#CocoBeauty: 5 Lush Products to try this Spring

There aren’t enough hashtags tor emojis to describe how we feel about this season’s beauty products. [...]

There aren’t enough hashtags tor emojis to describe how we feel about this season’s beauty products. The world right now is a beautiful place for #TeamCoco especially when filled with body scrubs, bath foam, and all the wonders of lip tints, hand creams and hair products. #lushproducts

Here are our top 5 lush products to try this spring, they smell divine, they feel amazing, and they are super gorg!

Number 1 – The Scrub

The Grove, by Bloomtown Botanicals is another level fabulous for a sugar body scrub. It cleanses, moisturises, exfoliates and best of all it contains no microbeads, plus the added benefit is knowing that the sugar is grown here in Britain. The Grove Sugar Scrub contains sweet almond, shea butter, pink grapefruit and blood orange, which give it a zing of citric freshness. Priced at £12, available online by searching for Bloomtown Botanicals.

Number 2 – The Bath Foam

Pure Epsom Salt Foaming Bath, by Dr Teal’s is plied with the relaxing lavender herb to help with a pre-bed soak. Dr Teal’s Foaming Bath transforms an ordinary bath into a relaxing spa with luxurious essential oils to soothe the senses, relax tense muscles and provide relief from stress. Lavender essence has soothing properties that are known to encourage a better night’s sleep. Priced at £10.99, available online by searching for Dr Teal’s.

Number 3 – The Texturizing Spray

Dry Texturizing Spray, by Oribe is a deliciously indulgent haircare product. For glamorous hair with incredible volume and a sultry texture, Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray won’t fail to impress. Filled with their Signature Complex of watermelon, lychee and edelweiss flower extracts which altogether defend the hair from stress, natural deterioration of keratin, and drying, plus damaging effects of the daily elements. Priced at £41, available online or in store from Harvey Nichols.

Number 4 – The Lip Tint

Trinity Tri Colour Lip Tint, by Beauty BLVD is one of those little makeup must haves that you didn’t realise you needed until you’ve tried it! This lip tint is the perfect product to elevate your lips into another stratosphere, with just a light wash of colour. Filled with naturally nourishing ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba, and beeswax for extreme hydration, lips will be kept silky smooth with a beautiful glossy finish. Priced at £8.50, available by searching online for Beauty BLVD.

Number 5 – The Hand Cream

Cacao & Wild Honey Hand Cream, by Rabot 1745 for Hotel Chocolat is an intensely moisturising cream for the hands and a nourishing drink for the skin. This luxurious product is perfect for on-the-go-hydration as it soothes, heals and regenerates tired hardworking hands. Cacao grown on the Hotel Chocolat plantation and estate in Saint Lucia is one of the main ingredients used to produce this delicious hand cream. Priced at £7, available in store or online from Hotel Chocolat.

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