Tynisha, the dynamic entrepreneur and visionary behind Visible Autism Ltd, is redefining what it means to succeed in the business world while championing inclusivity. As a passionate advocate for autism awareness, Tynisha’s journey is a testament to resilience, creativity, and the power of personal experience. From overcoming the challenges of university life to launching a groundbreaking business, her story is one of determination and inspiration.

Through her innovative approach to merging her love for dance, fitness, and autism advocacy, Tynisha is not only creating a thriving enterprise but also forging a path for others to follow. In this exclusive interview, she shares her journey, the inspirations behind her work, and her vision for a more inclusive future.

As a budding entrepreneur and CEO of Visible Autism Ltd, what inspired you to start your own business, and how has your journey been so far?

Starting Visible Autism Ltd is a bittersweet topic for me. During my first year at university, I faced many challenges and ultimately found it wasn’t the right environment for me. The dance environment suits me—the structure, the dedication, and the focus—but the university couldn’t support my autism adequately. The best option was to step away. A few months before this, I had an online coach named Olivia Beckford. When I expressed my frustration about having to constantly explain my autism, she suggested I create something that would show I have it without needing to explain it. The idea of hoodies came up, as they fit well with my style as a dancer.

After leaving university, I made a rash decision to start my own business. We came up with the name TJAutismawareness and a logo. While working on the clothing line, I decided to create an event to spread awareness about autism. I invited autism-friendly businesses and shared the event on social media. The event was a success, and from there, I realised this needed to be a business. With help from the Prince’s Trust and my family, we created Visible Autism Ltd, a business bridging the gaps between autism and society.

How do you believe your personal experiences with autism have shaped your perspective on entrepreneurship and life in general?

My experiences with autism have taught me the importance of creating an understanding and supportive environment. Constantly explaining my needs and adjustments can be exhausting and make me feel like a nuisance. Working for myself allows me to create a peaceful and understanding lifestyle. It won’t be easy, but it will be easier than navigating jobs that aren’t suitable for autism. By being an entrepreneur, I can create opportunities for like-minded people to work with me without feeling misunderstood.

Your passion for travel is evident. What are some of the top destinations on your bucket list, and why?

My first bucket list destination is Barbados, where my family is from. I want to visit to connect with my heritage and meet family members I’ve never met. My great-grandparents came over during the Windrush era, so it’s important to learn about that history.

The Maldives and Mykonos are next on my list for their relaxing and scenic views. I want to take pictures with the white buildings, watch the sunset, dip my feet in the sea, and have a swim-up pool in my room. These destinations symbolise success and relaxation to me.

As a dancer, I’m always looking for new studios and opportunities to learn from top choreographers. America, with its renowned dance studios and dancers, is a must-visit. Lastly, I’ve always wanted to visit Bondi Beach in Australia after watching Bondi Rescue on YouTube. My travel bucket list constantly evolves, and I want to see as many places as possible.

Being a Level 2 Gym Instructor and an instructor at SOS Dance Global, how do you balance your time between your personal pursuits and your professional commitments?

Honestly, I struggle to balance my time. After leaving university and dance, I was broken and looking for a way back into the industry. I found SOS Dance Global and realised it connected to A-list choreographers, which motivated me to complete the course. I’ve recently started this dance teacher journey as life kept getting in the way.

After leaving university, I pursued personal training as a backup plan. I recently passed my Level 2 Gym Instructor course and am working on my Level 3 Personal Trainer and Sports Masseuse qualifications. Sometimes I make rash decisions and overwhelm myself with too much to do. However, I’m proud that I always get everything done, and it will all be useful in the future.

What do you hope to achieve through your work as a gym instructor and dance instructor, and how does it tie into your broader mission with Visible Autism Ltd?

My biggest goal is to have a business that combines all my interests—being a gym instructor, dance teacher, and offering specialist classes for those with autism. I envision Visible Autism offering these services on a larger scale with multiple dance teachers, a gym, and a dance studio. Gym instructing and dance offer freedom, social interaction, and the opportunity to create a space where people feel understood. The journey will be tough, but when I can see my own property with a dance class in progress and clients enjoying a social environment, I’ll know the hard work was worth it.

Could you share a particularly memorable moment from your journey so far, either in your business endeavours or your personal life?

Memorable moments often involve small achievements that are significant for those with autism. As a child, I had meltdowns, struggled with social interactions, and reacted strongly to changes. These milestones, like taking the bus alone, cooking dinner, traveling independently, and recognising true friends, are important. 

However, one memorable moment was leaving dance university. It was both the worst and best day of my life. The lack of understanding and support for autism led to my departure. In my final meeting, I passionately declared, “I’m going to make it in the industry, and it won’t be because of you.” This moment drives me to prove that with the right support, anything is possible.

How do you envision the future of Visible Autism Ltd? Are there any exciting projects or initiatives in the pipeline that you’re excited to share?

My vision for Visible Autism is to make our logo the national symbol for autism, separate from controversial or divisive symbols. I believe our logo is needed in social environments and travel hubs. Our customers have already called it ‘trendy,’ which is a great start.

We are also pushing for legal requirements related to autism to be reevaluated. We have ran a petition in the past to get level 2 understanding autism and mandatory requirement. And we will be pushing this again very soon. Additionally, our new website has just launched which we are very excited about. You can find us at In addition it Joan to this, our quiet room at Lightwater Valley has been renovated and is up and running for this season which I am very proud of as it’s such a great addition and safe space for guests to have some down time if overwhelmed.

Living life on your own terms is a powerful aspiration. What does that look like for you, both in the short term and the long term?

In the short term, I feel I’m living life on my own terms. I’ve been working part-time in a gym to gain experience, running Visible Autism, teaching classes, and preparing to work abroad as a fitness instructor. This flexibility allows me to choose how I spend my days.

In the long term, I want to expand the aspects of my life I enjoy, not work for anyone else, and have Visible Autism running successfully. My goal is to integrate Visible Autism into my life, especially in dance, and spread it throughout the industry. Living life on my own terms means creating a healthy, understanding, and peaceful lifestyle.

One of my biggest achievements so far is that I am currently living and working in Crete for the summer as a bluef!t instructor for a company called Tui. For me I really felt like I needed to price to people that I can do this as when I was telling people I got the impression they thought I’d be home after a week. 6 weeks in and I am living my best life. I’m meeting so many new people, opening more opportunities and living independently in another country. To be payed to deliver you passion to guests is such a dream and it will only get better from here. I’m also smashing it as I’m also running Visible Autism at the same time

What advice would you give to other young entrepreneurs, particularly those who may be facing similar challenges or obstacles?

JUST SAY YES. Say yes to anything and everything. Sometimes it will work, sometimes it won’t, but you won’t know until you try. Every opportunity has guided me to where I am now. Make sure you have someone who understands you to help you along the journey. I have my family, who have been with me every step of the way.

Never let anyone take away your passion. Whatever keeps you going, hold onto it. The journey will be tough, but deep down, your passion will always be there when you come back for it.

How do you think society can become more inclusive and understanding of individuals with autism, and what role do you see yourself playing in that process?

Society needs to be willing to learn and understand for us to feel included. My petition is one way to start creating a more understanding world. My role is to show what life is like for many autistics like me. By sharing my experiences and showing that I live a normal life, I hope to prove that you never know who you’re interacting with and encourage more understanding.

As someone who believes in the power of dreams, what’s one dream you have that you haven’t yet pursued, and what steps are you taking to make it a reality?

One dream that stands out is becoming a professional dancer. I’ve always said that once I’ve danced on live TV, I’ve made it. There are many dance opportunities I’d love to pursue, but TV is the ultimate goal. Currently, I’m focusing on finishing my backup plan, and then I’ll be back in the dance studios pursuing this dream.

How do you maintain a positive mindset and stay motivated, especially when facing setbacks or challenges in your journey?

I go through phases where I’m not motivated and want to quit, but having a backup plan keeps me moving forward. The past couple of years have been a learning journey, and I’ve finally reached a point where I feel satisfied with life.

With your platform, what message do you hope to convey to young people, particularly those who may feel limited by societal norms or expectations?

