Did you know that there is an International Coffee Day? How did we not know at #TeamCoco, especially as coffee is our ‘go to’ morning fix for most of us! We like to drink it black, we like it milky and sweet, we like it strong with a froth, we like it flavoured and with chocolate powder on top, and we like it on the go.

With International Coffee Day (1st October) on the horizon, #TeamCoco have asked the experts at illy, the premium Italian coffee brand, to share their top 5 tips on how to create a barista-style coffee at home, as well as providing their recommendations on the best supermarket coffee offers and machines for caffeine lovers to celebrate with on the international day of coffee!

In the UK we drink an average of 95 million cups of coffee a day and with 65% of this enjoyed at home, being able to create the perfect coffee at home is at the top of many peoples’ wish list.

Here’s 5 simple tips by illy, to recreate a barista-style coffee from the comfort of your own kitchen:

1. Get freshly roasted coffee beans

There are two main types of coffee beans – the Arabica (sweeter, softer taste) and Robusta (strong, full-bodied). Finding the right coffee bean for you is essential to prepare the perfect beverage every time.

2. It’s all in the grind

The grind of your coffee will greatly influence the end result, as it impacts the amount of contact time between the hot water and the beans. Grind it too fine and you will have a bitter coffee, whilst grinding it too coarsely will give you a watery blend. Invest in a quality coffee grinder or machine to ensure every cup tastes like it was made by a professional barista.

3. Storage wars

Many underestimate the importance of proper coffee storage and its effect on taste. It must be stored in a cool, dry place but never in the fridge or freezer, as the defrosting process can actually damage the coffee beans, making them lose their original flavour. Keep coffee in an airtight container where you’d normally store your other cool dry goods.

4. Use a filter

Water hugely affects the taste of your cup of coffee, as it makes up 90% of the drink. Tap water can contain impurities such as minerals, metals and salts that can alter the taste, so the best thing to do is to use filtered water to give your coffee the best flavour.

5. Keep it fresh

Don’t forget that coffee goes stale. Ideally you want to drink it within a month of being roasted to savour that fresh taste. If you buy your beans whole you can choose to only grind what you need, when you need them.

Best Supermarket Coffee Offers for International Coffee Day

Illy Instant Smooth Taste – Velvety smooth and perfectly balanced

Discover the rich and perfectly balanced taste of the unique illy blend, now available in an ultra-convenient instant coffee version. Tapping into the trend for premium instant coffee, which is driving growth of the instant category, this velvety smooth and perfectly balanced coffee is ideal with a touch of milk.

RRP: £5.85 Now: £4.50, Stockists: Sainsbury’s

Ground Espresso Medium Roast Coffee – mild and balanced

illy’s distinctive blend of fine Arabica coffees with a smooth, rich and full-bodied taste is created from the skilful blending of 100% sustainably-grown Arabica beans, meticulously selected from different growing regions around the world. The result is an authentic Italian coffee that is flawlessly consistent, smooth, balanced, and never bitter.

RRP: £6.50 Now: 5.00, Stockists: Sainsbury’s

Best Coffee Machines for International Coffee Day

Going retro – Francis Francis X7.1 Espresso Machine

This retro-style, new generation appliance is effective, fast and simple to use. The illy patented pannarello milk frother is perfect for creating a soft, velvety foam, and it’s able to rapidly switch from cappuccino to coffee mode to suit every coffee order. For those in search of a café-quality espresso in the convenience of their own home, this machine could be the perfect treat this International Coffee Day.

RRP: £156 (will be 50% off in Black Friday sales), Available from Amazon and illy.co.uk

For technology lovers – Y5 BT Espresso & Coffee Machine

Forget Alexa, this is the technology you want in your kitchen! illy has connected with Amazon to integrate its popular coffee machine with the latest Amazon Dash Replenishment system. Using this new technology, coffee-lovers no longer have to fear morning coffee deprivation as the machine can automatically track your capsule usage and reorder before you run out. Perfect For those that love both technology and great coffee.

RRP: £183.50 (will be 50% off in Black Friday sales), Available from Amazon and illy.co.uk

The space saver – Y3.2 Espresso & Coffee Capsule Machine

This elegant and compact machine creates the perfect cup of coffee at the touch of a button. The secret is in the capsules, each one is created to give the harmony and essence of the famous 100% Arabica illy blend in every coffee preparation. Designed by architect, Piero Lissoni, this sophisticated machine offers an intuitive and easy-to-use experience.

RRP: £110 (will be 50% off in Black Friday sales), Available from Amazon and illy.co.uk

Whatever your personal coffee preference, enjoy a cup of the brown stuff this coming Tuesday and raise a cup to International Coffee Day.


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