Named after a fictional character, Lucy Wong has the feel of a movie set. Descending stairs just off Oxford Street you will be transported to 1950s Hong Kong for an evening of decadence and clandestine conversations in hushed tones…

Step into the world of Lucy Wong where the lights are dim, the bar sparkles and the interior design will have you reaching for Pinterest. The cocktail menu embraces the classics and put them in context of this glamourous world. Signature cocktails are created by mixologist Dre Masso using inventive spirit brands, bringing you Asian twists on Old Fashioneds, Manhattans and Sours.

The menu is very spirit forward – no copping out with a fruity drink with a sparkler in here – but they also offer two exquisite alcohol-free cocktails with the same amount of love and creativity as their boozy counterparts. The bar also offers a large Chinese Tea menu meaning plenty of options for your evening visit.

We often lament that our favourite drinking spots don’t have enough sustenance to keep you entertained the whole evening but Lucy Wong’s Dim Sum, snacks and roasted meats menu puts paid to that. We opted for the Dim Sum sharing basket of pork, prawn, truffle and vegetable dumplings with a side of Signature Fried Rice and wickedly flavoured Garlic Shoots. With delicious food at the table our 2 drink Monday night catch up easily slid into a 3 cocktail evening so do be warned that Lucy Wong and its delightful staff have a way of making you stay.

Lucy Wong, 33-34 Rathbone Pl, London W1T 1JN


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