I want to show that it’s okay not to live up to societal expectations. You don’t need to have it all figured out immediately. I’m working part-time jobs, traveling, still deciding what I want, and having fun. School was challenging, and I wish I knew more about different options when I left, but now I’m doing everything I can to enjoy my time. It’s important to follow your path and enjoy the journey.

As an entrepreneur, what are some key principles or values that you prioritise in your business endeavours?

As a new entrepreneur, I’m still navigating the industry. I’ve said yes to many opportunities to network and find what works. My business is based on my personal experiences and real-time events. It’s important to do what I actually want to do, not just what’s a good business idea.

On social media, I share real experiences rather than researching autism. Everyone’s experience is individual, and my research involves going out into the world and learning through my feelings and reactions.

What advice would you offer other young people who have been diagnosed with autism to help them on their journey?

1. The more you talk about it, the easier it becomes. It doesn’t need to be a formal conversation. Share your experiences when the opportunity arises.

2. It’s okay to have down days and take time for yourself. Don’t feel guilty about needing a break.

3. Friends come and go. It’s harder to find and keep them, but you will find your people.

4. Stand up for yourself. Only you know your autism. Make sure you’re heard and understood.

5. Autism doesn’t stop you. It may take time to adjust, but you have your strengths. Navigating your autism is a journey, but once you get momentum, enjoy it.

Where can people follow you and find out more?


– Facebook: visibleautismltd

– TikTok: visibleautismltd




Finally, if you could sum up your vision for your life and your business in one sentence, what would that be?

Life doesn’t have a rehearsal; I want to do anything and everything and show through my business that autism isn’t going to stop that.

As Tynisha’s story demonstrates, resilience and passion can pave the way for extraordinary achievements. Her journey with Visible Autism Ltd is a powerful reminder that challenges can be transformed into opportunities, and personal experiences can drive meaningful change. Tynisha’s vision for a more inclusive world is not just a dream but a tangible goal she works towards every day.

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Step into the enchanting world of Brooke Miles, the visionary photographer behind Above and Below Gallery. Specialising in capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of North Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Whitsunday Islands, Brooke’s work transcends traditional photography. 

With a deep passion for nature and an unwavering commitment to conservation, she transforms her lens into a portal, inviting viewers to experience the serene and vibrant landscapes both above and below the ocean’s surface. 

Join us as we explore Brooke’s incredible journey, the unforgettable moments that shape her artistry, and the profound impact she hopes to inspire through her breathtaking imagery…

Your gallery specialises in capturing the breathtaking beauty of North Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Whitsunday Islands. What initially drew you to these particular locations for your photography?

I moved here with my wedding and commercial photography business initially in 2008 and then permanently in 2012 from Scarborough/Perth/Western Australia. I was immediately drawn to the islands and underwater playground, where I developed my aerial and underwater photography skills, leading to the creation of the gallery.

The islands are like nowhere else in the world. Seventy-four islands surrounded by reefs, jungles, and unparalleled beauty. Just a bit further out is the Great Barrier Reef. The first time I flew over the reef (with camera in hand, of course!), I was blown away. I looked left, I looked right, and it just kept going. It’s truly spectacular. Now, every time I go out to the islands or the reef, the light is different, offering a new angle to capture. It’s a never-ending canvas, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to capture it.

Additionally, the town of Airlie Beach is small enough to feel special, and the tourism vibe brings a constant, lively atmosphere. I could go on and on about what drew me to this place and what keeps me here. It’s truly amazing!

Your online gallery offers a diverse range of oceanic imagery, from vibrant coral reefs to stunning sunsets. Can you share some memorable moments or experiences you’ve had while capturing these scenes?

Honestly, with aerial and underwater photography, every capture is a memorable experience. The aerial shoots of the Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef take my breath away every time I’m in the air. The underwater encounters always keep me guessing; you never know what you’re going to see or how the conditions will present. Some of my favourite dives are on the GBR at Heron Island, with its seemingly endless reef beds and marine life. A recent highlight was aboard the Mike Ball Liveaboard on the northern Great Barrier Reef, where the visibility was crystal clear, and the reefs were m and vibrant. One dive included swimming with around 50 sharks—totally amazing!

The whale encounters in Tonga are truly breathtaking. It’s like being on another planet—swimming and capturing stunning images of these gentle giants is one of my major life highlights. The first time a creature the size of a truck looks right at you with an eyeball the size of a grapefruit, that memory stays strong!

And then there are places like Raja, Mexico, Wolf Rock, Ningaloo—the list goes on! I also have what I call ‘feet on the ground’ images, where I am captivated by light and shapes on land.

Honestly, I’m very blessed to have so many great memories and to have built such a beautiful ‘job’!

The ocean holds such vast and varied beauty. How do you approach the challenge of distilling its essence into a single photograph?

Wow, great question. Honestly, I don’t think you can fully capture it; it’s just too vast. All I can do is capture the life, colour, and beauty that crosses my path in the hope that it connects with someone else. Whether it’s to simply hang on their wall and bring them joy or to inspire conservation, change, or hope.

Your gallery aims to transport viewers to the peaceful coasts through your photography. What emotions or feelings do you hope your artwork evokes in people?

Peace comes to mind first. I hope it slows down their world and mind for a moment. In this fast-paced, screen-fuelled existence we all live in, I hope my images allow people to stop and explore the layers and details within, slowing down time for just a little while.

Beyond being visually stunning, your prints also capture the essence of the ocean’s ecosystem. How do you ensure that your photography reflects the importance of preserving these natural environments?

Thank you for saying so, that’s really lovely feedback. Hopefully, by focusing on the ocean from perspectives most people don’t see for themselves (above and below), I can evoke an emotional connection to these environments. Simply seeing its vastness from above and fragility from below, even through a print, can spark conversation. And from conversation comes action.

The Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands are known for their unique marine life. Can you share any memorable encounters you’ve had with marine creatures while photographing?

The whales of Tonga, for sure. Swimming with these giants was life-changing. Most swims involved a mother and calf, chilling on the surface, which was incredible. But one time, we swam with a ‘heat run’—when 10 or so giant males chase one female. The rumbling sound of the males creates vibrations in the water, and the ocean is literally pulsating around you. The sound was incredible. The skipper would drop us in the ocean, and we’d swim and keep up for a few minutes, then get back in the boat and drop in again in front of them. We’d do this for an hour or so.

My favourite underwater creature is the octopus. They are so clever and interact with you like a timid child. If you spend time with them, they warm up to you and play. So cool!

Your gallery offers both online and in-person experiences for customers. How do you believe experiencing your artwork in person differs from viewing it online?

In person, you can see the texture of the mediums I use to print on and get a feel for the framing options and profiles available. This helps some people, though many buyers know what framing they want and are happy to order the print and have it shipped as a print-only, which is great for international buyers.

When customers visit in-store, they often fall in love with our other options and order their print finished in one of our all-inclusive options (framed print, framed canvas, metal, or acrylic).

What do you hope visitors to your gallery take away from their experience, whether online or in person?

Hopefully, a greater appreciation for nature and its beauty and the importance of keeping it that way. Not everyone is a conservationist, and you don’t have to be to appreciate nature. But if looking at my work—by immersing in the gallery or purchasing a print—can make someone think twice about decisions impacting their environment or spark conversation (which can create change), that’s a great result.

Nature photography often requires patience and timing. Can you walk us through your process when capturing the perfect shot?

A lot of my work involves aerial and underwater imagery, so I am on very limited time (about 30 minutes to an hour per shoot). I consider the tide, wind, cloud cover, and the position of the sun to increase the probability of getting the shots I want, but it doesn’t guarantee them. I can pre visualise my shots as much as I like, but nature will give me what she wants when I’m in the air or under the sea! So sometimes, I just have to roll with it. Sometimes I come back with different shots than I thought I would get!

Aerials are definitely easier to predict compared to shooting underwater. There’s no predictability because you can’t just dial in a turtle or an octopus! You’re scanning each reef bed and coral scape, looking up, down, and all around in case something is swimming past behind you! But when a scene does present itself, I zone in, my heart flutters, and I get a little excited because I feel I may have captured something special!

In addition to photographic prints, your gallery also offers ocean-inspired silk accessories and gifts. What inspired you to expand your offerings beyond prints?

