the hard part was going to be working many hours, not sleeping much, and enduring the pressure of deadlines. But actually, as I am the “boss,” I choose how much time I want to invest. Having a good balance between work and personal time is very important to me. Sleeping enough, spending time with family and friends, physical activity, and taking care of my body and mind is important.

I think the biggest challenge is to believe in myself no matter what, and making choices when I don’t know what the best solution is. I always want my work to be perfect, which doesn’t help in the decision process. Nothing would have come out if I’d always waited on perfection. Bringing a brand to life requires a lot of energy, both mentally and physically, and sometimes it can be quite overwhelming. However, as I move forward in the project, my vision becomes more and more precise; and I become more and more determined.

My belief in myself grows together with Mädi’s growth. And in the moments where I doubt myself, I am lucky to have very supportive family and friends. In the end, I know it is all worth it. I’ve learned so much, and I am excited to see what will happen in the future with Mädi and how it will continue to shape me as a person.

What advice do you have for women who would like to become a GirlBoss like yourself?

First: Take time to build your own story. There is not one way to build your dream and as you move forward, this dream will evolve, become more precise or even change. It is important to have a vision, but there can be many different paths to get there. So stay open minded.

Second: Stick to your values because values are the core of your business. Be authentic and honest about where you stand.

Third: Surround yourself with people who believe in you and who are competent; because it is not an adventure you do alone. The true richness of an adventure like this, is in the exchange of know-how with people your work with and the trustworthy relationships you build. To me, celebrating achievements are more joyful when I can share them with a team. Everything I have done until now; I did because of many talented collaborators.