Uber accidents are very common in the city of Houston. The people of the city are concerned about the increasing number of hit-and-run cases every year. An experienced Uber accident lawyer can provide crucial assistance to victims, helping them navigate the legal complexities and seek appropriate compensation for injuries and damages.  From fiery crashes to hit-and-run cases, the increasing impact of Uber on fatal road accidents has given rise to a sense of fear. The horrific accidents are causing hesitation among riders about whether to ride an Uber cab or not because safety is always at stake.

The number of car accident attorney firms has also risen with the rise of Uber accidents. Houston Uber accident lawyers have helped numerous victims file lawsuits and claim the highest compensation possible.

With the growing fear of cab accidents, many myths have begun to surround these Uber accidents in Houston. People have a lot of wrong notions about this worldwide progressive company, and it is high time to debunk them.

Some Common Myths About Uber Accidents in Houston That Need to Be Proven Wrong

Rumors spread like wildfire, and turning these rumors into myths does not take much time. It is undeniable that Houston is witnessing an increasing number of road accidents involving Uber drivers, but the myths make the situations worse for the parties and the company. Some of the common myths that need to be debunked are:

The $1 Million Insurance is Applicable for Every Uber Accident

One of the most popular myths that revolve around the company is concerned with the $1 million insurance coverage policy. Uber does offer high compensation to drivers and passengers for full-body damage resulting from the accident; however, not every victim can expect to claim such a high amount.

Since this insurance policy is more inclined towards drivers, every driver can expect claims up to $1 million, but that does not mean the injured passengers will also get the same amount.

If You Get Hit, The Company is Always Liable

This is a common misconception about the company: that every person hit by the cab will receive lump-sum compensation. Uber has an auto insurance policy, which gets activated when the driver and the passenger are online. If the accident occurs while either of them is offline, the company is not liable to compensate; only personal insurance claims are applicable.

Uber has a separate third-party insurance policy, which only applies when a pedestrian or passerby is badly injured in an accident.

Injured Pedestrians or Bicycle Riders Have Nothing to Do with Insurance Claims

This is a completely wrong notion, because Uber does care about pedestrians and passersby. The company offers third-party liability insurance to a person who has suffered bodily damage. Third parties can be anyone other than the driver and passengers involved in the accident. They can expect a claim of up to $50,000.

Uber Drivers Do Not Get an Insurance Coverage from The Company

Another myth that revolves around the company is that the drivers do not receive any insurance coverage from the company, and this is completely wrong. Every driver is insured and can expect up to $1 million in full body damage. The company also offers compensation of $50,000 per injured party and up to $25,000 per accident for property damage.

Final Thoughts

Uber is a worldwide business, operating in more than 69 countries today. But as with any other progressive multimillion-dollar company, it is witnessing many disadvantages, such as road accidents and massive liability insurance coverage, which are increasing worries. But, irrespective of the accidents, which are mostly the driver’s fault, the company never fails to compensate injured parties with deserving amounts. It also covers finances for loss of life and damaged properties.


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