When I was considering opening the gallery, I wanted to offer a gift range too. That was a no-brainer. I had bought a silk scarf (not printed, but plain blue) from a gift shop on my travels years before, and I knew how much I loved it, so I started researching and sampling my own. As soon as I received the first sample, I knew they had to be a staple of the gallery. My dad, a jeweler and my biggest fan (aside from my mum!), made it natural to include his works. The rest has evolved over time due to customer demand and my own love of creating quality souvenirs, not mass-produced rubbish found in most shops—just between you and me!

As the founder of Above and Below Gallery, what values or principles guide your business and artistic endeavours?

I try to be a good human first and foremost. I treat others with respect and am quite transparent. I try to create a good workplace for my team, empowering them to be the best they can be in their roles. Without my team, I wouldn’t have a gallery. There may only be a few of us, but everyone is just as important, and I value them dearly.

When I’m creating, I try to leave little to no footprint. When I’m editing, I try to do justice to the scenes I capture. I am a highly driven businesswoman, but I also like to keep things simple.

How do you stay inspired and motivated in your photography, especially when faced with challenges or creative blocks?

I am constantly inspired by nature and its colours and shapes. Sometimes, I will sit and stare at the ocean without taking a single picture. It’s important to watch sometimes. (This doesn’t apply to underwater photography, as I never go diving without my camera just in case!) Above the waterline, it’s okay to watch and write the ‘shot list’ in your head.

I also go on little photo trips where my goal is to take pictures without pressure to deliver every time. If I get a good shot, great. If not, it’s okay. There’s always next time.

As a business owner, I can get tied up running the business and not creating new work for months on end. Writing goals and setting deadlines can help, but ultimately, it’s up to me to keep myself accountable, which can be hard. Sometimes it’s just a matter of having a ‘get it done’ attitude!

Your gallery is located at The Port of Airlie Marina in Airlie Beach, Queensland. How does the surrounding environment influence your work and the atmosphere of the gallery?

The marina is a wonderful location. It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from the main street but offers peace and tranquility not found on the main street. This makes it quieter, which is great for print buyers who want to spend time choosing their artwork (though more foot traffic would be nice!).

The water is literally at our doorstep, adding to the water element found on the walls. People often walk in and say, “Wow, look at those colours—you’ve brought the ocean inside.”

The ocean profoundly impacts many people, whether they live near it or not. How do you believe your artwork can resonate with individuals from diverse backgrounds and locations?

It doesn’t matter what background you come from; everyone who walks into the gallery can appreciate the beauty of the ocean and nature. It’s a bit like music—it speaks no language or every language, depending on how you look at it!

Can you share any upcoming projects or collaborations you’re excited about?

I have set myself a personal challenge of releasing six new collections this year (2024). I have released two already, ‘Rainbow Beach’ and ‘The Rainforest,’ and I look forward to working on and releasing the next four over the next eight months. If you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll be the first to see them.

Your photography captures the ever-changing moods of the ocean. How do you adapt your approach to photography to reflect these changes in light, weather, and atmosphere?

Planning! I plan my shoots around the right tide, wind, and weather predictions to give me a better chance, but even with the best planning, things sometimes don’t go to plan. I can be in the air and get massive cloud cover or diving, and the visibility can turn murky. But this makes every successful shoot and image even more satisfying and, hopefully, valuable!

What advice would you give to aspiring photographers who hope to capture the beauty of nature in their work?

Get offline and go out and shoot! You can only learn so much in the classroom, but you have to get out there, get dirty, and create to learn. Also, don’t overdo it in Photoshop—let nature’s colors speak for themselves.

Beyond showcasing the beauty of the ocean, your prints convey tranquility and serenity. How important is it for you to evoke these feelings in your audience?

It’s very important. Hopefully, this feeling transcends into their home or office space where they choose to hang their print. I want them to feel something every time they look at a Brooke Miles print. I can’t tell them what to feel, but I want them to feel something!

Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations for Above and Below Gallery as an artist and a business owner?

As an artist, I want to create more images and collections. I love the feeling of releasing new work regularly. As a business owner, I see the gallery growing beyond North Queensland. I would love to partner with a gallery or investor overseas and expand the brand’s reach internationally. I would also love to exhibit other artists’ works and give them exposure.

Our readers love to travel. What destination is at the top of your bucket list?

My bucket list is long! I would love to spend some time at Wakatobi in Indonesia and photograph schooling hammerheads in Japan.

What’s your go-to quote when you lack motivation?

Someone once told me, “You can do it all, just not all at once,” which is good to remember when I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the things I want to do in my business.

Where can people follow you and find out more?

Online at, where you can shop and sign up for the newsletter. Or on socials @aboveandbelowgallery.

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Dimple Thakrar is a beacon of transformation and spiritual enlightenment. As a bestselling author and renowned spiritual guide, she has dedicated her life to helping others reconnect with their true selves and unlock their fullest potential.

Through her profound insights, captivating storytelling, and powerful healing practices, Dimple guides individuals on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Her unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern-day strategies has touched countless lives, making her a sought-after speaker on global platforms, including impactful podcasts and the prestigious Tony Robbins Impact Podcast. Dive into Dimple’s world and be inspired by her unwavering belief in the miracles that are available to us all.

Dimple, your journey seems incredibly transformative. Could you walk us through the pivotal moment when you reconnected your soul to your human body and how it influenced your path as a bestselling author and spiritual guide?

The moment Tony Robbins looked at me and said, “I see the love in you that you don’t see yet. It’s the reason I have spent so long with you today!” was the exact moment my heart chakra blew wide open and I allowed love in! It was the moment I allowed others, especially men, to see me.

This resulted in me becoming obsessed with saving my marriage and learning how to support other entrepreneurial couples in creating balance and outstanding relationships. It led to me developing my birth-given spiritual healing skills and channeling my bestselling book, The Roadmap to Purpose.

You’ve been featured on various impactful podcasts, each with its unique audience and focus. How do you tailor your message to resonate with diverse listeners, especially when discussing profound topics like love, peace, truth, and karma?

I don’t worry about the how; I focus on the why and then trust the words that are channeled through me. My primary focus and the one question I ask all my hosts is: Who is your audience, and what is their why? I trust in my knowledge, heart, and strength to raise love consciousness in the world. This is my big ‘why,’ and so when I focus on my why and the audience’s why, the magic just flows. I also trust that whoever is meant to receive this message will receive the exact words through me in their exact divine timing.

The Tony Robbins Impact Podcast is a platform with a global reach. Can you share with us how your experience on the show has shaped your perspective on personal development and reaching a wider audience?

It made it human. It made the stardom thing just disappear. We all deal with the same stuff. The key is: Can we navigate this world in love and joy no matter what life throws at us? The privilege of the podcast was mutual for me and Tony. It meant we had mutual respect for each other in an equal but very different way. The podcast also provided social proof for those who needed it of my brilliance and was super fun to do.

Your work seems to emphasize the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern-day challenges. How do you bridge the gap between ancient spiritual practices and contemporary life for your audience?

I don’t make them different. To me, they are the same. Woo-woo meets practical life; spirit meets strategy—they are all one to me. So, I call on people’s everyday experiences by explaining mine through storytelling to provide evidence that the human mind needs to convince themselves that they indeed use ancient wisdom to navigate their modern-day ‘challenges’ (I prefer to swap out challenges with opportunities).

The concept of “The Portal” sounds intriguing. Can you delve deeper into what it entails and how individuals can access their soul’s purpose, relationships, manifesting, and the quantum through this platform?

Now this is where the journey begins and all the juice is. The Portal and The Portal Ascension are containers that include my exact methods on not only how to delve deeper into your soul’s purpose but also how to clear all the blocks that we sabotage ourselves with in the past through energy healing!

“Miracles are possible and available for you.” This statement is powerful. Could you share a personal anecdote or a client’s story where this belief in miracles transformed their life in unexpected ways?

Absolutely! I had a client who lived in Australia, and I am UK-based. During our first telephone call, I had no idea about her medical condition. Within minutes of being on the phone with her, I felt a massive block in her back and told her she had a debilitating block in her lower back. We did a 45-minute audio healing session, and I felt my back pop—and so did she. After 15 years of experiencing back pain, where she was bed-bound and immobile and the doctors had explored all tests and couldn’t find an organic reason, she had no pain and started to walk again! She came to me initially because she wanted children but was fearful of the pain. Nine months later, she sent me a photo of her healthy newborn boy—conceived on the first try and very happy. Last week, at my Abundant You event, one woman who had suffered from hip pain and struggled to walk experienced no pain and could put her leg behind her head. Another lady who had a locked jaw for years was completely free of the jaw pain. Another lady cried as she felt her heart open and she cried with feeling love. These are miracles available to us all.

Quantumind appears to be a transformative program for impact-driven leaders. What inspired you to create this container, and what unique elements does it offer compared to other personal development programs?

OMG, this program is for those who believe in miracles and that they are available to them and want to expand in this area. It’s not your standard mastermind but more of a rocket ship to the land of the unknown where courageous, heart-centered souls hang out. If you can let go of needing to know all the details about Quantumind and trust your intuition, then this is the place for you! Like all my containers, they are inspired by listening to my intuition and noticing the gaps in the market for my audience. Many want to work with me one-to-one, but it is just not accessible for them, and so this is a great way to not only have a powerful community but also access group one-to-one and two one-to-one sessions with me.

You mentioned that Quantumind is not for the faint of heart. Can you elaborate on the level of commitment and dedication required from participants, and what they can expect in terms of accelerated transformation?

When you expand into the quantum, it requires a degree of belief in the unknown. Some call it blind faith—this is the piece that is not for the faint of heart. You have to be able to believe, without a shadow of a doubt, in your wildest dreams before you see evidence of them in this 3D world we call reality. The level of commitment to this way of living has to be 100%, and this is the level of commitment and dedication needed—100% All IN. Participants can expect all their wildest dreams—meeting their soulmates, creating financial abundance through loving what they do, unconditional happiness, soul-aligned work—really anything they dare to desire and dream possible for them and more.

Basic understanding of Quantum Physics seems to be a prerequisite for joining Quantumind. How do you simplify complex scientific concepts to make them accessible and relevant to individuals who may not have a background in physics?

I use many methods to simplify Quantum Physics in my Portal container. Physics does not have to be a prerequisite, but having faith in miracles and magic does. The reason I ask for Quantum Physics to be a prerequisite is because we move fast in Quantuminds. There is no time to convince people or teach the basics; that is available in The Portal or by attending one of my day seminars, Abundant You.

Energy healing is often met with skepticism in mainstream society. How do you address skeptics within your community, and what evidence or experiences do you offer to support the efficacy of energy healing practices?

I ask the skeptics: How do bones heal? How does your headache suddenly disappear when something more pressing takes your attention? Evidence: My dad’s healing from stage-four cancer in his bones and lymph nodes healed within six weeks with only two energy healing sessions and palliative care medication. His PSA blood levels went from 129 (this is very high) to 0 (this is normal). Doctors couldn’t believe it. They told him he had six months to live, and that was three years ago. He is cancer- and symptom-free. The doctors call him a miracle.

Your invitation to Quantumind emphasizes being heart-led and open to accelerated transformation. How do you cultivate a supportive and nurturing environment within the program to facilitate such profound shifts?

Simple, I lead with heart and stories of accelerated transformation in my life. I lead by example and become an energetic match for these qualities in the program.

Can you share some success stories from previous participants of Quantumind, highlighting the tangible outcomes they achieved in their work, home, and love lives after completing the program?

Without permission, this would not be possible as this is a safe, private space. However, if you need this evidence first before you join, this is not the place for you. The idea is that you trust in yourself and your power to create whatever it is you desire.

Dimple Thakrar

The power of the collective mind is emphasized in Quantumind. How do you harness the collective energy and intelligence of the group to amplify individual growth and breakthroughs?

By sharing stories and allowing self-support and group leadership. No hand-holding but pure trust in everyone’s power to lead themselves and others.

Clear goal-setting seems to be crucial for those joining Quantumind. How do you help participants clarify their goals and align them with their soul’s purpose and desires?

Clear goals are developed over the six months and are constantly changing. Most enter with clear goals, and they always evolve.

Your website mentions a “6-month container for impact-driven leaders ready to 10x every area of their lives.” What specific strategies or tools do you employ to facilitate such exponential growth within a relatively short time frame?

One word—Quantum. Because there is no time in the quantum. Therefore, things that would take years in the 3D world take no time in the quantum. It will seem like magic! I would highly recommend people attend my Abundant You seminar. The next one is on September 16th in London if they would love to understand Quantum Principles more.

The journey you offer through Quantumind seems profound and potentially life-altering. How do you support participants in integrating the insights and transformations gained during the program into their everyday lives beyond the six-month container?

I will let you know when we get to the six months

Honestly, so far, there is no need for integration because this is who they are. It’s a new identity, a way of being. They can’t go back to their old lives because it is unrecognizable.

For individuals considering joining Quantumind, what advice would you offer to help them prepare mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for the journey ahead?

No preparation is needed other than to trust your intuition and understand the principles of quantum physics—aka you believe you are the creator of your destiny.

As a bestselling author, you’ve likely encountered various perspectives on personal growth and spirituality. How do you navigate differing beliefs and opinions within your community while staying true to your own teachings and principles?

I honor and respect all people’s right to have their opinion and beliefs, and I choose to have mine. I live by mine, and how others live is none of my goddamn business. Living with love for all is my core principle. Do things that upset me? Yes, I am human, but I don’t blame others. I see it as a mirror for where I need to grow next, and I thank them for the opportunity to grow.

Dimple Thakrar

Your work seems deeply rooted in the belief that everyone has the potential to manifest a life beyond their wildest dreams. How do you help individuals overcome limiting beliefs and unlock their full potential?

Energy healing to clear subconscious beliefs that are often stuck in their bodies.

Our readers love to travel. What destination is at the top of your bucket list?

The Great Wall of China and Borneo.

Lastly, what does living a life beyond one’s wildest dreams mean to you personally, and how has your own journey shaped your understanding of this concept?

I thrive in the unknown. I surrender to control and the need to know, and I trust in the unexpected and firmly believe I am always safe and protected. It’s how I healed my marriage from the brink of divorce to extraordinary in months, how my hubby healed himself from cancer with no treatment, how I created seven figures in my mentor and healing business in 15 months, and how I met people like Dr. Joe Dispenza through manifesting to meeting in 10 days (full story on my podcast Beyond the Words).

Where can people follow you and find out more?


Want to experience the quantum yourself? Join me at my live show in London: Abundant You.

For more inspiring stories and transformative journeys, dive into House of Coco and discover the endless possibilities waiting for you.

The Best Destinations in Greece for Luxury Seeking Foodie Families

Greece offers a blend of luxury and gastronomy, making it ideal for luxury-seeking foodie families. Its diverse culinary landscape, from Michelin-starred restaurants to quaint tavernas, offers tantalising flavours to delight every palate. Indulge in exquisite Mediterranean cuisine while relishing stunning views of the Aegean Sea. Luxury accommodations and exclusive activities enhance the holiday experience, perfect for luxury-seeking families.

Here are the best destinations in Greece for luxury-seeking foodie families.

1. Antipaxos

A hidden gem in Greece, Antipaxos offers a luxurious retreat for foodie families seeking a taste of paradise away from the busy tourist crowd. Known for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rich culinary offerings, it has everything luxury-seeking foodie families seek.

When indulging in the island’s gastronomic delights, visit upscale beachfront restaurants and tavernas. Savour freshly caught seafood, locally sourced produce, and exquisite Greek wines while enjoying panoramic views of the Ionian Sea.

For a truly luxurious experience, consider renting a private yacht to bask in comfort and privacy while exploring the island’s hidden coves and secluded beaches.

Embark on a culinary adventure by attending cooking classes led by local chefs, where you can learn to prepare traditional Greek dishes using fresh ingredients sourced from the island’s fertile land and surrounding waters.

When it’s time to unwind and pamper yourselves, indulge in spa treatments and massages at boutique hotels or luxury resorts, offering rejuvenating massages and wellness therapies amidst the island’s tranquil surroundings.

For families with adventurous kids, engage in activities like snorkelling, diving, and yacht excursions to explore the island’s vibrant marine life and stunning underwater landscapes.

2. Crete

As the largest island in Greece, Crete is a haven for luxury-seeking foodie families. It offers lavish accommodation options, exquisite cuisine, and captivating experiences to cater to all ages. Indulge in the island’s rich culinary heritage by dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, traditional tavernas, and olive oil estates. Treat yourselves to delectable Cretan specialities or fresh seafood from the Mediterranean Sea.

With plenty of luxury accommodations around the island, you will have numerous options for lavish, family-friendly accommodations, from elegant seaside resorts to secluded villas nestled amidst vineyards and olive groves. Relax in private infinity pools, pamper yourselves with spa treatments inspired by ancient Greek rituals, and savour personalised dining experiences crafted by renowned chefs.

Explore Crete’s cultural treasures with private guided tours of archaeological sites like the Palace of Knossos and the ancient city of Aptera. Embark on culinary adventures with olive oil and wine-tasting tours, where you can sample the island’s finest produce while learning about traditional harvesting techniques.

If you want to explore the great outdoors through yacht cruises to uninhabited islands, horseback riding through picturesque landscapes, and hiking along the breathtaking Samaria Gorge.

3. Kos

Kos is a wonderful alternative for families seeking scenic holidays in Greece, with breathtaking views and delicious food. To begin your gastronomic journey, indulge in the island’s delightful cuisine at award-winning restaurants, seaside tavernas, and gourmet markets. Sample mouth-watering Greek specialities such as souvlaki, grilled octopus, and baklava, all prepared with the freshest local ingredients.

Luxury accommodations abound on Kos, ranging from elegant beachfront resorts to luxurious villas nestled amidst olive groves and vineyards. Unwind in private pools, enjoy personalised spa treatments, and relish bespoke dining experiences crafted by world-class chefs.

When it’s time for sightseeing, discover Kos’s rich history and culture with private tours of ancient ruins like the Asklepion and the Castle of the Knights. Delve into the island’s culinary heritage with olive oil and wine tastings, where you can savour the finest local produce while learning about traditional production methods.

For families who love to explore the great outdoors, consider yacht charters to secluded beaches, horseback riding through picturesque landscapes, and cycling tours along scenic coastal paths.

4. Lefkas

Lefkas, also known as Lefkada, is a stunning Greek island in the Ionian Sea, renowned for its pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and rich culinary scene. It offers luxurious experiences, delightful gastronomy, and family-friendly activities, making it an ideal destination for foodie families seeking an unforgettable holiday experience.

Begin your journey by indulging in the island’s culinary delights at upscale restaurants, charming tavernas, and local markets. Lefkas boasts a diverse gastronomic scene, offering mouthwatering dishes such as fresh seafood, traditional Greek meze, and locally produced wines and cheeses. Indulge in leisurely meals overlooking the azure sea, savouring the flavours of authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

Stay in lavish boutique hotels or upscale villas featuring private pools and panoramic views. Relax in style, enjoy personalised service, treat yourselves to spa treatments, and experience gourmet dining experiences tailored to your preferences.

Lefkas also offers families opportunities to explore the great outdoors and experience its stunning natural beauty. Embark on sailing excursions to secluded beaches, book yacht charters to neighbouring islands, or embark on hiking adventures through lush forests and picturesque villages.

Delve into the island’s rich history and heritage by visiting ancient sites such as the Archaeological Museum of Lefkada and the medieval Castle of Agia Mavra. Consider booking exclusive wine-tasting tours of local vineyards to sample the island’s finest vintages and learn about the island’s winemaking traditions.

5. Naxos

Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades islands, offering a luxurious haven for luxury-seeking foodie families. Renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and delectable cuisine, it perfectly combines luxury with gastronomic delights and has everything families need for an unforgettable holiday experience in Greece.

Savour the island’s culinary treasures at upscale restaurants, charming tavernas, and local markets, where you can order fresh seafood, traditional Greek meze, and locally produced wines and cheeses. Dine at waterfront restaurants and enjoy your meals overlooking the Aegean Sea, surrounded by the island’s natural beauty.

Splash out on luxury by staying in lavish villas surrounded by breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. Unwind in style by relaxing in your private pool, indulging in spa treatments, and trying out gourmet dining experiences.

Immerse on the island’s rich history and heritage through visits to ancient sites such as the Temple of Apollo and the Portara. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are plenty of ways to explore the island’s diverse landscapes. Embark on boat excursions to secluded beaches or hiking adventures through rugged mountains and verdant valleys.

The summer months are fast approaching, which means that it will not be long until we can enjoy spending quality time in the garden. It is hard to beat relaxing in the backyard during the warmer months, whether you are socializing with loved ones or simply sitting outside and soaking up the sun. With summer approaching, it is worth considering a few upgrades for your garden that will help you make the most out of the good weather this year. There are all kinds of excellent upgrades to consider that could make a big difference to both your garden and life. Keep reading for a few ideas.

Zero-Turn Mower

If you have a lawn, you will want to keep it uniform and looking its best throughout the summer months. This can be tricky and physically demanding when you have a manual mower, which is why a zero-turn rideable mower is an excellent upgrade for your garden and life. A zero turn lawn mower makes mowing a breeze as you can simply drive it across your lawn with the ability to turn within its own footprint, making it ideal for tricky spaces. A zero-turn mower will help you keep your garden looking its best – it is also good fun, too!

Solar-Powered Lighting

To make the most of the garden, you want to have lighting that is both practical and decorative. Solar-powered lights are ideal as they are wireless and environmentally friendly, and there are all kinds of beautiful styles to choose from. These lights will help illuminate your space and create a warm, cozy, and intimate feel on those long summer evenings.

Outdoor Bar

There is nothing better than enjoying a few drinks with friends on a warm summer’s evening, but it is frustrating when you are the host and constantly have to head inside to get people’s drinks. This is why an outdoor bar is an excellent upgrade for your garden and can help to create a fun atmosphere and cool aesthetic. You could build your own fully-stocked bar or simply buy a portable bar stocked with a range of drinks for easy access.

Artwork & Decoration

People often neglect artwork and decoration in the garden. This is a shame as it is a great way to personalize the space and create an attractive-looking outdoor area. There are all kinds of ways to incorporate artwork and decor into the space, such as:

  • Sculptures
  • Ornaments
  • Wind chimes
  • Pottery
  • Artwork hung on the fence
  • Garden mirrors
The Best Upgrades For Your Garden This Summer

Outdoor Games

Outdoor games can also be great fun during the summer months. There are plenty of outdoor games that you can add to your garden to create a fun space as well as add visual appeal. These include:

  • Giant outdoor chess
  • Lawn twister
  • Bowls
  • Giant Jenga
  • Croquet

If you are looking to make a few upgrades to your outdoor space for the summer, these are all options that are worth considering. These upgrades will greatly elevate your space and help you make the most out of the good weather.

Meet Alexandria Cruz, the visionary behind FLORA, a blossoming fashion brand that intertwines the worlds of artistry and sustainability. With a childhood steeped in the vibrant hues of Puerto Rico and a passion for textiles inherited from her interior designer mother, Alexandria’s journey into the realm of fashion design was inevitable. Drawing inspiration from her multicultural heritage and early experiences surrounded by lush flora and fauna, she embarked on a quest to redefine feminine fashion through FLORA by Alexandria.

In this exclusive interview, Alexandria shares insights into her creative process, her commitment to sustainability, and her vision for empowering women through fashion.

Join us as we delve into the heart of FLORA and discover the intersection of art, style, and self-expression with Alexandria as our guide…

What inspired you to start FLORA by Alexandria, and how has that initial vision evolved over time?

I knew from an early age that I was inspired by textiles. My mother was an interior designer, so I was always surrounded by fabric samples and large reams in all kinds of prints and styles. That love of textiles grew to a love of fashion design and more specifically, floral prints. I realised I’d have to visit five different stores or brands to check to see who was carrying floral prints so, I decided there needed to be a one-stop shop for floral fashion. This is where the idea for FLORA by Alexandria emerged.

We are a newly launched brand as of November 2023. As we evolve, I see incorporating a mixture of loud and soft florals and ones that have been hand-painted and designed by myself.

Your designs are described as balancing between feminine and masculine auras. Can you share more about the philosophy behind this unique approach?

Sure! The classic idea of masculine fashion: blazers, collars on clothing, button-downs, pleated trousers is something I’ve been very inspired by. I call this look the handsome woman look. These are typically cleaner silhouettes lacking extra ruffles and frills. That, paired with the femininity of floral prints and silky fabrics is where the duality of masculine and feminine auras meet.

How do you incorporate your floral paintings into your designs, and what significance do these prints hold for you?

I typically start with a paintbrush and a few reference images of florals that I’m interested in or inspired by. I then scan my paintings (acrylic, oil, or watercolour) into Photoshop and play around with the composition to make it a repeatable pattern. I’ve learned through this process that not all paintings look great on fabric, even though they may look spectacular on your wall. Therefore, it’s a huge trial and error process that requires a lot of patience.

I lived in Puerto Rico for the first five years of my life before moving to my hometown of Charlotte, NC (I’m half Puerto Rican, half white). I spent most of my days on the beach or surrounded by the flora and fauna of the island and so, I believe my love of florals began through this very peaceful, early childhood experience of growing up in such a vibrant place. Also, not to mention it was the late 80s/early 90s, the height of Gloria Estefan, Selena, and Kenny G- what a magical time, Puerto Rico in the 90s.

FLORA places a strong emphasis on using natural or recycled fibres. Could you tell us more about your commitment to sustainability and how it influences your design process?

While sustainability is difficult to accomplish, particularly for a newer brand, I felt that it’s important to start somewhere in the process of becoming a “recognised eco-conscious brand.” Therefore, we started with the part we can control the most, and that is the quality of our fabrics. Each material is selected for its natural qualities, even the buttons, and we choose to stay away from polyester items typically used in fast fashion.

Can you share some insights into the three-question quality test your team employs to ensure lasting quality in FLORA garments?

No one likes to wear clothing that makes them feel hot, sticky, and uncomfortable. Our clothes are designed for warmer weather climates, therefore, we generated a three-question test to make sure we stay in line with our goal to produce breathable, easy-to-wear styles day and night:

  • Is it gentle on the skin?
  • Is it breathable?
  • Is it a natural fibre?
  • Before a garment is sent into final production, it undergoes several tests to check the three questions above. These checks are accomplished through material washes, fit checks, and so on.

Your letter to the FLORA community mentions rewriting the narrative together. What changes or shifts in the fashion industry are you most passionate about championing?

FLORA is designed for the woman who doesn’t want to be put in a box, no matter her age. She’s the woman who can fit many different roles and enjoys doing so, from conservative to flirty, from the boss to the mother. There is a little something for every mood, phase, or life quest at FLORA.

In what ways do you hope FLORA garments empower women to express themselves creatively?

There is just something about putting on a vibrant floral print that elevates your spirit. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you’re wearing yellow florals, for example, and we believe there is a creative being in all of us waiting to be engaged. Therefore, we hope that by wearing FLORA, the creative spirit rises within each of its wearers and inspires women to engage their natural-born imagination and creativity.

How do you see fashion as a means of promoting self-confidence and empowerment?

The saying, “when you look good, you feel good” couldn’t be more true. When women dress in clothes that truly represent themselves, there is a sense of pride and joy that coincides which is ultimately empowering.

What challenges have you faced as a small business owner in the fashion industry, and how have you overcome them?

Finding the right manufacturing partner was a challenge and took a lot of research to find. Now, we are grateful for our partners in Vietnam and San Francisco and look forward to building a long-term partnership. Also, the idea that not every brand aspect needs to be solidified from day 1 and that it’s okay to learn and evolve through customer feedback has been a difficult lesson to learn but one that holds a lot of truth.

Your purpose statement emphasises inspiring others to live fully. How do you envision FLORA contributing to this mission beyond just clothing?

I used to be an art therapist and mental health counsellor and saw that most humans just want to be seen and heard to reach self-actualisation, and when you’re happy you tend to take more risks and live with a higher sense of self. So, at FLORA, we want to help women feel seen.

As our small business evolves, we would love to empower under-resourced women through a social responsibility arm of FLORA.

What advice would you give to aspiring designers looking to create their own sustainable fashion brands?

Just start, don’t wait for all the stars to align, you can always figure it out as you go.

How do you stay connected to your customers and their needs as you continue to grow FLORA?

Many of our customers have been seeing the brand grow from the behind-the-scenes posts I’ve shared on my personal Instagram @alexandriacruz. We also are transparent with our customers through the FLORA Instagram account @florabyalexandria and show behind the scenes of the photoshoots before styles have been released. As we grow, I’d like to share more of my painting and design process through our social channels and email communication.

We may even let consumers vote on the next print!

Could you describe the typical FLORA customer? What characteristics or values do they share?

A typical FLORA customer is a natural beauty, curious about the world, has an appreciation for art, love of warmer climates and of course, florals.

Our readers love to travel, what destination is at the top of your bucket list?

I’ll be traveling to Spain and the South of France soon; they have always been a bucket list place for me. Next, Portugal!

What’s your go-to quote when you are lacking motivation?

“If it weren’t hard, everyone would do it” – helps me remember it’s supposed to be hard!

I also wrote this mantra for myself: I am going to make mistakes, they may be costly, it’s part of the process, How I pivot and learn will determine my success, just keep going, don’t give up.

Finally, what message would you like to share with the readers of House of Coco magazine about FLORA and your journey as a designer?

Looking outside of myself and noticing the beauty around me has been the driving force behind my artistic vision and creativity. So, I encourage your readers as they travel the world, to take it all in, inspire and stay inspired– always!

Ready to explore more captivating journeys? Dive into House of Coco for an abundance of inspiring stories waiting to ignite your imagination and fuel your passions.

The Cumberland Hotel’s History

Standing proud in the vibrant streets of London, The Cumberland Hotel shines as a beacon of timeless elegance and unparalleled hospitality. The hotels illustrious history is intertwined with the rich tapestry of London’s cultural scene, make it not just a place to stay but a destination imbued with a legacy of music and entertainment.

Originally constructed in the 1930s, The Cumberland Hotel has long been a cherished landmark in London’s cultural landscape. Over the decades, it has played host to an array of music icons, from legendary bands to solo artists, who have graced the halls with unforgettable performances. The echoes of past concerts linger in the air, adding a sense of magic to every stay.

One of the most notable periods in the hotel’s history is its association with iconic musicians of the 1960s. During this time, The Cumberland Hotel became a hub for the burgeoning rock and roll scene, attracting artists and fans alike with its vibrant energy and unparalleled hospitality. Legendary bands such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones frequented the hotel, often staying in its luxurious suites and making impromptu appearances at its bars and lounges.

In the following decades, The Cumberland Hotel continued cementing its reputation as a haven for music lovers. Artists ranging from David Bowie to Queen have left an indelible mark on its legacy. Today, The Cumberland Hotel continues to pay homage to its musical heritage while offering guests a luxurious retreat in the heart of London. With its exclusive Backstage upgrade, guests are treated to a truly immersive experience that goes beyond traditional hospitality.

Backstage Upgrades and Rock Star Status

My recent stay at The Cumberland Hotel offered me more than just a luxurious retreat; it provided a journey through the hotel’s rich musical history. As a delegate representing the United Nations CSW68, celebrating International Women’s Day in London, I sought a place to unwind and celebrate after fulfilling my duties. Stepping into the lobby, I was immediately embraced by an ambience steeped in history, with echoes of past performances reverberating through its halls. I was also embraced by the hotels signature scent and a vibrant buzzing lobby, the perfect tone for my evening of self-care and celebration.

The Backstage upgrade, with its exclusive amenities and indulgent offerings, served as a fitting tribute to the hotel’s musical heritage. As I lounged in the relaxing seating area, savouring the most delicious dim sum delicacies and fine wines, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of reverence for the artists who had once graced this very space with their presence.

The exceptional service from the Backstage staff truly elevated my stay at The Cumberland Hotel to rock-star status. Each time I visited this exclusive area, I was treated with attentiveness and care that made me feel like a VIP. Whether anticipating my preferences for food and drinks or providing me with options of personalised music to enjoy in my suite, the staff went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of my stay was nothing short of extraordinary. Their genuine warmth and dedication to creating memorable experiences left an indelible impression, making me feel like a true rock star throughout my time at the hotel.

A Suite Life

Stepping into my suite at The Cumberland Hotel felt like entering a sanctuary of luxury and comfort. Impeccable cleanliness greeted me at every turn, with every surface gleaming and inviting. The attention to detail was evident, from the perfectly arranged furnishings to the pristine linens adorning the bed. My highlight of the suite was the expansive and beautifully decorated walk-in wardrobe, complete with a selection of designer robes and slippers, offering a touch of indulgence that exceeded expectations.

As I explored the suite further, I discovered a fully stocked mini-bar offering an array of beverages to suit every preference. The music theme continued in my suite, a treasure trove of musical memorabilia. From vintage posters to LP players to guitars. However, what put the biggest smile on my face was the thoughtful gesture from the Backstage staff – a chilled bottle of fizz and a beautifully arranged fruit platter awaited me upon arrival, setting the tone for a memorable stay. Each element of the suite exuded a sense of refinement and sophistication, ensuring that my time at The Cumberland Hotel was nothing short of exceptional.

During my stay, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the hotel’s live music experience during dinner at the Sound Bar, where talented musicians serenaded guests and lifted the atmosphere with lively melodies and infectious rhythms. It was a magical evening, reminiscent of the legendary performances that had once electrified The Cumberland Hotel’s stages.

Beyond its musical offerings, The Cumberland Hotel continues to excel in providing unparalleled hospitality and luxurious accommodations. Situated just moments away from Hyde Park and Oxford Street, it offers the perfect blend of tranquility and convenience for travellers eager to explore all that London has to offer.

In summary

My stay at The Cumberland Hotel was a journey through time and music, where the echoes of past performances mingled with the sounds of the present. From the exclusive Backstage upgrade to the impeccable service and stylish accommodations, every moment was infused with a sense of history and sophistication. For travellers seeking a truly unforgettable experience in the heart of London, The Cumberland Hotel remains a beacon of luxury and cultural heritage, inviting guests to become part of its storied legacy. Would I stay here again? A reSOUNDing yes!

Key Facts

  • Hotel Name: The Cumberland Hotel
  • Location: Marble Arch, London, United Kingdom
  • Average Price for a 1-Night Stay in a Suite with Backstage Upgrade:
    • Weekday Rate: £350 – £450 GBP per night
    • Weekend Rate: £400 – £500 GBP per night (prices may vary depending on the season and availability)
  • Amenities: Backstage Upgrade (exclusive access to Backstage area with complimentary food and drinks), fully stocked mini-bar, luxury linens and designer robes, personalised service from attentive staff.

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Imagine being born on February 29th 1992 and thinking you are 32 years old – but actually, on a technicality, you’re only eight years old. Mad, right?

Unlike many of us, leap-year babies only get to celebrate a birthday once every four years. Of course, we’re sure these savvy individuals have indulged in celebrations (and most importantly, presents) on February 28th, but it’s still a bit trippy.

leap day year babies win travel holiday
Leap Day babies could win a £1000 holiday this February….

Well, loveholidays agrees that there’s a little bit of unfairness going on from the universe and has given little leaplings the opportunity to win a £1000 holiday. Suddenly we’re a bit envious of this particular birth date…

To celebrate Leap Day 2024, online travel agent loveholidays is giving away five £1000 holiday vouchers to those born on February 29th because…well because they’re out there doing God’s work, really.

According to the Office of National Statistics, 10,796 people have been born on February 29th in the UK, since 1995. Okay, so the odds aren’t quite as high as some Leap Day babies might have hoped. But still…

Commenting on the giveaway, Al Murray, Chief Marketing Officer at loveholidays says: 

“Birthdays are a time to celebrate another go round the sun, and more people are choosing the gift of travel above anything else to do so. Having a birthday every four years means those born on leap day can miss out on the usual birthday fuss, so as part of our random acts of sunshine, we’re offering them the perfect opportunity to make up for ‘lost time’.”

How to enter the Leap Day competition

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), 10,796 people have been born on February 29 in the UK since 1995. If you’re one of these people, you can enter the giveaway until the end of Thursday 29th February. Entrants will need to submit their full name, email address and date of birth. T&Cs, including I.D. verification, apply.

Five lucky winners will be able to use their vouchers on a well-deserved break, selecting from millions of holidays, from short-haul city breaks to longer-haul package holidays. Not a bad trade-off for being a Leap Day baby, we don’t think…

Your brand identity is more than just a logo or color scheme—it’s the essence of your business that resonates with your consumers. It encompasses the values and personality that you convey through every interaction. When this identity is echoed in your unique packaging, you create a cohesive brand experience that can significantly enhance customer recognition and loyalty. Eye-catching and memorable product packaging not only sets your products apart on the shelf but also reinforces your brand message in the minds of your customers.

Understanding how to align your brand identity with your packaging is crucial for success in today’s competitive market. Consumers often make purchasing decisions based on first impressions—and your packaging is often the first point of contact. By innovating with print boxes for your business, you can ensure that your brand story is being told consistently and effectively from the moment a consumer sees your product to the unboxing experience.

By investing in packaging that reflects your brand’s core values and appeals to the aesthetic of your audience, you reinforce your brand’s place in the market. It’s not just what’s inside that counts; the exterior is a powerful tool for connection and communication. Whether you’re an established company looking to revamp your packaging or a startup making your debut, aligning your brand identity with your packaging choices is a pivotal step toward building a strong, recognizable brand.

Developing a Cohesive Brand Identity

To build a cohesive brand identity, you must grasp your brand’s core values, implement consistent design aesthetics, and maintain uniformity across all customer interaction points. A well-defined identity fortifies your brand’s promise and shapes its perception in the marketplace.

Understanding Your Brand’s Core Values

Your brand’s core values are the cornerstone of its identity. They articulate what you stand for and guide every aspect of your business, from your mission statement to your brand message. To connect with your audience meaningfully, clarify your values and ensure they resonate with your customers’ beliefs and expectations. Reflect on what sets you apart and weave these differentiators into your communication efforts to create brand familiarity.

The Role of Design and Aesthetics

Crafting your brand’s visual identity extends beyond just the logo; it encompasses the selection of fonts, color schemes, and imagery that convey your brand’s personality. The design elements should align with your brand values to create a visual language that’s instantly recognizable. Think of design as a tool to communicate your brand message—including your brand’s mission and promise—in a way that appeals to your audience.

Consistency Across Touchpoints

Consistency is the key to reinforcing your brand strategy and ensuring a cohesive identity. It is critical to establish a consistent voice, tone, and style across all communication channels—from packaging to online content—to aid in developing a strong brand perception. Every point of interaction with your customers should reaffirm who you are and the value you provide, solidifying their trust and loyalty.

By aligning your brand identity and packaging innovations with your core values, design aesthetics, and maintaining consistency across all touchpoints, you will build not just a brand, but a lasting legacy in the minds of your customers.

Innovating with Unique Packaging

Crafting a distinct packaging strategy ensures not only the preservation and presentation of your product but also creates a compelling narrative for your brand. As you explore ways to innovate, consider the materials and design elements that resonate with your customer base, all while focusing on sustainability and uniqueness.

Elevating the Unboxing Experience

Your packaging is the first physical touchpoint with consumers, and it’s critical in developing a memorable customer experience. The unboxing event should engage customers through various elements like color schemes and imagery that reflect your visual identity. High-quality materials combined with innovative design can transform a simple act of opening a box into an entire event that customers may share on social media, expanding your brand presence.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Practices

In an era where sustainability is a consumer priority, the use of eco-friendly and recyclable materials in your packaging design can make a significant statement about your brand values. Sustainable practices are not only crucial for the environment but also can foster a positive emotional connection with consumers who share these values. Opting for recyclable or biodegradable materials clearly conveys your commitment to the planet.

Customization and Personalization

The appeal of customization lies in its ability to foster a deeper engagement with your customers. Personalized packaging incorporating a customer’s name or a unique design can make the experience feel exclusive and luxurious. Collaboration with your customers during the design process of custom packaging can also enhance customer loyalty and support, as it provides them what they value: acknowledgment and appreciation from the brands they patronize.

By integrating unique packaging options from companies that specialize in Custom Boxes Packaging, you tap into innovative solutions that maintain product protection and elevate the overall aesthetic. Remember, simplicity in your packaging can often speak volumes—complex isn’t always better. Effective packaging innovation requires consistent brand consistency, a deep understanding of your market, and reliable testing to ensure the quality and reliability of your designs.


Aligning your brand identity with innovative packaging is a strategic move that distinguishes your products in the market. By leveraging custom packaging, you create a memorable customer experience and communicate your values effectively. It’s more than just aesthetics; it’s about creating a tangible extension of your brand that resonates with consumers. Consistency in branding, aided by distinctive packaging, builds recognition and trust, giving you a competitive edge.

Having a pet at home is fun and exciting, but you should also be responsible. You should take proper care of it and train it to behave well in public.

There is so much to consider when caring for a pet that it could soon add to your expenses. 

Trips to the vet are also costly, so it is advisable to have pet insurance coverage for your pet dog or cat.

In this post, you’ll learn about pet insurance and how to find affordable pet insurance. 

What Is Pet Insurance, And Why Do You Need It?

Pet insurance is an insurance policy that a pet owner buys. Its goal is to help lessen the overall costs of taking care of a pet, especially in terms of veterinary expenses.

The coverage concept is very similar to people’s health insurance policies. Pet insurances generally cover a part of or the total costs of expensive veterinary examinations and procedures. 

The procedures are similar to life and health insurance policies that pet owners are already familiar with. However, you must compare several pet insurance policies before committing to one.

Why Should You Compare Pet Insurance?

A visit to the vet could be expensive, but so is pet insurance. That is why you need to consider and company several pet insurance coverages before choosing the suitable one for your pet.

Switching pet insurance is not the same as doing so for home or car insurance. It will not save you money but will cost you more because your pet will be much older and less healthy than when you bought the previous insurance policy.

That is one of the main reasons you must compare pet insurance and choose one wisely. You must find the right pet insurance policy at an affordable price.

How To Find Affordable Pet Insurance?

Finding an affordable pet insurance policy is crucial to stick to it in the long run. You must check for insurance deals and compare various deals via insurance company websites and the like.

You must have some knowledge of this subject matter to be able to choose the right insurance policy for your pet.

How To Compare Pet Insurance Quotes?

You can compare pet insurance policy quotes on price comparison websites. These sites will give you an idea of the costs of different types of insurance policies.

Once you visit the insurance company’s website, you must check if the pet insurance policy details match your expectations.

Another thing to note is if the insurance company has the correct details about you and your pet so that the insurance quote is accurate.

What Do You Need To Get A Pet Insurance Quote?

You need the below details to get an insurance quote for your pet.

  • Its age
  • Its breed
  • Its size
  • Its medical history and current health condition
  • Its behavioral history
  • For how much you bought it if bought instead of adopted

Your pet’s breed is vital when choosing the correct type of insurance. Some breeds are more prone to specific injuries, making them more expensive to insure.

Therefore, learn about the needs of your pet’s particular breed, as it will help you find a cheaper premium. 

For example, dachshunds can be prone to back issues and labrador retrievers to cruciate ligament issues. Treatment costs for these issues are very high and can set you back by thousands of dollars.

Cats are relatively healthier than dogs, so that you can consider a lower level of cover. However, cats can be prone to certain chronic conditions like hyperthyroidism, especially later in their lives.

You must also speak to your vet about your pet’s health condition and hereditary issues. They will be able to estimate how much insurance you should get for your furry friend.

Use Cashback Sites To Get Cheaper Insurance

Another type of comparison website is the cashback site. As the name denotes, these sites pay pet owners a cash reward when they buy products and services from their websites. The services rewarded included insurance as well.

These websites are worth visiting while you shop for discounts, deals, and offers. However, they may not necessarily offer you the best deals, even with the cashback reward. Therefore, you need to go through these sites and analyze them well.

For example, a $1000 insurance policy with $200 cashback is far from a bargain if you can get the same coverage from another insurance policy for $700.

What Type Of Pet Insurance Do You Need?

Here are the three primary types of pet insurance.

Lifetime Cover Pet Insurance

Lifetime cover pet insurance is the most comprehensive and popular type of pet insurance available. 

It pays out indefinitely for medical treatment for your pet’s entire life, with annual limitations.

Non-Lifetime Cover Pet Insurance

Non-lifetime cover pet insurance is a less comprehensive form of pet insurance. In this policy, cover for conditions can ‘run out’ within the pet’s lifetime.

Non-lifetime policies exclude health conditions after a cash limit has been depleted or the time limit has been exceeded.

Accident-Only Pet Insurance

Accident-only pet insurance is the cheapest type of insurance that you are able to get for your pet. It doesn’t cover any illnesses or health conditions. 

It will only pay a fixed amount for any treatment due to accidents and injuries.

How Much Insurance Cover Do You Need?

The average pet insurance claim in 2021 was $1050, a significant rise compared to the average paid in 2020, which was $1012. It is believed to have risen due to the increasing cost of treatments.

Therefore, you may need to make several claims, which are becoming common today. To avoid this type of situation, follow these steps:

  • Look for an insurance policy that pays for both illnesses and injuries
  • Stay away from insurance policies from which you can claim less than $2478 per year

Keep in mind that these are minimum recommendations. The pet owner will need to bear Any additional treatment cost beyond the cover amount.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

The opportunity to claim greatly depends on the pet owner. You are left with no alternative if you are unconvinced about the amount your pet insurance covers.

You can self-insure by saving an amount dedicated to paying vet bills when required. The good thing about this method is that you have the money for any emergency, and it can also earn interest. Its total value may also vary depending on factors like inflation.

However, this fund needs a significant amount, such as thousands of dollars. Therefore, you need to start saving early.

Cheap Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets

Some insurance policies provide concessions when you insure more than one pet. Find out if you can get a discount by insuring all your pets with a single insurance provider. Several pet insurers offer discounts to insure multiple pets, but not all do.

A multi-pet policy will cut your costs more, so you need to find out if your insurance provider does so.

Cheap Pet Insurance For Distinct Pets

Unique pets may be given special attention regarding insurance coverage due to their rarity among pets.

Dogs and cats are among the most popular pets in almost every household. It’s not often that you find spiders, snakes, and lizards kept as pets.

There are also more exotic types of pets, such as rabbits, horses, and birds, that may not be covered under traditional insurance policies.

Speak to different pet insurance specialists to see if your pet can be covered traditionally, or reach out for further help.

More Ways To Get Cheap Pet Insurance

Here are a few ways to get cheap pet insurance.

  • Pay annually.
  • Get your pet insured when it is young and healthy.
  • Microchip your pet and use a GPS tracking device for dogs.
  • Ensure your pet is up-to-date on its vaccinations.
  • Haggle on renewal.

Pet Insurances 

Here are a few of the best pet insurances available.

Final Thoughts

Getting your pet insured is a wise decision and one that is essential to consider. It will help you cut down on all the expensive vet bills you may have to cover during your pet’s lifetime.

Depending on the type of pet you have and its breed, the insurance coverage must be decided. It’s best to speak to your vet about any underlying health condition your pet may have or is prone to. 

There are different types of pet insurance to choose from, including lifetime cover, non-lifetime cover, and accident-only pet insurance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Different Types Of Pet Insurance?

The types of pet insurance are lifetime cover pet insurance, non-lifetime cover pet insurance, and accident-only pet insurance.

Which Level Of Pet Insurance Is Best?

A lifetime cover pet insurance is best for pets as it will have limits that renew every year. Renewing limits will protect you from recurring and long-term health problems during your pet’s lifetime.

What Dog Breeds Have The Cheapest Health Insurance?

Dog breeds like Yorkshire Terriers, Australian Shepherds, and English Springer Spaniels have the cheapest health insurance.